The 2017 Fall Shoot Out Day-1 at The BullRing

Patrick Emerling Wins Jim Pierce Memorial SST 100

The Fall Shout 2017 Out Day-1

The Fall Shout 2017 Out Day-1

Scott Adams Wins Sandra Vogler Memorial 51; NYSS Title

Jim Pierce 2017 Memorial winner

By: Steven Petty


PERRY, NY (October 14, 2017) Orchard Park, NY’s Patrick Emerling was victorious after winning the inaugural Jim Pierce Memorial 100 for the SST Modifieds to kick off night one of the Fall Shootout at the Bullring Weekend at Wyoming County International Speedway.  Scott Adams from Nanticoke, PA won the Sandra Vogler Memorial 51 for the New York Super Stock Series. Rochester, NY’s Jody London picked up the win in the 4 cylinder feature event. Brian Hallett picked up the win in the 6 Cylinders.


Zane Zeiner and Patrick Emerling were on the front row for the Jim Pierce Memorial 100 for the SST Modifieds Emerling, using the outside lane to take the lead with Zeiner, Rusty Smith, Jimmy Zacharias and Tony Hanbury, who raced early inside the top five. Zacharias would take third back from Smith on lap three, as the top ten would go into single-file formation. Zacharias would take second away from Zeiner on lap seven and would go after race leader Emerling. Hanbury would take third away from Zeiner on lap nine, as Emerling opened up his lead over Zacharias. Richard Thomas spun in turn four to bring out the races first caution on lap 11. Zacharias would take the lead on the restart with Zeiner regaining second from Emerling. Zeiner would take the lead from Zacharias after a lap 19 restart, as Emerling battled Zacharias for second place. The red flag would come out on lap 21 for a 12-car incident that included Kirk Totten, Scott Wylie, Daniel Majchrzak, Toad and Bro Bradshaw, among others.


Zeiner would take the lead on the restart as Emerling raced in second with Zacharias and Hanbury moved into third. Emerling and Zeiner would pull away from the field as Emerling started to look underneath Zeiner and would complete the pass exiting turn four on lap 37. Zeiner would return the favor as he looked underneath Emerling for the lead  Kirk Totten slowed and came to a stop on the inside of turn two to bring out the caution on lap 40. On the restart, Emerling would continue to show the way over Zeiner and Hanbury. Zacharias would regain third just after the halfway mark, as Hanbury was holding off the advances of Andy Jankowiak. Jankowiak would pass Hanbury for fourth place on lap 73. Joe Evans spun in turn four to bring out the caution on lap 79.


Under caution, Zeiner received a mechanical black flag for an oil leak underneath the Hartwig Racing #73 entry. On the restart, Emerling and Zacharias would battle for the lead as Jankowiak entered the top three. Zacharias would challenge Emerling over the last 20 or so laps, but Emerling was able to hold him off. Emerling would score the win over Zacharias, Jankowiak, Hanbury and Rusty Smith.


Bill Frisbee and Nate Peckham brought the field of NYSS to the green flag for the Sandra Vogler Memorial 51 with Frisbee showing the way from the drop of the green flag. Third place starter Josh Schoonmaker spun in turn four to bring out the races first caution. Frisbee would take the lead on the restart as Peckham, Robert Fink, Steve Pesarek, and Chris Vogler raced in the top five. Mike Hyman worked his way through the field in quick fashion after starting 17th on the grid, he ran in sixth place by lap seven. Robert Fink would catch the leader Frisbee on lap 12, just as Tommy Reece would take third place away from Nick Robinson. Chris Finnocchario would battle with Robinson for the second position on lap 16 and would go after race leader Frisbee. Finnocchario would take the lead from Frisbee on lap 24. Chris Vogler and Zach Willis would move up into the top five at the halfway point as Finnocchario and Robinson pulled away from the rest of the field. Scott Adams started 22nd on the grid and moved into the fourth position on lap 37. Finnocchario and Robinson pulled away from Chris Vogler in the remaining laps, but with lap traffic, Vogler was able to reel in the lead duo. The lead duo would make contact with two laps remaining, sending both Finnocchario and Robinson to the rear of the field. This would put Scott Adams and Chris Vogler on the front row with Adams taking the lead and would lead the final two laps to get the win.


Dalton Alexander and Nick Robinson shared the front row for the main event for the 4 Cylinders with Robinson in the lead early on as Dave Brunka moved into second place. Tom Lalomia Jr spun in turn four to bring out the races first caution on lap five. On the restart, Robinson, Brunka, Jody London and Tyler Catalano took command of the field. Catalano would take third away from London on lap seven, and would quickly reel in Brunka for second place. The leaders would hit lap traffic on lap 13, just as Catalano got loose and lost several positions on the track. London would catch Robinson on lap 14 as Jimmy Pierce Jr took over third place from Brunka. London would take the lead on lap 19 , as Pierce would take second place away from Robinson with four laps to go. London would pick up the win. Pierce in second with Dan Dresser rounding out the top three.


Frank Kline led the early stages of the 6 Cylinders feature event Alison Knoepfler would take the lead away from Kline on lap four as Brian Hallett moved into second place. Hallett would take the lead away from Knoepfler and would lead the remaining distance to score the win.


Terry Wilson would take the lead on the last lap to score the win in the 12-lap event for the Vintage Late Models.


Day 2 of the Fall Shootout at the Bullring Weekend will continue on Sunday, October 15th with the third annual American Racer 100 for the Tour-Type Modifieds. The Mods will be joined by the WCIS Super Stocks, CAMS Modifieds, and the INEX Legends. Pit gates open at 8:00 am with grandstand gates opening at 11:00 am and racing getting underway at 2:00 pm.


For more information about WCIS, log online to or call (585) 245-2123 or the speedway office at (585) 237-2580. You can also check out The BullRing on Facebook.


RACE RESULTS – Shootout at the Bullring Day 1 Summary

Jim Pierce Memorial SST Modified 100: PATRICK EMERLING, Jimmy Zacharias, Andy Jankowiak, Tony Hanbury, Rusty Smith, Scott Wylie, Connor Sellars, Wayne Baker, Alan Bookmiller, Timmy Lewis Jr, Steve Fuchs, Neal Dietz Jr, Gary Noe, Zane Zeiner, Joe Evans, Richard Thomas, Cassie Logsdon, Kirk Totten, Daniel Majchrzak, Ricky Knapp, TJ Potrzebowski, Garry Koon, Toad Bradshaw, Jesse Kent, Bro Bradshaw, Scott Stolzenberg, Ryan Nugent, Nate Michielson, Failed to Qualify: Moose Rutherford, Tom Wiest , Chris Finnocchario, Dave Kozlowski, Don Wylie

Qualifying Winners: Tony Hanbury, Scott Wylie, Rusty Smith, Patrick Emerling

Consolation Winner: Daniel Majchrzak


Sandra Vogler Memorial 51 New York Super Stocks: SCOTT ADAMS, Chris Vogler, Tommy Reece, Zach Willis, Bill Frisbee Jr, Brian Wozniak, Steve Pesarek, Robert Fink, Mike Brantell, Andy Cryan, Eric Hadley, Nick Robinson, Dylan Bancroft, Josh Schoonmaker, Mike Hyman, Markie Spencer, Josh Hunter, Chris Finnocchario, Lee Sharpsteen, Brianna Dinzler, Joel Gleason, Tim Gullo, Nate Peckham, SJ Rotunda, Aaron Higgins, Frank Chapman Failed to qualify: Jason Dinzler, Scott Dinzler, Chuck Nichols, Justin Myers, Jeff Goodwin, Joe Horvatits, Rob Miszczak, Joe Miller, Kelly Miller, Steve Perez, Matt Larrivee, Jim House, Ron Underwood

Qualifying Winners: Aaron Higgins, Nick Robinson, Tommy Reece, Chris Finnocchario, Nate Peckham

Consolation Winner: Tim Gullo


4 Cylinders: JODY LONDON, Jimmy Pierce Jr, Dan Dresser, Otis Bradshaw, David Heimes, Jacob Gustafson, Greg Moult, Bob Palmer, Matt Hurlbut, Jennifer Dennie, Dalton Alexander, Charles Palmer, Kathie Ricketson, Ben Perry, Nick Robinson, Justin Johnson, Tyler Catalano, Lee Krieb, Christine Hanel, Justin Saas, Mike Meyers, Josh Schosek, Kori Lanni, Matt Serafin, David Brunka, Tyler Harbst, Dave Millibrand, Paul Flye, Carrie Bolton-Brown, Tom Lalomia Jr, Brian Johnson

Qualifying Winners: Greg Moult, Jody London, Tyler Catalano, Jennifer Dennie


6 Cylinders: BRIAN HALLETT, Alison Knoepfler, Barrett Schenk, John Parthemer, Tammy Bennett, Frank Parsons, Frank Kline

Qualifying Winner: Brian Hallett

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