Aloha to Summer Night

You must control temperature and temper to WIN at WCIS

Press release and results from Wyoming County Intl. Speedway for Aloha to Summer night 6-17-2017
By, Dan Turner, WCIS announcer

     Three classes in attendants on this fantastic June evening.   The temperatures hovering in the low to mid 80’s with a picturesque rolling country side surrounding this 1/3 mile speedway.  This may sound peaceful and somewhat serene, NOT!!.  It set the scene for what many argue as one of the best nights of racing in years at the Blacktop bullring.   Our three signature classes were the featured event for this evening with none anymore important than the class before or after.   Every class battled hot and heavy from green till the checkers flew.  


     The evenings features started with the Mighty 4 cylinders.   Light on car count with only Eleven cars, but most definitely not light on great cars, seasoned drivers and loaded with great racing.   A pair of American made cars would bring this field to green in the Silver#33 of Kyle Landcastle and the candy apple #44 of Kathy Ricketson.   Ricketson would jump to the early lead and try to open up a large lead before the hot dogs of the division would break pack and try running down the Ricketson machine.   At the half way mark it was shaping up to be a classic, can the hot dogs catch the streaking rabbit.   Then the Ricketson nightmare struck again and contact between the #16 of Robert Cassidy and the #29 Kory Lanni.  Lanni would be backwards on the infield and Cassidy would be sent to the pits for contact.   The hot dogs of Flye and Virts now were surrounding the Ricketson #44.  The green would fly and mechanical issues would plaque the #44 and Ricketson could not get going and this bottle necked the field behind her and this also drawing caution number #2 for the 4 cylinders.   Flye would now be leading and the red #27 of Virts second.   With leader getting the option, Flye opted for the outside lane for the restart.   That was the opportunity Virts needed to pass the #94 of Flye.   They would do battle for a few laps till, Virts took the lead and was the first to the checkers claiming her victory after a heat race earlier that found Virts backwards on the infield after racing contact.   Redemption was made as she notched another feature win for Team Virts.


     Our smallest class, still packed a HUGE punch of excitement on this warm evening.   Hastreiter and Majchrzak would bring this field to green or should we say to battle.   Majchrzak took the early lead and current point man Dave Krawczyk would cut thru the field like a hot butter knife to take second.   Till was like watching the knight joust as Krawczyk would though a move and Majchrzak would counter or vise versa.   About lap 4 of the 25 lap event we would find Majchrzak spinning in turn four with Krawzcyk’s front bumper on Majchrzak’s left rear quarter panel.   Yellow would fly and both would be sent to the tail of the field for causing the caution.   Now we were setting up a real race. Who had the best car to slice and dice this field of racers and get to the front.  Well that’s what we thought.  What we got was Krawczyk and Majchrzak in the rear of the field battle each other and slowing each other’s progress as Joe Horvatits was out front streaking to a half track lead.   Krawczyk would finally clear the team cars of Packman and Majchrzak and start his run for the front.   After being boxed in for many many laps Krawczyk put the whip to his ride and started running down the competition and marching thru this stout field.  In about eight laps he went from last to second.   “ I knew I had my work cut out for me tonight if I wanted a good finish, and these guys really make me work for every position tonight.” Said Krawczyk.  It was all Joe Horvatits show as Horvatits would take the win with a half track lead. “ I real wish Dave was up front tonight, cause I think we had the car to finally run with and probably beat him tonight”, said Horvatits.

SST Modified

     How do you top an spectacular night of racing at WCIS?   Bring on the Mighty SST Modifieds.   Again a little light on car count, but plenty of racing and excitement was on the script.   Michielsen and former point champion Steve Fuchs would lead the Mods to green and Fuchs would jump to the lead.  Dan Majchrzak would pull up on Fuchs  rear bumper and Chris Finochario behind him.  O did we mention 2 time track champion, once in a Modified and once in a late model, Billy Ray Pruitt showed up after a 9 year hiatus from the Bullring.   Majchrzak and Fuchs would battle for the top spot and as Majchrzak went to the high side, Fuchs got loose the this opened the door for the crowd favorite, Billy Ray Pruitt to go from third to first in the blink of an eye.   Majchrzak would work hard to clear the Fuchs #4 then would have to see if he could run down the #8 of Pruitt.  Yellow would rear its ugly head as the #4 of Fuchs and the #35 of Allen Bookmiller got together in turn four and Fuchs would be backwards and both would go to the tail of the field.  Pruit and teacher to many young drivers was getting an education from the master.  Pruitt was the leader and was not going to let the young Majchrzak start the restart. Pruitt hung back and off turn four Majchrzak was out front.  Yellow would fly and Majchrzak would be informed the leader( aka Billy Ray ) was the leader and he sets the pace on restarts.  Lesson was learned as the two drivers restarted perfectly off turn four this time.  Majchrzak would hit the line perfect and battle Pruitt for the top spot.   Majchrzak would collect another win with Pruitt and Finochario respectably 2nd and 3rd.


Next week at WCIS:  6/24/2017

                Kids bike give-away, 1 boys, 1 girls,

                Mod, Super stocks and 4cyl and Super 6 class scheduled

                Gates open at 5pm

                Racing at 7 pm

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      4 Cylinder                     #                              Super Stock                  #                 SST Modified                 #

1     Madalyn Virts             27                    1     Joe Horvatits                4           1     Daniel Majchrzak       14

2     Paul Flye                    94                     2     Dave Krawczyk          11          2     Billy Rae Pruitt             8

3     Jennifer Dennie        22                     3     Joel Gleason              52          3     Chris Finochario        41

4     Brian Johnson          85                      4     Daniel Majchrzak      14          4     Allen Bookmiller         35

5     Jason Pierce               5                      5     Mike Chenaille          20          5     Steve Fuchs                  4

6     David Heimes             8                      6     Eric Hastreiter            47          6     Cassie Logsdon         09

7     Kathie Ricketson      44                      7     Steve Mcilwaine        81          7     Nathan Michielsen     68

8     John Parthemer        95                      8     Dakota Packman      55          8     Ryan Nugent               42

9     Kory Lanni                 29                                                                                 9    Zach Kosachock DNS   5

10    Kyle Landcastle       33                                                                         

11    Robert Cassidy        16                                                                         


      Heat Winners 4-Cylinder                 Heat Winners SuperStock                Heat Winners SST Mods                                

      Kathie Ricketson  44                           Daniel Majchrzak  14                          Steve Fuchs       4    

      Paul Flye                94                                                                                           Billy Rae Pruitt  8    



Next week at WCIS:  6/24/2017

                Kids bike give-away, 1 boys, 1 girls, Bike Race at intermission.

                Mod, Super stocks and 4cyl and Super 6 class scheduled

                Gates open at 5pm, Racing at 7pm

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