Barber, Krawczyk, Northem, Cassidy, Schosek and Sass victorious on Local Business Night at Wyoming County International Speedway

Barber, Krawczyk, Northem, Cassidy, Schosek and Sass victorious on Local Business Night at Wyoming County International Speedway


June 10, 2019 (Perry, NY): A beautiful spring evening greeted fans and drivers for Local Business Night at the Bullring. With double features on tap for the Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder, 6 Cylinder and Super Stock divisions, everyone knew they were in for a show with the amount of racing on the card for the night and the drivers didn’t disappoint.


The make up features would get the night started. The Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder division would be up first with #7 Jonathan Klamut and #14m Matthew Hurlburt leading the field to the green. Hurlburt would jump out to the early lead however contact on the back straight with #8 David Heimes, #44 Kathie Ricketson and #26 James Pierce would bring out the yellow as Ricketson spun to the infield and Pierce made contact with the outside retaining wall.   Matt would lead the entire race through one final caution on lap 16 that would retire the #02 of Mike Bradshaw and the #24 of Tom Hughes.  The top five cars would be #14m of Matthew Hulrburt, #37 NY of Josh Schosek, #28 of Dave Brunka, #32 NY of Bob Palmer, and the #3 of Jason Anasiewicz.  Unfortunately after post race tech inspection the #14m and the #28 would be disqualified giving the win to #37 NY of Josh Schosek and the runner up spot to his teammate #32 NY Bob Palmer.  Justin Sass in the #2 would take home the Stock division victory. 

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Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Feature Winner, Josh Schosek #37NY (makeup feature from June 1st). Photo by Howard Boundy.


The 6 cylinders would be next up and would give the fans a nice, clean 15 lap caution free race with #16 of Robert Cassidy taking an early lead from his third place starting position and holding onto it throughout the entire race.  Second place would be brought home by #93 Andy Cocilova, and third place would go to #14 of Frank Parsons, Jr..


Onto Super Stock feature number one of the night.  The #94 of Paul Flye and the #33 of Frank Kline would lead the field to the green flag.  Flye would take the top spot early and #4 of Joe Horvatits would follow him through from the third starting position followed by the #11 K of Dave Krawczyk who also started on the inside behind Horvatits.  Lap three would see the #47 of Eric Hastreiter and Krawczyk make contact while racing hard sending the #47 to the infield where he would keep rolling and racing would continue without interruption.  Hastreiter would lose several positions due to the scuffle but would work his way back toward the front in the remaining laps.  Several cars would find themselves looped throughout the race but most noticeably would be the #4 of Horvatits who would spin in lap traffic and lose the lead to Krawczyk.  Horvatits would lose several positions during this caution and Krawczyk would take home the checkered followed by #94 of Paul Flye and the #02 of Justin Myers.

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Super Stock Feature Winner Dave Krawczyk #11k (makeup feature from June 1st). Photo by Howard Boundy.

After running the heats to set the starting line ups for the second set of features the 4 cylinders would run a green to checkered race with the #51 of Greg Moldt taking the lead on lap 3 and holding on for the win over the #3 of Jason Anasiewicz and the #8 of David Heimes. Sass would repeat in the Stock division, making it two-for-two on the evening.

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Granpda Dog 4 Cylinder Feature Winner Greg Moldt #51. Photo by Howard Boundy.

The 6 cylinders would be next and would have a strong start to their second feature.  Caution would fly on lap 10 for the #91 of Dori Parsons, Parsons had been shown the black flag for a suspected fuel leak and track crew decided it was necessary to get her off the track before racing continued.  On lap 13 the #6 of Bill Inch would make contact with the turn 2 wall and be forced to retire.  The #14 of Frank Parsons, Jr. would lead laps 1 through 13 but would lose it to #16 of Robert Cassidy on the restart.  Cassidy would come home victorious followed by #14 of Frank Parsons, Jr. and the #93 of Andy Cocilova.

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Winner of both 6 Cylinder Features Robert Cassidy #16. Photo by Howard Boundy.

Super Stocks second feature #18 of Max Northem and the #12 of Chase Williams would dominate the top two positions throughout the entire race.  Weekly front runners of #4 Joe Horvatits, #47 of Eric Hastreiter and the #11K of Dave Krawczyk would be racing toward the front to try to challenge the #18 and the #12. They would have no such luck though with lap traffic and smooth racing they would find no opportunity to break into the top two.  Max Northem in the #18 and #12 of Chase Williams would come home in positions 1 & 2 followed by #11K of Dave Krawczyk in 3rd and Eric Hastreiter in the #47 coming in fourth, with #94 of Paul Flye rounding out the top 5.

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Super Stock Feature Winner Max Northem #18. Photo by Howard Boundy.

The night cap would be the SST Modifieds. The #66 Geoffrey Sharkey and the #27 of Maddy Virts would bring the field to the green flag. The first caution would fly on lap 2 for the #41 of Timmy Lewis in turn three after contact with the #84 of Neil Dietz. The #01 of John Barber would snag the lead away from Sharkey on the restart until the caution on lap 5 for a multi car accident that collected the #11 T of Kevin Timmerman, #84 of Neil Dietz, #96 Gary Coon, #00 of Toad Bradshaw, #49 of Kory Lanni and the #42 of Chad Nugent. During the caution the #01 of John Barber would release the lead and enter the pits. This handed the lead over to the #41 X of Andy Jankowiak with the #10 of Cam Barber restarting in second. Jankowiak would grab the lead on the restart. Barber would get by Jankowiak for the lead on lap 13. Lap 14 would be a lap many would like to forget as contact between Jankowiak and the #14 of Daniel Majchrzak would send Majchrzak hard into the turn two wall collecting Virts and Coon. On the ensuing restart contact between Timmerman and the #6 J of Carrie Bolton would result in the Bolton machine going hard into the turn 4 wall bringing out the second Red flag of the lap. Barber would continue to lead after the restart as the #40 of Alan Bookmiller would make his way to the second position. The race would have its final slow down on lap 28 when the #6 of Tom Alloco and the #96 P of Jeff Pringle would get together resulting in Alloco going hard into the turn two wall. This would set up a two lap shootout between the top three cars of Cam Barber, Alan Bookmiller and Andy Jankowiak. Barber would bolt to the lead with Jankowiak and Bookmiller battling it out for second. Barber would pick up the win followed by Jankowiak, Bookmiller, Timmerman and Pringle. 

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SST Modified Feature Winner Cam Barber #10. Photo by Howard Boundy.

Next week June 15th will be Kids day presented by Once Again Nut Butter. All kids 16 and under will be admitted for free. Racing begins at 6:05.


Saturday, June 8, 2019 Results

SST Modifieds (30 laps):

  1. Cam Barber #10 (started 10th)
  2. Andy Jankowiak #41 C (11th)
  3. Alan Bookmiller #40 (7th)
  4. Kevin Timmerman #11 T (16th)
  5. Jeff Pringle #96 P (17th)
  6. Toad Bradshaw #00 (12th)
  7. Timmy Lewis, Jr. #41 (4th)
  8. Bob Wilson #18 (21st)
  9. Zach Kosachook #5 (14th)
  10. Cassie Logsdon #09 (3rd)
  11. Tom Alloco #6 (13th)
  12. Garry Coon #96 (8th)
  13. Carrie Bolton #6 J (20th)
  14. Geoffrey Sharkey #66 (1st)
  15. Daniel Majchrzak #14 (9th)
  16. Maddy Virts #27 V (2nd)
  17. Kory Lanni #49 (22nd)
  18. John Barber #01 (5th)
  19. Chad Nugent #42 (18th)
  20. Neal Dietz, Jr. #84 (6th)
  21. Bill Kosachook #9 (19th)
  22. Cody Jenkins #92 (15th)

DNS – Paul Townsend, Nate Michielsen, Tony Carbone

Heat Race Winners – Bookmiller, J. Barber, Dietz, Jr.


Super Stocks (6/1 Feature – 20 laps):

  1. Dave Krawczyk #11 K (started 5th)
  2. Paul Flye #94 (1st)
  3. Justin Myers #02 (7th)
  4. Eric Hastreiter #47 (4th)
  5. Max Northem #18 (6th)
  6. Scott Gleed #03 (11th)
  7. Joe Horvatits #4 (3rd)
  8. Chase Williams #12 (9th)
  9. Frank Kline #33 (2nd)
  10. Barrett Schenk #51 (8th)
  11. Travis DeLude #15 (10th)
  12. Russ Bulger #32 (12th)

Heat Race Winner – Krawczyk, Northem


6 Cylinders (6/1 Feature – 15 laps):

  1. Robert Cassidy #16 (started 3rd)
  2. Andy Cocilova #93 (4th)
  3. Frank Parsons, Jr. #14 (2nd)
  4. Chris Deyoe, Jr. #14 D (1st)
  5. Phil Rodriguez #81 (6th)
  6. John Parthemer #95
  7. Dori Parsons #91
  8. Angel Parthemer #77

DNS – Brian Hallett, Alison Knoepfler, Bill Inch

Heat Race Winners – Hallett, Cassidy


Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinders (6/1 Feature – 20 laps):

  1. Josh Schosek #37 NY (started 8th)
  2. Bob Palmer #32 NY (10th)
  3. Jason Anasiewicz #3 (5th)
  4. David Heimes #8 (6th)
  5. Briar Dils #54 (3rd)
  6. Andrea Bradshaw #05 (9th)
  7. Kathie Ricketson #44 (4th)
  8. Justin Sass #2 (16th) – Stock Winner
  9. Jody Krieb #1 (17th)
  10. Jonathan Klamut #7 (1st)
  11. Kevin Kocher #31 (13th)
  12. Russ Bulger #32 J (12th)
  13. Mike Bradshaw #02 (14th)
  14. Tom Hughes #24 (15th)
  15. Jimmy Pierce #26 (7th)

DQ – Matthew Hurlburt, David Brunka

DNS – Kyle Casper, Evan Reardon, Nick Galusha, Rob Laskowski, Braedon Suffoletta

Heat Race Winners – Hurlburt, Pierce, Schosek


Super Stocks (20 laps):

  1. Max Northem #18 (started 4th)
  2. Chase Williams #12 (1st)
  3. Dave Krawczyk #11 K (6th)
  4. Eric Hastreiter #47 (3rd)
  5. Paul Flye #94 (2nd)
  6. Justin Myers #02 (5th)
  7. Scott Gleed #03 (7th)
  8. Joe Horvatits #4 (9th)
  9. Frank Kline #33 (8th)
  10. Russ Bulger #32 (10th)
  11. Barrett Schenk #51 (11th)
  12. Ron Richter #31 X (12th)

DNS – Travis DeLude

Heat Race Winner – Hastreiter, Krawczyk


6 Cylinders (15 laps):

  1. Robert Cassidy #16 (started 3rd)
  2. Frank Parsons, Jr. #14 (2nd)
  3. Andy Cocilova #93 (4th)
  4. John Parthemer #95 (1st)
  5. Chris Deyoe, Jr. #14 D (8th)
  6. Angel Parthemer #77 (6th)
  7. Ashley Parthemer #6 P (9th)
  8. Bill Inch #6 (10th)
  9. Phil Rodriguez #81 (7th)
  10. Dori Parsons #91 (5th)

Heat Race Winner – Cocilova


Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinders (20 laps):

  1. Greg Moldt #51 (started 9th)
  2. Jason Anasiewicz #3 (6th)
  3. David Heimes #8 (8th)
  4. Briar Dils #54 (5th)
  5. Matthew Hurlburt #14 M (7th)
  6. Bob Bogner #30 (1st)
  7. Kathie Ricketson #44 (3rd)
  8. Bob Palmer #32 NY (14th)
  9. Josh Schosek #37 NY (16th)
  10. Justin Sass #2 (5th) – Stock Winner
  11. Jody Krieb #1 (2nd)
  12. Mike Bradshaw #02 (12th)
  13. Andrea Bradshaw #05 (13th)
  14. Kevin Kocher #31 (10th)
  15. Jimmy Pierce #26 (15th)

DQ – Jonathan Klamut

DNS – Tom Hughes, Russ Bulger, David Brunka

Heat Race Winners – Hurlburt, Heimes, Moldt

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