Barber Speeds to Victory on WCIS Anniversary Night

Barber Speeds to Victory on WCIS Anniversary Night

By: Shylo Fuchs

Photo Credits: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos

Perry, NY (July 27, 2019): Wyoming County International Speedway’s 59th Anniversary/Racer Reunion/Senior Night and  Military Appreciation Night of racing would find a spectacular crowd on hand to witness an exciting night of racing.

The Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder division would lead off the night.  The #94 of Nick Galusha and the #8 of David Heimes would lead the field to the green flag. Heimes would grab the lead on lap one but, caution would quickly fly as the #54 of Brian Dils would break in turn 4. Heimes would line up with the #3 of Jason Anasiewicz for the restart. By the time they made it back to the start finish line after the green, the #51 of Greg Moldt would move from his 4th place restart position to the lead.  Moldt would look to run away and hide, however the #66 of Jacob Gustafson would pass Heimes for the second spot on lap 5. Gustafson would try to track down Moldt for the remainder of the event.  Moldt would prove to be too strong as he made his way through lap traffic to pick up the win followed by Gustafson, #14m Matt Hurlburt, #3 Jason Anasiewicz, and the #8 of David Heimes would round out the top 5.  Galusha would wheel his way into the 6th place overall finishing position, and the Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Stock division victory.

Greg Moldt continues his winning ways for his 2019 racing campaign (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos).

Next on the card for the evening would be the Super Stock division.  Eric Hastreiter in his freshly repaired #47 would pull out in front of the #94 of Paul Flye from the drop.  But look out as substitute driver, and NASCAR Mexico’s 2017 Champion, Fabian Welter in the season-quick #12 would be in hot pursuit.  He would be passing cars left and right on his charge to the lead which he would take on lap 8.  Lap 10 would see the caution flag drawn by the #94x Chris Handley who was running in the 5th place position.  Unfortunately for him he would lose his left rear axle in turn 2 and be forced to retire to the pit area.  On the restart the #33 of Frank Kline would pull to the grass off of turn 4 but would not quite clear the safety barrier and draw another yellow flag.  He would be able to return with a considerable amount of duct tape holding the left side of his ride in place.  Welter would attempt to outrun the #11K of Dave Krawczyk and the two would swap the first and second positions briefly on laps 15 and 16 but in the end the #12 would come out on top.

Krawczyk would compliment Welter on a good race and would acknowledge his students from his automotive class who were in attendance.  Fabian Walter would thank Troy and Chase Williams for the opportunity to wheel their racecar to this 1st place finish, and would express that he hopes to return to WCIS soon.

2017 NASCAR Mexico champion Fabian Welter made a surprise appearance from Mexico City, Mexico and captured the Super Stock victory, filling in for rookie of the year contender Chase Williams (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos).

Robert Cassidy in the #16 would take an early lead in the 6 Cylinder division with the hopes of running there for the remainder of the evening however the #36 of Brian Hallett would soon be putting the heat on looking to overtake Cassidy.  With an aggressive pass on the bottom on lap 16, that almost left Cassidy open to lose another position to the #14 of Frank Parsons, Jr., Hallett would take over as the leader of this race.  Fortunately for Cassidy, he was able to hold on and run the remaining laps in the runner up spot.  Parsons, Jr. would come home in the 3rd position

Brian Hallett and his sharp #36 have been no stranger to victory lane this season (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos).

The SST Modifieds would be ready to get their 59 Lap, Jim Pierce Memorial 100 Qualifier underway by quarter to 9:00 pm.  Pole-sitter Carrie Bolton in the #6j would lead the field through lap one and the #11T of Kevin Timmerman would overtake her on lap two.  Lap three would find Bolton getting turned around in turn two  in front of the field after contact from the #42 of Chad Nugent collecting literally half the cars in the race with several of them sustaining night ending damage that would prevent them from returning to the track to complete the rest of the race.  The #5K of Tom Keyes would leave his car sitting in turn two and walk to the ambulance after sustaining a possible broken hand.  Track clean up would take a considerable amount of time with several machines needing to be hauled off by tow trucks.

When we were able to attempt another restart after all the carnage we wouldn’t make a complete lap before caution would fly for the #40 of Alan Bookmiller who had a left rear tire go flat.  Lap 7 would see another yellow for a 3 car incident in between turns three and four that would involve the #01 of John Barber, #84 of Neal Deitz, Jr., and #27V of Maddy Virts.  All three cars would pull away from the scuffle under their own power.  On the restart the #10 of Cam Barber would take the opportunity to over take the #14 of Daniel Majchrzak who had been running there since lap 5.

On lap 26 another caution would fly, this time for the #00 of Bro Bradshaw, the #96P of Jeff Pringle, and the #41 of Timmy Catalano.  Red flag would be shown to the field as again track clean up would take a while longer than anyone hoped for with fluid lining the corners of turns three and four.  Cars would begin to overheat at this time and Majchrzk who was still running second would find himself in that predicament.  He would be forced to retire later on in the race as this issue would not resolve itself.

Neal Dietz, Jr. in his #84 would be charging hard trying to catch Barber but would have nothing for him as the laps wound down.  At the start finish line Barber would have Dietz, Jr. by about two car lengths, with Timmerman rounding out the Top 3.  John Barber and Alan Bookmiller would take home the 4th and 5th positions.

Cam Barber finds himself victorious for the 3rd time this season after the 59 lap event, gaining himself a guaranteed spot in the SST Modified Jim Pierce Memorial 100 on October 5th (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos).

At the end of the evening, members of the Wyoming County International Speedway management would provide Dan Rossi and his team from WNY Heroes, Inc. with a donation of $868.00 which was raised during the event by the great fans, racers, and crew members of ‘The Bullring’ in support of the local veteran communities. This put another evening of celebrations and accomplishments in the books at ‘The Bullring’.

Join us next week for Youth Soccer Night at the Races, as we bring in the visiting New York Super Stocks for their first of two visits to ‘The Bullring’ for the 2019 season, who will join our SST Modifieds, Super Stocks, 6 Cylinders, and Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinders, as well as the return of our third and final Smash-n-Crash event in Junkyard Soccer.  All youth soccer players will get in free of charge if they wear their soccer jersey/shirts, and activities will be going on throughout the event where they can win prizes. Admission gates swing open at 4:00 pm and racing action will commence at 6:00pm.

Official Results

SST Modifieds (59 laps, 23 cars): 1. Cam Barber #10, 2. Neal Dietz, Jr. #84, 3. Kevin Timmerman #11T, 4. John Barber #01, 5. Alan Bookmiller #40, 6. Timmy Catalano #41, 7. Jeff Pringle #96P, 8. Tony Carbone #31, 9. Zach Kosachook #5, 10. Carrie Bolton #6J, 11. Daniel Majchrzak #14, 12. Kory Lanni #49, 13. Bobby Lippa, Jr. #51, 14. Bill Kosachook, Sr. #9, 15. Bro Bradshaw #00, 16. Maddy Virts #27V, 17. Mike Rogers #8, 18. Chad Nugent #42, 19. Garry Coon #96, 20. Tom Keyes #5K, 21. Tim Garlock #88, 22. Nathan Michielsen #68
DNS- Tom Wiest #35
Heat Winners- Dietz, Jr., Bookmiller, Majchrzak

Super Stocks (25 laps, 15 cars): 1. Fabian Welter #12, 2. Dave Krawczyk #11K, 3. Justin Myers #02, 4. Paul Flye #94, 5. Jim Loffredo #6, 6. Max Northem #18, 7. Joe Horvatits #4, 8. Russ Bulger, Sr. #32, 9. Frank Kline #33, 10. Paul Faleski #X24, 11. Ron Richter #31X, 12. Eric Hastreiter #47, 13. Travis DeLude #15, 14. Tyler Day #1, 15. Chris Handley #94X
Heat Winners- Northem, Welter

6 Cylinders (20 laps, 6 cars): 1. Brian Hallett #36, 2. Robert Cassidy #16, 3. Frank Parsons, Jr. #14, 4. Chris Deyoe, Jr. #14D, 5. John Parthemer #95, 6. Angel Parthemer #77
Heat Winner- Parsons, Jr.

Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinders (20 laps, 17 cars): 1. Greg Moldt #51, 2. Jacob Gustafson #66, 3. Matthew Hurlburt #14M, 4. Jason Anasiewicz #3, 5. David Heimes #8, 6. Nick Galusha #94 (Stock Winner), 7. Andrea Bradshaw #05, 8. Rob Laskowski #716, 9. Jonathan Klamut #7, 10. Kevin Kocher #31, 11. Jay Withey, Jr. #32X, 12. Evan Reardon #87, 13. Kathie Ricketson #44, 14. Russ Bulger, Jr. #32JR, 15. Mike Piccirilli #88, 16. Briar Dils #54
DNS- Mike Ferris #17
Heat Winners- Gustafson, Anasiewicz

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