The Bullring | Batavia Downs & Casino Night

  The Bullring rolls big on Batavia Downs and Casino night!

 It was Batavia Downs Casino night at the Blacktop Bullring, and the fans were the big winners at the Batavia Downs Gaming table and on the track.   Four classes,  of cars on the card for their racing excitement. Super 6, 4 cylinders, SST Super Stocks as well as the Might SST Modifieds.   Every class had its share of thrill and excitement.  

#09 Cassie Logsdon, #68 Nathan Michielsen & #42 Ryan Nugent Jockey for position Batavia Downs Night

#09 Cassie Logsdon, #68 Nathan Michielsen & #42 Ryan Nugent Jockey for position Batavia Downs Night

   The Super 6’s class would grace the 1/3 mile track on this cool evening. Tammi Bennett and Frank “the cook” Kline would bring this new class to green. It took no time for the Kline #33 to take the early lead. There was no looking back after that as Kline would open a ½ straight away lead over his closest competitor. Kline would also take the heat win.




      Young guns were the theme for the 4 cylinder class tonight. Good friends and young competitors of Kory Lanni and Kyle Landcastle lead the parade of 4 bangers to green. Lanni would surprise many with a well, tuned car after a vicious crash just a week ago, that many thought his car was totaled. He held the lead for a while till Otis Bradshaw claimed the lead in his #00 Toyota MR-2.  That was short-lived due to a few caution and the high point man Paul Flye caught the MR-2 and took over the lead.  He would be followed by Jacob Gustfson. A few more cautions to slow the field and bunch them up, time and time again. It was all Paul Flye as no one had any muscle to out dual the young pilot.


     SST Modifieds had the speedway just rockin with action and excitement. 20 cars strong were the Big dogs of the Blacktop Bullring.   Michielsen and Logsdon sat on the front row for this 30 lap main event. The front few rows stayed side by side for a few laps til Logsdon took the lead and tried to run off and hide.   Not to be as many of her competition would set their sites on the front and would pass her for the lead. Tony Hanbury and Dan Majchrzak would be the two hot shoes to contend for the win. Restart after restart and Majchrzak just could not stay with Hanbury and his potent #42x.


      Super Stocks was no long shot. Dave Krawczyk would carefully pick and choose his lines on his way thru the field. It was Zach Meyers out front looking to be the rabbit and hope the #11k of Krawczyk  would not hunt him down. It only took about 5-6 laps for the battle to begin as Krawczyk was on a mission for another win. He would not be denied as he bested Meyers, Majchrzak, Hastraiter.


4 Cylinders   heats    Gustfson, Bradshaw

1)Paul Flye, 2 J.Gustfson 3 D.Bradshaw, 4 O.Bradshaw, 5 A.Bradshaw, 6 D.Heims, 7 K.Lanni, 8 S.Morsman, 9 K.Landcastle, 10 R.Cassidy, 11 M.Hurlburt, 12 B.Bogner, 13 K.Ricketson DNS


Super 6   heat   F.Kline

1) F.Kline, J.Parthemer, F.Parsons, T.Bennett


Super Stocks       heats   Hastreiter, Krawczyk

1) Dave Krawczyk, 2 Z.Meyers, 3 E.Hastreiter, 4 M.Chenaille, 5 J.Majchrzak, 6 R.Ricter, 7 K.Skoney, 8 D.Majchrzak, 9 J.Landcastle


SST Modifieds     heats   Logsdon, Knapp, Majchrzak

1) Tony Hanbury, 2 D.Majchrzak, 3 R.Knapp Jr, 4 S.Fuchs, 5 G.Coons, 6 R.Nygent, 7 A.Bookmiller, 8 T.Lewis, 9 B.Lippa Jr, 10 G.Noe, 11 C.Logsdon, 12 M.Virts, 13 T.Alloco, 14 N.Michielsen, 15 D.Wolfer, 16 B.Kosachook, 17 Z.Kosachook, 18 T.Bradshaw, 19 R.Karrs, 20 Rogers DNS

Press release for Wyoming County Intl. Speedway By Dan Turner: WCIS Announcer

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