Big Schedule of Events Growing at the BullRing 2017

Big Schedule of Events Growing at the BullRing 2017


Big Schedule of Events Growing at the BullRing 2017

Perry NY, Holidays have passed and it’s time to get this 2017 season rolling. Many of our racers have begun the process of rebuilding there racing machines… pounding out dents & rebuilding components. As for the speedway, scheduling, sponsors, awards and marketing will fill the upcoming months until the spring opener in mid-May.

Looking back at the past season, what a great improvement we all had. The racing was great… new teams… new faces… new paved pits. WOW… The car counts, especially in the SST Modifieds, were awesome! Most weeks, leading the charge of team participation across the region. The asphalt open wheel Modified division is surging across WNY and the BullRing makes this racing exciting!

During our most recent officials meeting, we discussed a variety of topics including Rules and Event Strategy… we determined the growth at the BullRing in recent years has a lot to do with the development of the American Modified Series, highlighting the $10,000 to win ShootOut. The American Racing Tire management worked with WCIS to create a platform to bring quality Modified racing to the fans across the Northeast… and they were not disappointed.

That enthusiasm boosted the facility improvements and the return of new teams to the competition. This season, we’re going to do it all over again! The 2017 schedule will be designed around other area big events and provide SST Teams the ability to set up and compete during the big WCIS weekends. This concept will be great for fans to see a local modified teams, break into the top ten against the best Modified Racers of TODAY!… I can’t wait… More specifics will follow shortly…

Wyoming County International Speedway will be racing again on Saturday evening’s beginning at 7pm. Opening Day, ‘Meet the Drivers’ is set for May 20th. By mid-June, we hope to be promoting another new event… we will keep you posted as that evolves. In July, we will be off for our Nation’s Birthday and jump right back into the season with Pirate Nite on July 8th, followed by Farm Days, the Racer Reunion and JunkYard Soccer. As Labor Day approaches, SST Modified Season Championship-50 will highlight Sat Sept 2nd. This event unleashes the Bull! Saturday, September 9th will be the American 75 Qualifier for the $10,000 to win American Modified 100 at the ShootOut, now scheduled for the first weekend in October. Friday Sept 29th – Practice, Sat Sept 30 – SST 100, Sun Oct 1st – AM100


2017 at the BullRing is going to be great, with a variety of special events to entertain everyone. Thank you again, and please join us in creating the best Short Track Racing entertainment of the region!

WCIS Owner/ Promoter
Jim Majchrzak

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