BullRing Awards | Registration

BullRing Awards and Registration


Perry NY,  Congratulations again to everyone who helped to make WCIS a leader in Short Track Racing premier division car count with a great family atmosphere . Congratulations to those who made it to the top 10 in overall division points. We all know that dedication and a continual growth in team development is a key component…. Even for Saturday night competition. A dedicated family and crew, working late nights tuning the engine…tuning the chassis and even repairing last week’s damage, is all part of the championship package.

Celebrating at the upcoming Wyoming County Int. Speedway awards party is different than the traditional Banquet. We’ve created a casual, but well dressed event, designed around developing a relationship with your fellow team mates and competition. Located back at the Club at Silver Lake, fans and race teams have the ability throughout the evening, to mingle and talk speed secrets. The event is free, but attendees are said to come in hungry and enjoy the clubs pre-season menu. The bar will also be open to support the event.

New teams and fans are also welcome. Registration for the 2017 season will be open along with concrete pad season rentals. Officials will also be on hand for casual discussions of WCIS protocols. We will also discuss the AMERICAN Modified 100 events…. And how we made it easier for SST teams to compete for the big purse!

Award monies and trophies will be distributed and each recipient will have the opportunity to thank and promote those who supported the charge to the checkered. Invite your crew, family and friends to help kick off the 2017 race season scheduled to open Saturday, May 20th at 7pm


The Awards & Registration will be held at the Club at Silver Lake Saturday March 25th at 5pm. The club is located just down the hill from the track off West Lake Rd at 3820 Club Rd, Perry NY. Visit us on Fb , theBullRingWCIS.com or call me direct 585.245.2123 Jim Majchrzak Owner/Promoter



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