Cam Barber Pulls Out Modified Victory on Ladies Night at The Bullring

Cam Barber Pulls Out Modified Victory on Ladies Night at The Bullring

By: Shylo Fuchs

Photo Credit: Blaze Miller

Ladies Night at the Wyoming County International Speedway would start off with the Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder division starting 13 of the 16 registered cars present this evening.  Unfortunately for Nick Robinson, Nick Galusha, and Mike Picirilli they would not make the show after sustaining damage and mechanical failures during practice and heats.

The #54 of Briar Dils would take the early lead from the 5th place starting position and would quickly start expanding his lead over the remainder of the field.  He would have about a straightaway lead over the #3 of Jason Anasiewiez until car #41 of Joey Bevacqua would spin while riding in the 4th place position. 

On the restart, Dils would chose the outside pole and lead for one more lap before Anasiewiez would overtake him and the two would play leap frog until the #3 would blow a tire and unfortunately take the third place car of Dave Heimes to the wall in turn 4 while trying to get out of the way of oncoming traffic.  This would put the #51 of Greg Moldt on the front row for the second and final restart and he would overtake Dils with just 3 laps remaining.  He would ride it out for the win with Dils coming in second and the #14M of Matt Hurlburt rounding out the top 3.  Jonathan Klamut in the #7 would take home the Stock division win.

Greg Moldt in his #51 Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder captured his 4th victory of the season (Photo Credit: Blaze Miller).

For the second race of the evening we would see the Super Stocks hit the track for their 25 lap event.  The Super Stocks are known to put on a show and they didn’t disappoint tonight.  Right at the drop of the green we would see the #02 of Justin Myers, the #12 of Chase Williams, and the #6 of Jim Loffredo all charge from the outside row and end up three wide going into turn two. Myers would take the early lead and hold on while the #11k of Dave Krawczyk was charging through the field trying to come out on top for the second week in a row. 

Krawczyk would make his way to the rear bumper of the #12 machine and strategically maneuvered his way around him after riding in third place for several laps.  Then Myers and Krawczyk would spend the remaining 10 laps racing each other hard straight through to the checkered.  Myers in his white and fluorescent yellow machine would mention post race how his car had been changed from a Street Stock to a Super Stock and how much better it is driving.  Krawczyk would compliment Myers on his nice clean racing and how it is good for the fans and the drivers.

Justin Myers captures his first victory in the Super Stock division at ‘The Bullring’ (Photo Credit: Blaze Miller).

Next up would be the 6 Cylinders and the #14D of Chris Deyoe, Jr. and the #16 of Robert Cassidy would battle hard all the way through this race.  In the end though the #16 would come up just a little too short and the win would go to Deyoe.  The #14 of Frank Parsons would round out the top three.

Chris Deyoe, Jr. and his #14D 6 Cylinder finds the checkered flag for the second time this season (Photo Credit: Blaze Miller).

The mighty modifieds would finish out the night going green to checkered with their 30 lap feature.  The #40 of Alan Bookmiller would take an early lead from Jeff Pringle in the #96P but, the #10 of Cam Barber would be in hot pursuit.  By lap 5 Barber and Bookmiller would start to tango and Pringle would be front and center to enjoy the show.  This would continue for 5 laps until Barber would make a move on the bottom side through turn one that would allow him to overtake Bookmiller and claim the lead.

Not even lap cars could get in the way of the top 5 cars who would freight train their way around the track for the final 20 laps.  Cam Barber would finish in the top spot with Bookmiller in second, Pringle in third, Majchrzak in fourth, and Timmerman rounding out the top 5.

Cam Barber took his #10 to victory lane in a green-to-checkered SST Modified event (Photo Credit: Blaze Miller).

Come on out and join us next week for a very special show on our Racer Reunion/Senior Night, featuring the first of two Jim Pierce Memorial qualifier races for the SST Modifieds who will go for 59 laps, celebrating 59 years that ‘The Bullring’ has been racing. Racers and officials of the past are welcomed out to enjoy the evening, free of charge as a thank you for your support over the years.  Senior citizens will also receive 50% off for this event. 

It is also the make-up date for our Military Appreciation Night presented by WNY Heroes and ROC American Warrior Hockey. All active duty and veteran military personnel will also receive free general admission to the event (with ID).  Check into our social media outlets during the week for a full run down on what will be happening at ‘The Bullring’ this Saturday, July 27th.

Official Results

SST Modifieds (15 cars, 30 laps): 1. Cam Barber #10, 2. Alan Bookmiller #40, 3. Jeff Pringle #96P, 4. Daniel Majchrzak #14, 5. Kevin Timmerman #11T, 6. Timmy Lewis, Jr. #41, 7. Chad Nugent #42, 8. Garry Coon #96, 9. Bobby Lippa, Jr. #51, 10. Zach Kosachook #5, 11. Carrie Bolton #6J, 12. Nathan Michielsen #68, 13. Bill Kosachook #9, 14. Cody Jenkins #92, 15. Kory Lanni #49

Heat Winners- Bookmiller, Barber, Timmerman

Super Stocks (13 cars, 25 laps): 1. Justin Myers #02, 2. Dave Krawczyk #11K, 3. Chase Williams #12, 4. Jim Loffredo #6, 5. Josh Hathaway #43, 6. Frank Kline #33, 7. Joe Horvatits #4, 8. Russ Bulger, Sr. #32, 9. Chris Handley #94X, 10. Paul Faleski #X24, 11. Chris McKeown #01, 12. Eric Hastreiter #47, 13. Paul Flye

Heat Winners- Williams, Krawczyk

6 Cylinders (8 cars, 20 laps): 1. Chris Deyoe, Jr. #14D, 2. Robert Cassidy #16, 3. Frank Parsons, Jr. #14, 4. Angel Parthemer #77, 5. Dori Parsons #91, 6. Dana Fogle #21

DNS- Phil Rodriguez, John Parthemer

Heat Winner- Cassidy

Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinders (16 cars, 20 laps): 1. Greg Moldt #51, 2. Briar Dils #54, 3. Matthew Hurlburt #14M, 4. Joey Bevacqua #41, 5. Dave Heimes #8, 6. Jonathan Klamut #7 (Stock Winner), 7. Jason Anasiewicz #3, 8. Jeff Landwehr #15, 9. Kevin Kocher #31, 10. Jay Withey, Jr. #32X, 11. Evan Reardon #87, 12. Russ Bulger, Jr. #32J, 13. Kathie Ricketson #44

DNS- Nick Robinson, Nick Galusha, Mike Piccirilli

Heat Winners- Anasiewicz, Dils, Heimes

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