Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Night at the Races

June 10th, 2017

Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Night at the Races

Shylo Fuchs


The main goal of the Wings for Cystic Fibrosis Organization is to spread awareness of the deadly disease known as cystic fibrosis or CF and last night’s Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Night at Wyoming County International Speedway did an amazing job at doing just that.  


The evening started with the #4 sportsman modified of Steve Fuchs (aka the Wings for Cystic Fibrosis car) sitting in the midway to greet fans as theyentered the speedway hungry for some racing action.  Steve shook hands, signed autographs and even got a few hugs from his new number one fan, who was about 4 years old.  


The racetrack was decked out in purple balloons and the drivers of every class were given Wings for CF decals to put on their rides with the announcement of special awards that would be offered in each division.  


Heats began at 7 after the conclusion of our national anthem.   There were several unfortunate incidents that occurred that made some cars unable to start their feature events.  The Wings for Cystic Fibrosis car was able to win the first heat of the sportsman modifieds spreading awareness the entire time.


His car, that only needed minor adjustments, was brought out onto the frontstretch at intermission.    Steve Fuchs told of how he was approached to drive the #6 Wings for CF modified car midseason last year for special shows.  He also spoke of his friend, who is a CF sufferer, the founder of the Wings for Cystic Fibrosis organization, who was unable to attend the races due to health concerns.


Special awards included a Wegmans gift card that was generously given by the Wegmans in Geneseo,  this was given to the Bradshaws who had the largest crew on hand for the nights events.  Random bonus draws for each class were awarded to the 6th place finishers in each division, the #9 of Jason Lancastle in the Super Stocks and the #00 of Otis Brandshaw in the 4 cylinders immediately donated their awards back to the organization.  The award for the modifieds was to go to the Wings for Cystic Fibrosis car who asked that it be given to the 7th place car instead.


Hard Luck and Hard Charger contingencies were given in the modifieds as well.  Daniel Majchrzak in the #14 was given the Hard Charger because he started 12th and finished in the number 2 position.  He also donated his award back to the organization.


This entire evening was made possible by generous contributions from the Wegmans in Geneseo, C.R.C Polymer Systems from Sodus, NY and Mr. Auto in Ontario, NY, whose  kindness is sincerely appreciated and assisted greatly in accomplishing the goals of the Wings for Cystic Fibrosis organization.  Thank you!!


The outpouring of support and the awareness that was spread last night is exactly what the evening was put together to accomplish.  We at the Wings for Cystic Fibrosis organization would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to everyone involved and a special Thank You to Jim Majchrzak and Wyoming County International Speedway for allowing us to help make it a success.  We are hoping to continue to spread awareness at the track and are looking forward to working with you again in the future.  Together we can spread awareness and support sufferers of this terrible disease.

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