Dietz, Jr. Captures the Win Over Hard Charging Timmerman on Aloha to Summertime Little League Day

Dietz, Jr. Captures the Win Over Hard Charging Timmerman on Aloha to Summertime Little League Day

By: Shylo Fuchs

Photo Credits: Mike Piccirilli

Perry, NY (June 23, 2019): Slated to pull away on the front row for the 30 lap SST feature at WCIS would be #27V of Maddy Virts and the #66 of Geoff Sharkey.  Neal Dietz, Jr. who would start on the inside of row two, would overtake Virts on the outside in turns three and four on lap one. 

Kevin Timmerman in his #11T who started in the 9th position would start his climb through traffic, passing cars one by one as the laps ticked by.  Dietz, Jr. would stretch his lead to an entire straight away before caution would fly on lap 12 as the leaders would be approaching the beginnings of lap traffic.

On the restart Timmerman would start 3rd behind Dietz with #41 of Timmy Lewis, Jr. in the 2nd position.  Timmerman would slide under Lewis and stay right on the bumper of Dietz attempting to pass and overtake the lead to no avail.  

Caution on lap 23 for a car slowed to a stop in turn one would give Timmerman another chance to overtake Dietz, Jr. on the restart.  Green would fly and Dietz, Jr. would again resume the top spot.  Meanwhile behind them the top five would stay consistent as well.  The #14 of Majchrzak, the #40 of Bookmiller and the #01 of John Barber would try to join the fight for the victory.  With three to go the #42 or Ryan Nugent would lose the handle of his car spinning in turn 2.

On the restart with three to go the red would come out for a large wreck in turn one started by cars running in the third and fourth positions would cause a chain reaction that collected cars running from 6th place on back ending the night for the #51 of Bobby Lippa, Jr. and the #66 of Geoff Sharkey who would sustain damage and need to be towed off the track.  This would line us up for a green, white, checkered finish and give Kevin Timmerman one last attempt to beat out Neal Dietz, Jr. for the win.

Timmerman would give his best attempt, trying on the low side of Dietz, Jr. at the start finish line coming up just half a car length short.  Neal Dietz, Jr. in his black and blue #84 would finish on top after leading the race from lap one through multiple cautions and restarts. 

Neal Dietz, Jr. in his #84 SST Modified after claiming the victory in the 30 lap event.

The 4 cylinder division would have another amazing battle for victory after several early cautions.  The #8 of David Heimes and the #51 of Greg Moldt would put on quite a show for the fans as Heimes would lead from lap number 6 through to the checkered with Moldt hot on his rear bumper making every attempt to take advantage of the slightest bobble or hiccup. 

Heimes would not give Moldt a single chance to pass him even though Moldt was pushing him through the corners in the final laps of this 20 lap feature.  In his post race interview Heimes would be asked about how hard the 51 was racing him and he would say he ‘kinda liked it’.  The night could not have gone any better for Heimes who added this second career feature win to his heat win from earlier in the evening.

David Heimes in his #8 Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder took home the victory in the 20 lap event.

The Super Stocks would see the #11K of Dave Krawczyk take home his third win of the season at WCIS.  From his 7th starting spot he would pick cars off one by one heading to the front.  On lap 8 he would be sent to the tail of the field for involvement in a caution that sent the #47 of Eric Hastreiter spinning off of turn 4. 

Joe Horvatits in the #4 would be battling with the #12 of Chase Williams who was trying to overtake the 2nd position from him.  Horvatits’ rear end would end up breaking and he would draw the caution on lap 11.  Williams would be sent to the tail of the field and work his way back to the front by lap 18 where he would be racing for the lead with the #18 of Max Northem and he would lose control and over correct and end up hitting the wall hard with the left front right under the flag stand on the front straight. 

The #11K machine would bring himself up through the entire field again and would run side by side with the #18 for laps 19 through 22.  On lap 23 he would overtake Max Northem for the lead and he would hold onto it through to the checkered.   He would say “come heck or high water I was getting to the front.”

Dave Krawczyk took home his 3rd victory of the season in his #11K Super Stock.

The 6 Cylinders would have a caution free feature with the #14D of Chris Deyoe, Jr. leading the entire race.  He would comment that he felt like he was “on a rail” and with extreme excitement he would exclaim this was his “first feature win EVER!”

Chris Deyoe, Jr. captured his first career victory in the 6 Cylinder division in his #14D.

Congratulations to all the winning teams.  Join us next week for Kids Night at the Races brought to you by Once Again Nut Butter. 

Official Results:

SST Modifieds (20 cars, 30 laps) –

  1. Neal Dietz, Jr. #84 (Started 3rd)
  2. Kevin Timmerman #11T (9th)
  3. Alan Bookmiller #40 (8th)
  4. Daniel Majchrzak (7th)
  5. Gary Coon #96 (6th)
  6. Timmy Lewis, Jr. #41 (5th)
  7. Bro Bradshaw #00 (11th)
  8. Carrie Bolton #6J (15th)
  9. Bill Kosachook, Sr. (19th)
  10. Maddy Virts #27V (1st)
  11. Jeff Pringle #96P (10th)
  12. Cody Jenkins #92 (13th)
  13. Tom Keyes #5K (16th)
  14. Kory Lanni #49 (20th)
  15. Ryan Nugent #42 (4th)
  16. John Barber (12th)
  17. Bobby Lippa, Jr. #51 (17th)
  18. Geoff Sharkey #66 (2nd)
  19. Zach Kosachook #5 (14th)
  20. Jennifer Dennie #22 (18th)

Heat Winners: J. Barber, Deitz, Jr., Majchrzak

Super Stocks (14 cars, 25 laps) –  

  1. Dave Krawczyk #11K (Started 7th)
  2. Max Northem #18 (6th)
  3. Eric Hastreiter #47 (4th)
  4. Josh Hathaway #43 (8th)
  5. Paul Flye #94 (13th)
  6. Scott Gleed #03 (10th)
  7. Justin Meyers #02 (5th)
  8. Frank Kline #33 (1st)
  9. Barrett Schenk #51 (12th)
  10. Ron Richter #31X (14th)
  11. Russ Bulger, Sr. #32 (11th)
  12. Chase Williams #12 (3rd)
  13. Joe Horvatits #4 (2nd)
  14. Travis Delude #15 (9th)

Heat Winners: Meyers, Hastreiter

6 Cylinders (7 cars, 20 laps) –

  1. Chris Deyoe, Jr. #14D (Started 2nd)
  2. Frank Parsons, Jr. #14 (3rd)
  3. John Parthermer #95 (1st)
  4. Robert Cassidy #16 (4th)
  5. Phil Rodriguez #81 (7th)
  6. Angel Parthermer (6th)
  7. Dori Parsons (5th)

Heat Winner: F. Parsons, Jr.

Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinders (18 cars, 20 laps) –

  1. David Heimes #8 (Started 6th)
  2. Greg Moldt #51 (8th)
  3. Jacob Gustafson #51G (7th)
  4. Jason Anasiewicz #3 (5th)
  5. Matt Hurlburt #14M (3rd)
  6. Mike Bradshaw #02 (12th)
  7. Briar Dils #54 (13th)
  8. Jonathan Klamut #7 (2nd – Stock Winner)
  9. Justin Sass #2 (3rd)
  10. Andrea Bradshaw #05 (14th)
  11. Kathie Ricketson #44 (1st)
  12. Kevin Kocher #31 (10th)
  13. Russ Bulger, Jr. #32J (9th)
  14. Jody Krieb #1 (15th)
  15. Kenny Hejna #9 (16th)
  16. Dalton Alexander #37A (17th)
  17. Jim Pierce #26 (11th)
  18. Jay Withey, Jr. #32X (18th)

Heat Winners: Heimes, Moldt




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