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Double points night weighs big for Dennie, Hallett, Krawczyk and Hanbury


Press release for Wyoming County Intl. Speedway 7-15-2017 By Dan Turner, WCIS Speedway Announcer


      It was mid-season Double points night at the Blacktop bullring, and everyone brought the A game after two weeks off.   Reisdorf Bros. inc was in the house for Farm days and they were treated to a fantastic night of racing.   Some of the regulars putting on a show, while a few invaders let their presents be known.


     It was the SST Super Stocks that would kick the nights racing off and it was a awesome display of man and machine.   Two of our local guys would bring the Super Stocks to green, Eric Hastreiter and Mike “Scrappy” Chenaille, with Dan Majchrzak and current point leader Dave Krawczyk in row two.   With the drop of the green it was apparent that Krawczyk was in a hurry to get out front.  And in about 4 laps in on this 25 lap event he accomplished his mission.   This let Hastreiter, Majchrzak and Chenaille to battle in out for second thru fourth. As they three would do battle the Meyers family would start closing in on the top four. Zach in his always sharp 17x and Justin in the 02.   Justin eventually blew a right front tire and hit the outside wall and would need the hook to get him back to the pit area.   A few cautions and restarts and it was easy to see that thou the boys tried and tried, it was going to be another win for the 11k and the Krawczyk crew.


     Super 6’s were on the double points night card.   This econo class may be short on car count and big money.   But it is packed with excitement.   The normal invaders from the Spencer Speedway came to prove their dominance in this division, and they did but not without realizing the local WCIS competitors were not about to roll over and concede.   Tammi Bennett in the #78 and John Parthemer in his Mutant Ninja Turtle #95 brought the field to green.   I was clear Parthemer wanted the lead early and hope the invaders could not run him down.  Less than a lap in there was contact between Parthemer and the #33 of Klien.   The two collected the 98 of Tim Faro and Faro and Klien would be done for the night.  This put the #36 of former Spencer track champion, Brian Hallett on the point for the restart.   Green flew again and it was Hallett showing why he was a track champion as he distanced himself from the field and easily won another feature, with Parsons and Parthemer running second and third.


     It was Ladies Night at the Bullring on this beautiful July evening for the 4 cylinder division.   This class is load with lady drivers with a ton of talent and it showed.   Kory Lanni and Dave Heimes would bring this field of 13 to green.   From that point it was all about the ladies. It did not take long for event winner Jen Dennie to clear the field and get out front.   Following her was the candy apple Dodge of Kathie Richetson and 2016 WCIS champion, Maddy Virts.   In this division,   Dennie starting fifth really had to push hard to get out front as she knew that Ricketson and Virts were also on the fast track to get to the front.   Ricketson and Virts would battle their way to the front. But it was Jennifer Dennie’s night as her Silver Honda was on a rail.   I will say that the guys have learn or accepted the fact that we have very talented woman drivers at the Blacktop Bullring.   They are not looked at as girls or ladies, they are drivers, they are competition, and they are true racers.    That fact could not have been clearer than it was tonight. As Dennie, Ricketson and Virts would finished 1,2,3.   In all my years at The Perry NY speedway can I remember a night that the ladies put on a clinic and finish 1,2,3.    We are very proud at the WCIS that we have this level of talent in our racing facility, not just in our female competitors, but across the board in all divisions.


    Capping off the Riesdorf Bros. farm days at the Blacktop bullring was the Mighty SST Modifieds.   16 cars strong with some heavy hitters in the field.   Tony Hanbury was there for his first appearance of 2017.   Rick Knapp Jr and Ryan Nugent were back after a few weeks off repairing their racecars.   Nate Michielsen and Ryan Nugent would bring this field of rockets to green.   It would be Nugent to take the top spot from his outside starting position.   The race was on between the local favorite Danny Majchrzak and the invader of Tony Hanbury.   These two work not only pass cars but also play defense to not allow the other any advantage. Almost like watching a high speed on steroids chess match.  Majchrzak would get out-front first with Hanbury filling up Majchrzak mirrors.   After a few cautions and restarts for spinning cars,, Hanbury would get the upper hand and take the lead.  A few more restarts as Majchrzak would try the take it back to no avail. As these two battled for the win, it was a battle for the next few spots as Knapp, Bookmiller, Nugent and Toad Bradshaw. Bookmiller would go pit side to check on a mechanical issue and would have to work his way back toward the front.  Bradshaw would come quietly from his 13th starting spot to sneak by Knapp for the number two spot and knapp would settle for third. 


  • Finish – D.Krawczyk, D.Majchrzak, Z.Meyers, M.Chenaille, J.Mallaber, E.Stone, E.Hastreiter, J.Meyers, J.Landcastle, J.Horvatits  4 cylinders, Heat: D.Heimes, J.Dennie. Super Stock, Heats  Krawczyk, Z.Meyers,
  • Finish – J.Dennie, K.Ricketson, M.Virts, P.Flye, C.Bolton, D.Alexander, O.Bradshaw, D.Heimes, K.Landcastle, R.Cassidy, K.Lanni. 6 cylinders, Heat: B.Hallett

  • Finish – B.Hallett, F.Parsons, J.Parthemer, T.Bennett, F.Klien, T.Faro, A.Knoepfler. Heat – B Hallett
  • Finish – T.Hanbury, T.Bradshaw, R.Knapp, R.Nugent, D.Majchrzak, S.Fuchs, T.Alloco, A.Bookmiller, N.Michielsen, T.Weist, C.Logsdon, J.Withy, T.Garlock, B.Bradshaw, Z.Kosachock, B.Kosochock. SST Modifieds, Heats: Knapp, Logsdon, Majchrzak


Next weekend 07-22-2017 is Pirates night with Pirate trailer races, SST Moonshiners 57 and racers reunion
Gates are scheduled to open at 5:00 pm, with racing action starting at 7:00 pm.

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