FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 8-20-21: New Tire Distribution for this Week’s Delivery

A variety of tires are scheduled to arrive at ‘The Bullring’ on Friday, August 20th. Although their may not be enough for all the EC-31 teams, concessions will need to be made to accommodate as many as possible. Please read the full release to understand the tire availability for each race tire division.
For the SST Modifieds, we believe an assortment of left sides and right sides are included in this order, totaling around 50 units. Teams at the races this Saturday will be allowed to pick out 2 tires in an orderly fashion (after 4:00pm) one tire at a time. Additional remaining tires will be sold out prior to the Labor Day show in a similar sequence. Teams may choose to run the tires this week, or to save the tires from this week to make for a fresh set for the Labor Day Race.
Additionally, the Labor Day SST Modified qualifier will be reduced to 50 laps to help with tire conservation. Representatives from Lias Tire and American Racer have stated we will have a new assortment of tires for the Shootout in October.
For the SST Super Stocks, unfortunately new tires will not be an option this week, but may be available at the Labor Day show after the SST Modified allocation is complete. Race Director Don Vogler has arranged to bring a large amount of good used EC-31 tires from the NYSS series to give to any team in need of upgrading their current selection. Teams are also encouraged to contact modified teams for take-offs as well.
A new batch of AR 770 Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Pro tires will also be included in this order. Although they are not mandatory at this time, teams will still have a choice to use the AR 770, or a DOT 55 series +, 200 treadware tire or harder tire for competition.
Stock divisions (4 Cylinder Stock/Junior and 6 Cylinders) will remain on printed rule and regulation tires.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the track Saturday.
Jim Majchrzak, Owner/Promoter

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