From Last to First, Gustafson Wins Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Race at WCIS

From Last to First, Gustafson Wins Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Race at WCIS
By: Shylo Fuchs
Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos

A record 37 Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder cars signed in Saturday night to compete in the Grandpa Dog Memorial Race put together by David Heimes in honor of his late father who passed several years ago.  There were both Perry regulars and non there to support Dave and run in this huge 4 cylinder event. 

As a special incentive for the heat winners they are all given the opportunity to start last in the feature and if they are able to maneuver their way to the win they will be awarded an additional $900.  Heat winners were the #66 of Jacob Gustafson, the #51 of Greg Moldt, #3 of Jason Anasiewicz, and the #P-1 of Dave Reiber.  All but Reiber would elect to start tail and would attempt to make it back to the front. 

We would start the race just after 8:00 pm and see the caution flag immediately come out for the #A-1 of Corey Copeland who had gone high in turn 4 trying to exit the track but had residual effects of the damage he sustained during the heat race causing him major problems.  Nick Robinson in the #5 would jump to the early lead over the #9X of Braedon Suffoletta with the #8 of Dave Heimes hot on their tails.  Heimes would quickly jump to the number 2 spot.  Unfortunately on lap 6 Copeland’s team car the #P-1 driven by Dave Reiber would lose a tire in turn three and also retire for the evening.

A green flag run would give way to lots of good racing and would give those heat winners who had started last on the field a chance to start climbing to the top.  With only 28 laps to do so you can bet Moldt, Gustafson, and Anasiewicz were strategically passing cars on both the top and the bottom side, through corners and on the straightaways all three were climbing fast and putting on a great show while they were doing it.

Caution would come out again on lap 13 for a car stopped between turns 1 and 2 in the grass.  This would tighten up the field and find #3 Anasiewicz already in the fifth position, #66 of Gustafson in seventh, and Moldt in his #51 in the tenth position.  On the restart, the front runner of Mike Bradshaw in his #02 CRX would overtake Robinson and would set a trail hoping to remain in this top spot through to the checkers. 

A lap 19 caution would find the #9X of Braedon Suffoletta, early front runner, in the turn four wall with the #31 of Dylan Carbone.  Both would head pitside and only the #9X would return.  On the restart the #11 of Brett Bourdette would fail to fire at the start finish line and would get jacked up from behind by the #83 of Jeff Szafranice who would sustain massive damage after the incident.

Bradshaw would maintain the lead on the restart and would find himself trying to ward of the #3 of Anasiewicz who was trying hard to win that extra $900.  We couldn’t count Gustafson in his #66 out of this race either through as he had made his way all the way to the number three spot.  On the final lap in turn three Anasiewicz would take out the #02 of Bradshaw in his attempt to take the win.  Bradshaw would gather his car back up and still manage to cross the line in the 4th position. 

Post race deliberations between race officials would eventually award the win to second place finishing car Jacob Gustafson after penalizing the #3 for his last lap antics.  This would make the finishing order #66 Gustafson, #5 Robinson, #02 Mike Bradshaw, #8 Heimes, and #51 Moldt for the top five.

Gustafson would thank Dave Heimes for putting this race together and would pay tribute to Grandpa Dog saying he has him riding along with him inside his car.  He would also be awarded the winners pay along with the $900 bonus for racing his way from last to first in 28 short laps. 

Jacob Gustafson, after electing to start tail on the field in hopes of the $900 bonus, comes out on top in the 3rd Annual Running of the Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Dash 4 Cash (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos).

Next up would be the Super Stocks ready for 35 laps of action.  On the green flag lap the front row of #24 of John Carlson and the #02 of Justin Myers would take each other out in turn two right in front of the entire field.  Luckily they did not collect anyone else as the field was able to avoid them and they were able to get out of the way.  This would put the #94 of Paul Flye and the #12 of Troy Williams on the front row for the restart and Williams would jump to the lead early. 

Dave Krawczyk in his #11K would soon make his way to the second position and the battle for the lead would begin.  Williams would have the edge by just a small fraction coming off of four every lap.  They would stay tight together battling cleanly every lap. 

Caution would come out after 17 green flag laps as the #33 of Frank Kline would go hard backward into the turn three wall sustaining damage causing him to go to the pits for some attention from his crew.  Williams would remain in the lead on the restart over Krawczyk with the #94 of Paul Flye hanging on in the third position.

On lap 25 the #33 would spin in turn 4 and lose his bumper because the duck tape did not hold after his earlier incident.  Williams would again take the top spot on the restart over Krawczyk and they would battle for 5 laps before the caution would fly again for the #47 of Eric Hastreiter who would spin to the infield coming out of turn 4.  On this restart Krawczyk would give his all attempting to take the lead from Williams assuming this may be his last shot at doing so and the stands would watch him pull low in one and let the cars pass as he would sustain some sort of mechanical failure that would cause him to take his car to the trailer. 

This would leave Paul Flye in the #94 attempting to take the top spot from Williams in just 5 short laps.  At the drop of the checkers though Williams would have a substantial lead over #94 of Flye and the #4 of Joe Horvatits.  The #24 of John Carlson and the #32 of Russ Bulger, Sr. would round out the top five.

Troy Williams makes it three in a row as he captures the Super Stock feature win and locks himself into the field for the 50 lap Super Stock event on October 4th (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos).

The 6 Cylinders would be next to race on this special Labor Day weekend and the #14 of Frank Parsons, Jr. and the #16 of Robert Cassidy would put on quite a show for us during the entire green to checkered race.  Cassidy would get the early lead and would have to work hard every lap to try to maintain it over Parsons.  We would see Parsons trying to go low on Cassidy at every turn to no avail until the final lap when he was finally able to overtake him and bring home the checkers.  The 6 Cylinders would finish #14 Frank Parsons, Jr., #16 of Robert Cassidy, #14D of Chris Deyoe, Jr., #95 John Parthemer, #21 Dana Fogle, and #77 Angel Parthemer.

Frank Parsons, Jr. picks up his 3rd victory of the season in the 6 Cylinders (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos).

Last on the card for the evening would be the SST Modifieds who were slated to go 50 laps.  The #41 of Timmy Lewis, Jr. and the #42 of Chad Nugent would be on the front row and just as they took the green flag coming off four the #68 of Nate Michielsen would end up turned around nose to nose with the #96X of Don Pringle. 

We would have another shot at the original green flag and on this start the #41 of Timmy Lewis, Jr. would take the lead followed by the #14 of Dan Majchrzak and the #40 of Alan Bookmiller.  Bookmiller would remain in the #3 spot until Andy Jankowiak in the #41X would overtake him in his hot pursuit of the win on this Labor Day weekend special event. 

We would see 2 cautions for simple spins and on the second restart we would see Majchrzak overtake the #41 for the lead.  On lap 31 we would see the caution fly for the #41X of Jankowiak as he would spin from his third place running position in turn 4.  He would go to the pits and return with just shy of 20 laps to try to make it back to the front.

On the restart Majchrzak would take the lead and remain in the lead for the rest of this race and would bring home the checkers.   #41 of Timmy Lewis, Jr. would take second followed by the #40 of Alan Bookmiller, #41X of Andy Jankowiak, and the #00 of Bro Bradshaw.

Dan Majchrzak and team celebrate their win in the SST Modified division on Labor Day Qualifier Night (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos).

Official Results

SST Modifieds (50 laps, 15 cars): 1. Daniel Majchrzak #14, 2. Timmy Lewis, Jr. #41, 3. Alan Bookmiller #40, 4. Andy Jankowiak #41X, 5. Bro Bradshaw #00, 6. Jeff Pringle #96P, 7. Bobby Lippa, Jr. #51, 8. Carrie Bolton #6J, 9. Bill Kosachook #9, 10. Chad Nugent #42, 11. Nathan Michielsen #68, 12. Kevin Timmerman #11T, 13. Jay Withey, Jr. #29, 14. Don Pringle #96X
DNS- Zach Kosachook #5
Heat Winners- Majchrzak, Lippa, Jr.

Super Stocks (35 laps, 15 cars): 1. Troy Williams #12, 2. Paul Flye #94, 3. Joe Horvatits #4, 4. John Carlson #24, 5. Russ Bulger, Sr. #32, 6. Eric Hastreiter #47, 7. Frank Kline #33, 8. Justin Myers #02, 9. Kyle Skoney #55, 10. Jacob McKeown #01, 11. Chris Handley #94X, 12. Dave Krawczyk #11K, 13. Jim Loffredo #6
DNS- Russell Knutsen #97, Max Northem #18
Heat Winners- Williams, Carlson

6 Cylinders (20 laps, 6 cars): 1. Frank Parsons, Jr. #14, 2. Robert Cassidy #16, 3. Chris Deyoe, Jr. #14D, 4. John Parthemer #95, 5. Dana Fogle #21, 6. Angel Parthemer #77
Heat Winner- Deyoe, Jr.

3rd Annual Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Memorial Dash 4 Cash 28 (28 laps, 37 cars): 1. Jacob Gustafson #66, 2. Nick Robinson #5, 3. Mike Bradshaw #02, 4. David Heimes #8, 5. Greg Moldt #51, 6. Briar Dils #54, 7. Mike Piccirilli #88, 8. Danny Cascioli #42X, 9. Matthew Hurlburt #14M, 10. DJ Shaw #0, 11. Rob Laskowski #716, 12. Joey Bevacqua, Jr. #41, 13. David Brunka #28, 14. Jody Krieb #1, 15. Andrea Bradshaw #05, 16. Brett Bourdette #11, 17. Jonathan Klamut #7, 18. Tommy Hughes #24, 19. Kathie Ricketson #44, 20. Justin Vallone #8V, 21. Braedon Suffoletta #9X, 22. Jeff Szafraniec #83, 23. Dylan Carbone #31C, 24. Josh Schosek #37NY, 25. Dan Dressel #09, 26. Dave Reiber #P-1, 27. Russ Bulger, Sr. #32S, 28. Bob Palmer #32NY, 29. Corey Copeland #A-1
DQ- Jason Anasiewicz #3
DNQ- Jay Withey, Jr. #32X, Nick Galusha #94, Evan Reardon #87, John Byrd #11NY, Megan Schoelles #19, Kevin Kocher #31, Russ Bulger, Jr. #32J
Heat Winners- Gustafson, Anasiewicz, Moldt, Reiber

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