Full moon shines bright on Virts, Parsons, Krawczyk and Totten

Full moon shines bright on Virts, Parsons, Krawczyk and Totten Wyoming County Intl.Speedway Press release and results 6/10/2017 By Dan Turner, Track announcer

Full Moon WCIS

The moon was full, big and bright on this, Wings for Cystic Fibrosis Awareness night at the Wyoming county facility. Many believe the full moon comes with a bad omen or negative vibe. Not the case for the winners on this night, thou it was packed with surprises and odd occurrences. Track owners, crews and race teams would also like to thank, CRC Polymer Systems, of Wayne Cnty. Mr. Auto of Ontario NY and Wegmans of Geneseo, for all their help and participation on this great evening.


     The evening kicked off with 4 cylinders. This is always a fun and exciting class to watch as most of the drivers and cars are very much on a even playing field.  Kathie Ricketson and Paul Flye picked up the heat race wins and then came the 20-lap main for this ultra, competitive class.  Cassidy and Ricketson would lead this crew to green. Rickketson would jump to the early lead with her Candy red Dodge#44. In a few laps She had opened up a straight away lead over the now charging #94 Paul Flye and the #27 of Maddy Virts. 

 It looked as if the race stayed green the last few laps would get pretty exciting when Flye and Virts would have possibly caught the fast #44. But as last week, the caution would fly and this would cost Ricketson her huge lead over the field. Green flyes again and the Honda and Acura of Virts and Flye would get past the dodge of Ricketson. Virts after missing last week’s racing knew she had to have a good night and with car issues in her heat race, she was worried. However, it was all for not as her #27 performed flawlessly and Maddy took home the checkers over a charging Flye.


     Super 6 class is a new and fun class for the Blacktop Bullring in 2017.   This class is like the 4 Cylinder class and yet a little more Pure stock. Very basic rules, primarily for safety and try to keep the cost down for those interested in getting into racing.

  Tammi Parsons and frank Parsons would lead the new class to green. Frank Parsons Jr a former feature winner in the 4 cyl. Class would jump to the early lead with Frank “The Cook” Klien in hot pursuit and John Parthemer.   Parsons would have no complains about a Full Moon as he would drive his Doge to victory as Klien and Parthemer would put on a show as they diced for the runner up position and “The Cook” Frank Klien would hold on for second.


  SST Super Stocks would again see great racing and hard charging from all competitors on this beautiful night.  Majchrzak and Horvatits would bring this crew to green and the #4 Red Rocket of Horvatits would assume the lead and then it was time to see how long before Dave Krawczyk would break pack and start his pressure of the #4 of Horvatits. That only took about 6 or 7 laps til Krawczyk cleared the #14 of Majchrzak and put his bead on the #4 of Horvatits. This is sort of a big deal as there is a lil bad blood between the #4 and #11k. 

  These two tangled on the final lap of the feature last week. Krawczyk would need a new left rear tire and a body man to repair his ride and Horvatits would need a radiator and a frame machine to pull the 4 back into racing form. Krawczyk knew if he was going to get around Horvatits it would need to be a clean calculated pass and clear the #4 quickly. And that is exactly what he did, came into turn three high and crisscrossed, Horvatits rear bumper and passed on the low side coming off turn four.   That was all Krawczyk needed as he then stretched out the lead to a comfortable 10 cars. Till the checkered flew.


  SST Modifieds, The Big Dogs of the Blacktop Bullring closed out the night.   Some enjoying the full moon while others, cursed at it again. Ryan Nugent in his Cedar Creek ride and the Wings for Cystic Fibrosis #4 of Steve Fuchs would lead this bunch of hungry drivers to green for their 30 lap main event. Somewhat appropriate that the Luck of the draw on a full moon night would have the Cystic Fibrosis, sponsored car on the front row on Cystic Fibrosis Awareness night.   Fuchs would have a fantastic start and take the early lead.  

  He knew it was going to be no easy task to win on this night with a potent field of cars and talent chasing him. Cautions riddled this feature as the Driver with the worst full moon luck brought out caution # one. Dale Wolfer who had a rare trailing bar failure in his heat, break. Then his front sway bar broke before the green flew in his feature and the crew repaired. Then right front suspension issues finally parked the #76. The scorers would reset the field and it was top heavy with good cars and great drivers.

  Fuchs still on the point, now the Brothers Bradshaw where in the mix and you can never count out the Rutherford Racing Chassis car with Kurt Totten at the wheel. Throw the green and a lap or two later the yellow flies for the Bill Kosachook #9 as he tangled with Nygent and Wiest and was backwards on the infield grass. All cars with little if any damage and all would return to race.  Green flies and this time it would be the Kosachook #9 with a suspension failure and he would take a hard hit into the fourth turn wall, which would end his frustrating night.

  Now with only 10 laps to the end we restart for the 4th or 5th time to try and pull this night to bed. Not so fast, Now the yellow and also red would fly as the Cassie Logsdon #09 would grenade her engine off turn four and spread oil across the entire front straightaway, causing the race to go red.   After a lengthy, clean up, the cars re-fired and in hope of closing out the Full Moon racing program.  Totten would be on the point with Dan Majchrzak, Fuchs and a pair of Bradshaws Toad and Bro.

  Green would turn these racers loose and Totten would hold the lead while Majchrzak would empty his bad of tricks to try and pass the #11 of Totten.   The restart helped Toad Bradshaw to squeak by Fuchs for the third position and then the yellow reared itself again as the #0 of Bro Bradshaw had contact with the #4 of Fuchs and they came to a stop in turn four.  

  This would send Fuchs to the pits for a quick check over by his crew and send Bro to the tail for contact. We try it again to close out this weird night and a few laps later the checkered flew for the Rutherford Racing Chassis #11 of Kurt Totten.  “That #14 was not afraid to put the bumper on me which made me step up my game, he kept me honest out there and made me work for every lap.” Said Totten


Race Results


  4 Cylinder #     6 Cylinder #     Super Stock #


1 Maddy Virts 27   1 Frank Parsons 14   1 Dave Krawczyk 11


2 Paul Flye 94   2 Frank Klien 33   2 Joe Horvatits 4


3 Kathie Ricketson 44   3 John Parthemer 95   3 Mike Chenaille 20


4 Jennifer Dennie 22   4 Tammie Bennett 78   4 Daniel Majchrzak 14


5 David Heimes 8           5 Eric Hastreiter 47


6 Otis Bradshaw 00           6 Jason Landcastle 9


7 Andrea Bradshaw 05           7 Kevin Bastedo 23


8 Lee Krieb 77                


9 Kyle Landcastle 33                


10 Jody London 89                


11 Kory Lanni 29                


12 Robert Cassidy 16                


13 Matt Hurlburt 88                




  Heat Winners       Heat Winners       Heat Winners  


  Kathie Ricketson 44     Frank Parsons 14     Daniel Majchrzak 14


  Paul Flye 94                



SST Modified



Kirk Totten

11 X


Daniel Majchrzak



Toad Bradshaw



Bro Bradshaw



Tom Weist



Steve Fuchs



Jay Withy



Cassie Logsdon



Bill Kosachook



Dick Kluth



Ryan Nugent



Dale Wolfer



Nathan Michielsen



Ricky Knapp






Heat Winners



Steve Fuchs



Kirk Totten

11 X


 Join us next weekend June 17th 2017 at The Perry BullRing, for our Aloha to Summertime with the famous Smash-N-Crash JunkYard Hockey.  Front gate opens at 5pm and racing starts at 7pm sharp. 


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