Hanbury Vogler Knoepfler Moldt all score BIG on Soccer night

Hanbury, Vogler, Knoepfler  Moldt, all score BIG on Soccer night at Wyoming County Intl. Speedway.

Press release and results of Wyoming County Intl. Speedway for 8/4/2018 Dan Turner, Speedway announcer

      It was Soccer Night at the Wyoming County Intl. Speedway.   Just like soccer itself, some scored big with wins, while others took some bumps and bruises.   All in all, it was a great night at the track with two of our three regular classes (SST Mods, 4 cylinders) and our semi regulars Super 6’s and one of the premier touring series in NY, the Sunoco NY Super Stocks.  

Kids were entertained during the intermission, with the chance to show off their soccer skills and gain prizes and later in the evening there was junk yard soccer on the front straight to entertain the entire stands. This being used cars to smash a 4ft. steel, 500 lbs. ball between some tractor tires for a score.   Not as easy as it sounds.


    As is our usual at the Blacktop Bullring we start off our feature racing program with our Economy racing 4 cylinders.   It would be comprised of the two hottest cars and drivers in this field, #51 of Greg Moldt and the #26 of Jimmy Pierce Jr.  

This battle for the top spot was going to be settled between these two titans.  Moldt would be challenged numerous times by Pierce but would prevail every time.  Justin sass would also have a banner day at the Bullring as he would rise from his sixth starting spot and battle with current high point driver Kathie Ricketson and Super sub many time 4 cyl. Feature winner Kevin Grom.

Super 6 class
  Next, was our semi regular Super 6 class.   With a regulars on hand and the usual invaders from the Spencer Speedway, it was probably the closest, tightest competition we have seen this season.   Being the entry level racing it’s great to see and recognize the different makes of cars, Chevy, Pontiac, Dodge, Ford and even a Buick. 

 Frank Parsons Jr, a regular at WCIS and the black #93 of invader, Andy Cociloa on the front row.     It was a 2×2 battle the first handful of laps before Cocilova took the lead.   He would have his hands full as he would feel pressure from the orange and gray Pontiac.   Most would figure it was the #36 of Brian Hallett, not on this night it was a woman on a mission. 

Allison Knoepfler had her #35 all tuned up and shot past Cociloa’s #93 and took the lead.   Hallett was in tow, trying the low side then the high side but it was Allison’s night.   A few cautions and restarts and the Student (Allison) took all the knowledge Boyfriend Brian Hallett the teacher taught her and the Student took the Teacher to school.  “ This is the first win since about 2014 and it feels great to know I worked hard at it and beat Brian”


SST Modifieds
      SST Modifieds were 17 cars strong and ready to see who would come out of the battle with the spoils of victory.   Team cars of Tom Alloco and Carrie Bolton would pace the field to green.   It would take about half a lap for Alloco to clear Bolton and start his charge to open up some real estate between him and the rest of the field.   It was not long before Alloco had a mirror full of hungry drivers breathing down his neck. 

Dan Majchrzak and Tony Hanbury broke pack and were charging to the front.  Off turn four while Majchrzak was setting up the pass on Alloco , Hanbury made a hard left off turn four and three wide down the front straight with Hanbury going from 3rd to 1st.  Cautions flew on lap 11 for Geoff Sharkey and Billy Kosachook came together and Sharkey taking a hard hit to the outside wall of turn two, both drivers were ok.

   As the fluids were being cleaned up many of the cars were having over heating issues and many would head pit side to try and cool them.  Both Majchrzak cars (Danny and track owner Jim) went to the pit to cool the power plants.  

  It was now Hanbury out front and the next challenger would be the Rocket man Ricky Knapp Jr.  A few restarts and Hanbury knew what he had to do to keep the Knapp #11 behind him, and did it well.  John Barber would come home 3rd and 4th, a great return to the Bullring for former 4 cyl champion, Maddy Virts in her new SST Modified.

Chris Vogler takes the checkers

Chris Vogler takes the checkers

NY SuperStocks
      Sunoco NY Super Stock were on hand to tune up their cars for the big end of the year Sandra Vogler Memorial 51.   23 of the best Super stocks in the northeast were all looking to grad the big check from the Wyoming County Intl. Speedway.   Drop the green and it took no time for the Purple #40 of Jason Dinzler to take the top spot and start distancing himself from the field.   This was working till the yellow flew for the #78 of fink and the #5 of Rotunda. 

  That was the end to Dinzlers comfy lead.   Now the wolves were closing in, Vogler, Willis, Frarey, Robinson, Reece and Gleason.  Lap 19 found the yellow waving again for Schoonmaker and Frisbie and again on lap-23 as the Higgins #13 and #17 of Amber VanOrden got locked together in turn four.  Both would return to the race.   Lap 37 came and this would bring out the red as a major oil down come from the Not so Lucky 7 of Josh Hunter. 

  Lap 38 saw the yellows for VanOrden and the Dinzler 64 get together.  50 laps is the distance and the last were run a few at a time. Tom Reece was in contention for a great finish and maybe the win till lap 43 as his #81 monte would snap spin off turn two and end his night s hopes of a win, thou he would charge back to a 6th place finish.  With 7 laps to go it would be the #25 of Gleason and the #71 of Hadley bring out the final caution.  Gleason would change a flat right rear and return to a 9th place finish.   But tonight it was Chris Vogler taking on all challengers and besting them all.  

  Restart challenges from Robinson, Willis and many more.   Vogler had the car set to run the outside lane and that seemed to be the key, This kept the rpm up and the chassis free and above all did not wear the tires out in the 50 lap spectacular put on by the Sunoco sponsored NY Super Stocks.   We will definitely be looking forward to see this series back at the Blacktop Bullring in October.

Next week its Craft Beer night at WCIS, Bring a DD and enjoy the many flavors
 Gates open at 5pm
Racing at 7pm


4 cylinders       Heat: G.Moldt

1)G.Moldt,  2)J.Pierce Jr, 3)J.Sass, 4)K.Grom, 5)K.Ricketson, 6)J.Klamut, 7)S.Sickles, 8)M.Hurlburt, 9)D.Heimes


Super 6      Heat: A.Cocilova

1)A.Knoepfler, 2)B.Hallett, 3)A.Cocilovs, 4)F.Parsons Jr, 5)J.Parthermer, 6)R.Cassidy, 7)D.Packman, 8)T.Bennett (DNS)


NY Super Stocks   

1)C.Vogler, 2)Z.Willis, 3)C.Hicks, 4)S.Frarey, 5)N.Robinson, 6)T.Reece,7) J.Dinzler, 8)E.Hadley, 9)J.Gleason, 10)N.Peckham, 11)A.VanOrden, 12)S.Rotunda, 13)J.Schoonmaker, 14)A.Higgins, 15)R.Underwood, 16)P.Flye, 17)S.Dinzler, 18)B.Frisbie, 19)M.Larrivee, 20)J.Hunter, 21)G.Miller, 22)D.Bancroft,23) R.Fink


SST Modifieds      Heats: T.Alloco, T.Hanbury, R.Knapp Jr

1)T.Hanbury, 2)R.Knapp Jr, 3)J.Barber, 4)M.Virts, 5)D.Majchrzak, 6)C.Logsdon, 7)S.Fuchs, 8)J.Majchrzak, 9)K.Lewis, 10)E.Hawkins, 11)C.Bolton, 12)J.Dennie, 12)B.Kosachook, 13)T.Alloco, 14)Z.Kosachook, 15)B.Kosachook Sr, 16)R.Nuggent, 17)J.Whithey Jr, 18) G.Sharkey


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