Kids Bike Night at The Races

Two bikes were given away to two lucky kids tonight at the end of The SST Modified Feature Race. 

FFF &K, Flye, Faro, Finochario and Krawczyk  take home the checkers at WCIS …..The BullRing

Wyoming County Intl. Speedway, 06/24/2017

Press release and results from Wyoming County Intl. Speedway By Dan Turner: WCIS Announcer

Paul Flye Wins on Kids Bike Give away Night

     It was another awesome night at the Wyoming County Intl. Speedway with Good weather, many many, happy fans and a competitor pit area loaded with talent, speed and sharply painted racecars.   Tonight would be kids bike night with the kids getting the chance to race their bikes on the 1/3 mile racing surface, and the chance to win a boys and girls 10 speed mountain bike. 


     SST Super stocks would get the evening rolling and Scanton-Wilks (Pa) runner Robert Fink in his potent #78 and local favorite Eric Hastreiter would lead this field to their 25 lap main event.  Due to fuel issues the 78 would not fire and would go pit side before the original green. The fast working crew found and fixed the issue and Fink would start, but from the scratch position.   This would move the Landcastle #9 to the front row were he took full advantage of Finks misfortune.  Landcastle took the early lead and was starting to stretch the lead with last week’s winner Joe Horvatits running him down, before current high point man, Dave Krawczyk broke free of the pack.  It would not be long before Krawczyk would catch Landcastle first then the #4 of Horvatits.   It was all Krawczyk again tonight as he notches another win in the SST Super Stocks.


     The always exciting and competitive 4 cylinders were next to light up the 1/3 mile high banks of WCIS.   Fifteen cars in attendance and over half the field quick enough to capture the win.  Robert Cassidy and Young Kyle Landcastle would set the pace and lead the fun to watch 4 bangers to green.   Cassidy would take the lead and would try to run away but that was not in the play book for the Silver bullet of Jen Dennie.  Dennie would move from her fifth starting position to slip by the #16 of Cassidy.   Dennie was on a mission.   She was going to the front and was set to do battle with anyone that might want to try and stop her.  High point man in this class would be multi time feature winner Paul Flye.  Flye would fight his way to the front then have to close the gap that Dennie had built in a few laps.  Flye would try inside then outside and it was Dennie fending off the charges.  Then while entering turn 2, Dennies car would skate up out of the racing groove and that is all Flye needed to slide on by the Dennie ride.   One would think that Flye would just sail off into the sunset with the win, especially with Maddy Virts not in the facility racing tonight.  Not the case.   Dennie would be the bug that pestered the #94 of Flye till the checkered flew. “ One mistake and I knew Jen was going to be right there”


     Super sixes where on the card for the night.  The Spencer Speedway invaders made their presents known on this near perfect night.   This class races at WCIS bi weekly and this was their on night.   Regulars, John Parthemer and Frank Parsons would bring this class to green.   This early looked to be the regulars vs the invaders.   As Parthemer would take the early lead and then the #35 of Spencer regular, Alison Knoepfler would rise to the challenge of the Ninja Turtles #95 of Parthemer.    Knoepfler would hang  lap after lap waiting for Parthemer to make a mistake.  These two cars almost equal in performance.  Parthemer better thru the corners and the Pontiac of Knoepfler had the straight away speed.  While everyone was watching this 35/95 battle.   No one was paying any attention to the former Spencer Speedway Champion, Tim Faro.  Like a game of Chess, Faro watch and calculated his next move and made his only hero or zero move and Faro blasted past the front two on the high side and take the lead.  Brian Hallett would sneak by his team car of Knoepfler  and Parthemer for second, Knoepfler would that the show position in this young class.


     Fifteen of the area’s best SST Modifieds were on hand to try and claim the trophy and BIG check for the premier class at WCIS.   This being a night with no big names or large money teams in the pit area, so no real clear cut advantage or favorite to win the nights feature. Which is great from the fan’s perspective, makes for a great night of racing.   It was a night of that, great racing with some surprises in the racing program.   Nate Michielsen and Birthday girl Cassie Logsdon would lead the field to the start and Logsdon would take the early lead.   The wolves behind her were ready to hunt down the rabbit.  Fuchs, Kluth, Majchrzak, Finochario and a couple Bradshaws (Bro and Toad).  The man that was the hungriest was the #41 the Lewis Racing teams driver Chris Finochario.   Finochrio stated last week “A new set of tires and he would be a contender for the win”.  Santa came early to the Lewis team as 3 new American Racers, tires were mounted and ready to tackle the track and all its competitors. Finochario would win his heat race and then leave no doubt who was the fast car on the speedway tonight.   Finochario the hired gun to fill in for Timmy Lewis who is sidelined with a broken leg from an off season motorcycle accident.   Spectacular racing for second on back.  Eventual second place finisher Dan Majchrzak was pit side at 3 laps in to rally to a second. The Rookie from the Corning area, Garry Coon had a excellent night racing in and around the top 5 all night. Kevin Lewis, Toad Bradshaw, Garry Coon and Bro Bradshaw were the race to watch as most of these cars vary equal in performance. Outside of a few cautions thru out the night, it was a fantastic night of racing.

Two bikes were given away to two lucky kids tonight at the end of The SST Modified Feature Race. 


NEXT WEEK:  SST Modifieds, Super stocks, Vintage late models, 4 cyl and Smash ’N’ Crash Pirate trailer races Gates open at 5pm and Races at 7pm


The BullRing Finishes 06/24/2017

6 Cylinder                     #

  1. Tim Faro                 98
  2. Ryan Hallett           36
  3. Alison Knoepfler   35
  4. John Parthemer    95
  5. Frank Klien            33
  6. Frank Parsons       14
  7. Tammie Bennett    78  
  • Heat Win: Hallett


4 Cylinder                           #

  1. Paul Flye                   94
  2. Jennifer Dennie       22
  3. Jody London            89
  4. Kathie Ricketson     44
  5. Carrie Bolton             6
  6. David Heimes           8
  7. Otis Bradshaw         00
  8. Dalton Alexander    37
  9. Dakota Packman  94X
  10. Kyle Landcastle      33
  11. John Parthemer      95
  12. Robert Cassidy       16
  13. Kory Lanni               29
  14. Chris Haas               52
  15. Matt Hurlburt            88
  • Heat Heimes, Flye


      Super Stock                    #

  1. Dave Krawczyk         11
  2. Mike Chenaille         20
  3. Daniel Majchrzak     14
  4. Kevin Ide                    24
  5. Eric Hastreiter           47
  6. Jason Landcastle       9
  7. Robert Fink                78
  8. Joe Horvatits               4
  9. Dakota Packman      55
  • Heat Win – Horvatits, Fink


      SST Modified                     #

  1. Chris Finochario          41
  2. Daniel Majchrzak        14
  3. Kevin Lewis               41X
  4. Toad Bradshaw           00
  5. Garry Coon                  96
  6. Bro Bradshaw               0
  7. Cassie Logsdon          09
  8. Ryan Nugent               42
  9. Steve Fuchs                  4
  10. Tom Alloco                    6
  11. Dick Kluth                    27
  12. Tom Weist                    35
  13. Dale Wolfer                 76
  14. Jay Withy                     29
  15. Nathan Michielsen    68
  • Heats Logsdon, Fuchs, Finochario


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