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Wyoming County Intl. Speedway                                                                                  06/03/2017

Majchrzak, Chenaille and London come up BIG at WCIS Press release for Wyoming County Intl. Speedway for races 6/3/2017 By Dan Turner WCIS Announcer

     Three classes in attendance at the Blacktop Bullring on this, Once Again Nut Butter inc. and sticker night.   It was a night filled with fun for the kids and plenty of excitement for the fans as each division had some excitement and surprises, from the heats thru the main events.

SST Super Stocks

     The evening got fired up with the SST Super Stocks. This class has the lowest car count, but has some of the tightest competition. Dan Majchrzak and Eric Hastreiter would lead this class to their 25 lap feature event.

For the next 23 laps, everyone was holding their breath as Majchrzak would jump to the early lead with the normal cast on tow. Krawczyk starting 6th, Horvatits starts 5th and Chenaille starting 3rd.    Patience was not in the vocabulary of Horvatits, as Joe would cut thru the Super Stock field and take the lead early.   At lap 13, the halfway point Horvatits had a straight away lead over current point leader and 2016 champion Dave Krawczyk.

Krawczyk would start depleting that margin lap by lap. With only 4 laps remaining Krawczyk was within 4 car lengths. Then Horvatits nightmare would come true as the caution flew for a spinning car off turn 4. In addition, Krawczyk would get a restart side by side with Horvatits, with only a 4-lap dash for cash remaining in their feature.

The green would fly and everyone in the faucility was on his or her feet as they knew this was going to be a barnburner of a finish.  Krawzcyk was outside and Horvatits was low as they entered turn one.  Krawczyk using the high line to keep momentum and RPM up to put the nose of the 11k out front off turn two and down the back straight.   Entering turn three, Krawczyk pinches down a little on Horvatits as Horvatits car pushes up on the speedway.  

Neither driver refusing to lose keep their gas pedals mashed to the floor and contact was made and both cars end up in the 4th turn outer wall.  Krawczyk with a flat left rear and heavy right front damage to the Horvatits #4 machine. This brought out the caution, as now out front was Mike “Scrappy” Chenaille. Race officials opted to cut the feature short as the night was running long and Chenaille was declared the winner.  “It’s been 7 years since my last win here, and it feels D____ good to be back here,” said Chenaille.


Our crowd favorite and always exciting 4 cylinders were next to battle for 20 laps and see who was going to take home the trophy. Perennial up front runner Maddy Virts not in attendance on this night due to family obligations. This would open the door for Paul Flye and numerous others to gain valuable points towards the end of year championship. Lucky 13 cars strong was this field. Cassidy and Ricketson would set the pace to take the green in this 20-lap event.  Ricketson in her #44 Dodge would jump out to an early lead with a straightaway lead over the fast approaching Jody London and Paul Flye.  Ricketsons lead was shrinking as the laps were winding down.

 With only 5-laps remaining the Parthemer 95 would lose power, stopped on the speedway and drew the yellow. This would put the imports of London and Flye on the rear bumper of Ricketson’s Dodge.  Ricketson not being able to launch like the London and Flye machines would fall to third. The final few laps would see Flye working hard on London to collect his 3rd feature of 2017, but to no avail, London would not be denied “This is the first of many wins to come this year”  “ After a disappointing 2016 season, I told my crew and friends we are going to build a car that is going to win races, I promise you.” Flye second, with Ricketson rounding out your top three.

SST Modifieds

SST Modifieds, 15 cars strong and plenty of racing was on hand for our loyal fans. Teammates Steve Fuchs and Nate Michielsen would bring to green this fast and furious group. It only took ½ of the 1/3 mile bullring to find Dan Majchrzak jump from his forth-starting position to take the lead and lead lap one.  

That was the end of the story for the lead as Majchrzak had to perfect setup on the car. The battle was in the pack as you had, Allan Bookmiller, Rick Knapp Jr, Finocchario and the Bradshaw brothers Toad and Bro. All but Majchrzak were new to the track this season. Knapp had a brand new car to him and this was its maiden voyage. Only second trip to WCIS for the Bradshaws this year, Chris Finocchario in the Timmy Lewis #41, first time in a long time back to the Bullring.

Allan Bookmiller in the seat of the Tommy Weist’s #35 car for the evening. As stated earlier, Majchrzak had the field covered tonight, but 2nd thru 7th was a show to watch. Fuchs holding on to second for the majority of the feature with Finocchario and Knapp applying the pressure. Finocchario and Knapp would slip by with 10 or so laps remaining. Fuchs would be sidelined with over-heating problems with his #4. Restart after restart, Majchrzak would show the field hid dominance. The white flag flew and the Bill Kosachook would drop some oil on the racing surface and then it got exciting.

Yellow flew immediately but this was not quick enough as we saw about ¾ of the field spin out on various places on the speedway, luckily no damage to any of the racecars. At lap 29 of 30, the race was called and this save the fans time and racers fuel and wear and tear on their machines to set thru a 20-30 minute clean up.

Next week at the Wyoming County Intl. Speedway,  

SST Modifieds, SST Super Stocks, 4 cylinders and the Super 6 class Race time 7 pm SHARP


4 Cylinder                                  #

1          Jody London    89
2          Paul Flye          94
3          Kathie Ricketson          44
4          Jennifer Dennie           22
5          David Heimes   8
6          Lee Krieb         77
7          Dalton Alexander         37
8          Otis Bradshaw  00
9          Kyle Landcastle            33
10        Matt Hurlburt    88
11        Robert Cassidy            16
12        Andrea Bradshaw         05
13        John Parthemer           95

Heat winner: Ricketson, Flye


Super Stock                              #

1          Mike Chenaille             20
2          Eric Hastreiter             47
3          Dave Krawczyk           11
4          Joe Horvatits                4
5          Daniel Majchrzak        14
6          Steve Mcilwainek         81
7          Jason Landcastle         9
8          Robert Fink      78

Heat winners: Majchrzak, Krawczyk


 SST Modifieds                           #

1          Daniel Majchrzak          14
2          Chris Finocchario         41
3          Rick Knapp      11
4          Bro Bradshaw  0
5          Toad Bradshaw            00
6          Allen Bookmiller           35
7          Bill Kosachook 9
8          Nathan Michielsen       68
9          Dick Kluth        27
10        Damon Frutchey          15
11        Steve Fuchs    4
12        Cassie Logsdon           09
13        Dale Wolfer      76
14        Zach Kosachook          5
15        Ryan Nugent    42

Heat winners: Majchrzak, Bookmiller, Finocchario

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