Majchrzak, Krawczyk, Hallett, and Moldt Win Mid-Season Championship Night presented by Once Again Nut Butter at Wyoming County International Speedway

Majchrzak, Krawczyk, Hallett, and Moldt Win Mid-Season Championship Night presented by Once Again Nut Butter at Wyoming County International Speedway

By: Shylo Fuchs

Photo Credits: Mike Piccirilli

Perry, NY (June 30, 2019); Once Again Nut Butter presented a postponed Kids Night at the races in conjunction with Mid-Season Championship Night at the Bullring.  The sun was shining and there were lots of kids on hand ready to enjoy a nice evening at the races. 

The Grandpa Dog 4-Cylinders would start out the features after many of them had given the children race car rides around the track during intermission.  After the green flag dropped several cars trying to get out front on lap number one resulted in a three wide situation that, as you would expect, did not end well.  The #8 of Dave Heimes, last week’s feature winner would end up with some damage after he and the #2 of Justin Sass and the #37NY of Josh Schosek would end up wrecked together in turn 4.

Heimes and Sass were able to continue but Schosek would be forced to retire for the evening.  After this incident even though Heimes was able to return to the track his car had been heavily damaged causing it to be run the remainder of the race under speed.  This would cause him to lose several laps on the track which would make this an unfortunate follow up to last weeks win. 

Greg Moldt in his #51 would be charging for the front from his 11th place starting position.  Taking over the lead on lap seven he would remain there for the duration of the race.  He would start encountering lapped traffic on lap 9 but thankfully they would not cause any problems for the field. 

The #3 of Jason Anasiewicz and the #5 of Nick Robinson would come home in the 2nd and 3rd positions respectfully. Jonathan Klamut and his #7 would capture his second Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Stock division victory as well.

Greg Moldt in his #51 takes home his 3rd win of the season in the Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Pro Division (Photo Credit: Mike Piccirilli).

The Super Stocks would put on the show of the night starting out on lap 2 with cars dancing around in turn two drawing the first caution of the race.  The second caution would come before another lap was scored after the #12 of Chase Williams would go for a wild ride in the air off the left side of the #33 of Frank Kline on the back stretch also involving #02 of Justin Myers. 

The #11K of Dave Krawczyk would take over the lead after this incident with the #47 of Eric Hastreiter and the #94 of Paul Flye trying to give him a challenge. The restart would see the #12 of Chase Williams and the #02 of Justin Myers fighting for position in the rear of the field making contact with the #02 going for a spin on the back stretch.  The fight would continue with the #12 finally over taking the #02 who would dirt track through turns 3 & 4 trying to make every effort to hold Williams off. 

On lap 14 the #33 would slow drawing the caution.  The #11K would run away on the restart and the #12 would be climbing toward the front.  A caution on lap 19 would give Williams the opportunity to break into the top 3 but the top 5 cars would be running tight with everyone looking for a good finish on double points night.  The top five would settle out to be Krawczyk, Williams, Flye, Hastreiter and Myers.

Dave Krawczyk takes home his 4th victory on the season in his sharp looking #11K Super Stock (Photo Credit: Mike Piccirilli).

The 6 Cylinders would have some great racing early on with the top 3 cars trading positions back and forth.  The #36 of Brian Hallett would settle into the lead on lap 9 but would have to race the #14 of Frank Parsons to stay ahead.  On the final lap the leaders would get together and the #14 would back out settling for a second place finish, with the #14D of Chris Deyoe, Jr. rounding out the top 3.

Brian Hallett brings home the 6 Cylinder victory in his #36 ride (Photo Credit: Mike Piccirilli).

The SST Modifieds would round out the night with a 30 lap caution-free run that would see only 2 lead changes before lap 7 when the #14 of Dan Majchrzak would pass the #42 of Ryan Nugent for the top position that he would defend through to the checkered. 

Lap traffic would not cause any issues for Majchrzak.  Meanwhile Cam Barber in the number 10 ride would be climbing from his tenth place starting position through front runners and lapped cars looking to pull out a win over Majchrzak on this mid-season championship night that would be awarding double points.  He would make it to second place, but not have enough to catch Majchrzak before the checkered would fly.  Third place would be taken by #40 of Alan Bookmiller with #01 of John Barber and the #00 of Bro Bradshaw rounding out the top five. 

Daniel Majchrzak takes home a crucial midseason championship victory of the season in his #14 SST Modified, his 2nd win of the season (Photo Credit: Mike Piccirilli).

We are off on July 6th for the holiday weekend, and will resume racing action with Pirate Night at the Races on July 13th, which will feature the infamous Pirate Trailer Race, arguably our most anticipated leg in the Smash-n-Crash series.

Official Results:

SST Modifieds (18 cars, 30 laps): Daniel Majchrzak #14, Cam Barber #10, Alan Bookmiller #40, John Barber #01, Bro Bradshaw #00, Kevin Timmerman #11T, Garry Coon #96, Timmy Lewis, Jr. #41, Tony Carbone #31, Jeff Pringle #96P, Ryan Nugent #42, Zach Kosachook #5, Nate Michielsen #68, Bill Kosachook, Sr. #9, Carrie Bolton #6J, Beth Dennie #25, Cody Jenkins #92, Kory Lanni #49

Heat Winners – Bookmiller, Lewis, Jr., J. Barber

Super Stocks (10 cars, 25 laps): Dave Krawczyk #11K, Chase Williams #12, Paul Flye #94, Eric Hastreiter #47, Justin Myers #02, Scott Gleed #03, Russ Bulger, Sr. #32, Barrett Schenk #51, Frank Kline #33, Tyler Day #1

Heat Winner – Krawczyk

6 Cylinders (9 cars, 20 laps): Brian Hallett #36, Frank Parsons, Jr. #14, Chris Deyoe, Jr. #14D, John Parthemer #95, Robert Cassidy #16, Phil Rodriguez #81, Dori Parsons #91, Angel Parthemer #77, Alison Knoepfler #35

Heat Winner – Cassidy

4 Cylinders (19 cars, 20 laps): Greg Moldt #51, Jason Anasiewicz #3, Nick Robinson #5, Brian Johnson #14M, Bob Palmer #32NY, Jonathan Klamut #7 (Stock Winner), Briar Dils #54, Kathie Ricketson #44, Joey Bevacqua #41, Jody Krieb #1, Andrea Bradshaw #05, Rob Laskowski #716, Jeff Landwehr #15, Evan Reardon #87, Kevin Kocher #31, Jay Withey, Jr. #32X, Justin Sass #2, Dave Heimes #8, Josh Schosek #37NY

Heat Winners – Heimes, Greg Moldt, Anasiewicz

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