Majchrzak, Krawczyk, Parsons, Jr., Moldt, and Robinson All Hit Their Goals on Soccer Night at Wyoming County Int’l Speedway

Majchrzak, Krawczyk, Parsons, Jr., Moldt, and Robinson All Hit Their Goals on Soccer Night at Wyoming County Int’l Speedway
By: Shylo Fuchs
Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos

Perry, NY (August 3rd, 2019);  An exciting evening of fun was on the schedule for the first Saturday night in August at ‘The Bullring’.  With the infield already being set for “Junkyard Soccer”, that would occur after the five classes of racing action, the fans were packed in for a night of excitement.

The 6 Cylinders would lead the night off with the #14D of Chris Deyoe, Jr. taking the early lead at the drop of the green flag.  The field would run single file in the same order for most of the race with the only position changes occurring in the last two positions throughout the feature.  Until the flagger would be displaying 2 to go and Frank Parsons, Jr. in the #14 would make the pass over Deyoe, Jr. on the inside right at the start finish line.  He would hold on through to the checkered and state that “it was a good race that was very clean.”  Deyoe, Jr. would come in second with the #16 of Robert Cassidy following behind in third.

Frank Parsons, Jr. gets his 1st win in the 2019 season in the 6 Cylinder division (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos).

Next up would be the Super Stocks with 12 cars ready to battle for the top spot.  Eric Hastreiter in the #47 would take the early lead from the pole and he would hold on till a lap 6 caution would fly for the #94X of Chris Handley who would spin in between turns one and two.  This would place the #11K of Dave Krawczyk, 5 time 2019 feature winner, on the outside pole for the restart.  Krawczyk would take advantage and the lead would be his but, the fast #12 car with Neal Dietz, Jr. as it’s substitute driver this week, would be charging hard for the front making contact with anyone who might get in his way.

The caution would fly on lap 10 after contact was made between Dietz, Jr. and the #32 of Russ Bulger, Sr.  Dietz would be sent to the tail of the field and we would go green once again.  Hastreiter would be running strong in second place with Paul Flye in the #94 rounding out the top 3. The #33 of Frank Kline and the #6 of Jim Loffredo would be giving their all trying to break into those top three spots.

On lap 16 the caution would fly again as the #33 would get tagged by the #12 who was running in the 6th position, This would cause the #12 to go airborne over the left front corner of the #33.  During this caution Hastreiter would pop the radiator hose and be forced to retire giving the second place position up to Paul Flye and the third place spot to Jim Loffredo.  They would run this way for the remaining laps without incident and the #4 of Joe Horvatits and the #32 of Russ Bulger, Sr. would finish out the top 5.

Dave Krawczyk and his #11K earns his 6th victory of the season (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos).

The Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinders would take to the track next and there would be no shortage of action from this class either.  Kathie Ricketson in the #44 would take the lead over the #32J of Russ Bulger, Jr. at the drop of the green.  Ricketson would lead 3 laps before Jason Anasiewicz in the #3 would overtake her and lead the next 6.  A lap 9 caution would open the door for Greg Moldt in the #51 to take the lead after climbing from his 10th place starting position. 

Lap 14 would see a caution fly for the #94 of Nick Galusha as he would hit the turn four wall and on the restart between turns one and two the #8V of Justin Vallone and the #32J would get together and draw a second caution.  The #88 of Mike Piccirilli would end up with the rear end of the #8V on his hood after the #8V ended up airborne.  Jason Anasiewicz would not be able to catch Moldt who would lead the remaining laps.  They would finish #51 Moldt, #3 Anasiewicz, #14M Matt Hurlburt, #8 Dave Heimes, and #9 Kenny Hejna.  The first Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Stock car to cross the line would be the #88 of Mike Piccirilli, earning his first win in just his second career start.

Greg Moldt was able to navigate his way to another feature win in the Granpda Dog 4 Cylinder Pro event (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos).

SST Modified action would be next to hit the track and the entertainment would continue.  The #14 of Daniel Majchrzak would jump out in front of the #68 of Nathan Michielsen immediately after the green was shown.  The #96P of Jeff Pringle and the #99 of Tony Hanbury would be climbing fast through the front of the field trying to lay challenge to Majchrzak.  Pringle would not be able to remain up front but Hanbury would spend the duration of the race trying to track Majchrzak down.  A lap 7 caution would put the #99 right behind Majchrzak and in perfect position to slip right passed Pringle on the low side.  As lap traffic approached, Majchrzak and Hanbury would make quick work of passing them smoothly and continuing to sail on.  Majchrzak would find himself with a considerable lead over Hanbury and John Barber in the #01 would make his way up through the field to the third place position followed by the #11T of Kevin Timmerman and the #40 of Alan Bookmiller.  This is how they would finish the race.

Daniel Majchrzak captured his 3rd win of the 2019 season (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos).

Guests of the evening were the New York Super Stocks tour visiting for the first of two shows at WCIS this season.  They would start with a field of 22 and be ready to put on a show for the fans here on Soccer Night.  Zach Willis in his #75 and the #5X of Brian DeMark would lead the field to the green.  Only three laps would be completed before the #25 of Joel Gleason would be running really slow along the bottom of the track and eventually end up stopped just short of the pit exit on the backstretch.  On the restart current points leader and 2018 series champion Nick Robinson in the #15 would quickly move from fourth to third and eventually be sitting in the second place position.  The #5X of DeMark who was running in the third place position behind Robinson would spin all by himself and draw a second caution.

Robinson would overtake Willis on the restart and set sail for victory from there.  Tony Hanbury who was piloting Bill Frisbee’s #29 would be quick to overtake Willis for the number two spot and would be hoping to catch Robinson and take the victory home himself.  Lap 12 would see a caution for a large pile up in between turns three and four.  Willis and the #44 of Jake Wylie would start the fiasco and would collect 6 or 7 other competitors with them.  After this incident would send Willis, Wylie, the #38 of Shaun Frarey, and the #90 of Nate Peckham tail due to their involvement it would move the #1 of Gary Noe into the number three spot behind Hanbury.

Lap 23 would see another caution for the #23 of Robert Fink who would hit the wall in turn 4.  This would put the #7 of Josh Hunter into the fifth position.  On lap 26, the caution would fly after contact was made between the #37 of Jason Dinzler and the #5 of Jacob Gustafson.  Debris would be on the track and need to be removed before we could finish this race.  In a surprising turn of events we would also see the second place running car of Tony Hanbury turn pit side with a right front tire going down during this caution.  He would get it changed and charge back to the racing surface to try to make his way back toward the front of the field.

Hanbury would start working his way passed cars one and two at a time.  Eventually he would find himself just outside the top five knocking on the door trying to get the #75 of Willis to let him pass, and pass he would.  He would also manage to pass the #7 of Josh Hunter on the final lap of the race.  The finish would be Robinson, Noe, Hanbury, Willis, and Hunter at the checkers. 

Nick Robinson continues his successful 2019 season campaign with a victory in the 40 lap NY Super Stock feature event (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos).

Thank you to all the fans, racers, and crew members that came out to enjoy Soccer Night at ‘The Bullring’.  We head into next week, August 10th, for Farm Days at the Races which will see a celebration of our local agricultural community, including hay rides for the kids, vintage tractors on display, and a great night of racing action. Pit gates swing open at 3:30 pm, general admission will begin at 4:00 pm, and racing action will begin at 6:00 pm.  For everything happening at ‘The Bulling’, check out our website at, and our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram social media outlets. 

Official Results

SST Modifieds (30 laps, 18 cars): 1. Daniel Majchrzak #14 (Started 3rd), 2. Tony Hanbury #99 (11th), 3. John Barber #01 (10th), 4. Kevin Timmerman #11T (8th), 5. Alan Bookmiller #40 (6th), 6. Bro Bradshaw #00 (7th), 7. Timmy Lewis, Jr. #41 (5th), 8. Neal Dietz, Jr. #84 (9th), 9. Jeff Pringle #96P (6th), 10. Nathan Michielsen #68 (1st), 11. Carrie Bolton #6J (15th), 12. Zach Kosachook #5 (16th), 13. Cody Jenkins #92 (2nd), 14. Kory Lanni #49 (13th), 15. Brian Rogers #8 (12th), 16. Tom Wiest #35 (17th), 17. Bill Kosachook, Sr. #9 (14th)
DNS- Cam Barber #10
Heat Winners- Timmerman, Lewis, Jr., J. Barber

Super Stocks (25 laps, 12 cars): 1. Dave Krawczyk #11K (Started 6th), 2. Paul Flye #94 (5th), 3. Jim Loffredo #6 (11th), 4. Joe Horvatits #4 (8th), 5. Russ Bulger, Sr. #32 (3rd), 6. Neal Dietz, Jr. #12 (12th), 7. Tyler Day #1 (9th), 8. Frank Kline #33 (2nd), 9. Chris Handley #94X (4th), 10. Eric Hastreiter #47 (1st), 11. Travis Delude #15 (10th), 12. Paul Faleski #X24 (7th)
Heat Winners- Bulger, Sr., Kline

6 Cylinders (20 laps, 6 cars): 1. Frank Parsons, Jr. #14 (Started 2nd), 2. Chris Deyoe, Jr. #14D (3rd), 3. Robert Cassidy #16 (4th), 4. Phil Rodriguez #81 (1st), 5. Angel Parthemer #77 (6th), 6. Ashley Parthemer #95 (5th)
Heat Winner- Deyoe, Jr.

Granpda Dog 4 Cylinders (20 laps, 22 cars): 1. Greg Moldt #51 (Started 10th), 2. Jason Anasiewicz #3 (4th), 3. Matthew Hurlburt #14M (5th), 4. David Heimes #8 (7th), 5. Kenny Hejna #9 (11th), 6. Bob Palmer #32NY (8th), 7. Kathie Ricketson #44 (2nd), 8. Mike Piccirilli #88 (14th – Stock Winner), 9. Jonathan Klamut #7 (3rd), 10. Justin Vallone #8V (9th), 11. Russ Bulger, Jr. #32J (1st), 12. Kevin Kocher #31 (16th), 13. Briar Dils #54 (6th), 14. Tom Hughes #24 (20th), 15. Jay Withey, Jr. #32X (17th), 16. Megan Schoelles #19 (21st), 17. Jenna Dietz #716 (18th), 18. Andrea Bradshaw #05 (22nd), 19. Joey Bevacqua #41 (12th), 20. Braedon Suffoletta #9 (19th), 21. Nick Galusha #94 (13th), 22. Evan Reardon #87 (15th)
Heat Winners- Dils, Anasiewicz, Moldt

NY Super Stocks (40 laps, 23 cars): 1. Nick Robinson #15 (Started 5th), 2. Gary Noe #1 (4th), 3. Tony Hanbury #29 (8th), 4. Zach Willis #75 (1st), 5. Josh Hunter #7 (10th), 6. Brian Hallett #36 (12th), 7. Cole Hicks #46 (21st), 8. Jason Dinzler #37 (18th), 9. Jacob Gustafson #5 (15th), 10. Amber Van Orden #54 (20th), 11. Jimmy Steffenhagen, Jr. #3 (14th), 12. Aaron Higgins #13 (22nd), 13. Brianna Dinzler #33 (19th), 14. Robert Pocobello #19 (17th), 15. Shaun Frarey #38 (11th), 16. Brian DeMark #5X (2nd), 17. Robert Fink #23 (3rd), 18. Paul Flye #94X (13th), 19. Jake Wylie #44 (7th), 20. Nate Peckham #90 (6th), 21. Eric Hastreiter #47 (16th), 22. Joel Gleason #25 (9th)
DNS- Eric Brown #48
Heat Winners- Hanbury, Gleason, Noe

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