Meet the Driver – Jon Klamut, #7 Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Pro

Perry, NY (April 28, 2021): Few stories illustrate the incredible spirit of good sportsmanship the way Jon Klamut tells them. His humble appreciation for his competitors at Wyoming County Speedway is clear as he describes his 2019 championship in the Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Stock division. He attributes much of his team’s success to the generous support and help of other teams that rub fenders with him on the racetrack each week; people like the Bradshaw Racing team.

Jon Klamut racing in action in his Granpda Dog 4 Cylinder Pro #7.

Jon tells us that the Bradshaw crew always parks beside Klamut Racing in the pits and looks to be sure Jon is prepared to compete. And fans like Jamie Pew, who watched from the grandstands as Jon’s chances at the championship seemed to blow up as his engine expired exiting turn 4 near the end of the season. Jamie ran to the pits and offered a fresh engine to Jon and his crew to help get him back into the line up the following week, a generous gesture that certainly sealed Jon’s destiny as the leader in his chase for “top points getter” in 2019.

It is obvious that what Jon tells us is true. His father David confirms that their success in racing is credited to the help and good will of friends, fans and foes alike. The team does not have a permanent garage to build their 2002 Saturn racecar, but finds shop and shelter from good friends in the Williamsville, Amherst, and Elma areas. They rely on the experience of Kevin Stevens and Tom Brinser, both former drivers from Albion, and CJ Palmer, who mans the helm as primary development engineer for the team.

Jon Klamut Racing is a family endeavor as driver Jon, his brother Tom, and father David work hard each week to remain competitive at Wyoming County Speedway. They are thankful for sponsors like Enginuity Automotive and Bruce Roll Graphics.

Jon has another story to tell about the 5 feature wins his team captured in 2019 that ultimately lead to their championship crown. He tells us that his most fond memory and reason for his success is attributed to Jim (WCS owner/promoter). “I am willing to bet, you will never find anywhere, in any sport, at any track, from New York to California, an owner or promoter who is willing to climb inside a race car, or set foot onto the field, to show you how to perfect your skill, how to steer, brake, where to look and what to look for… to spend an hour side-by-side providing instruction and clues on how to compete and how to improve as a sportsman and competitor. Who does that? Jim did that for me and I owe it to him, his staff and our fans to drive to the best of my ability every week and to share what I have learned from him with the people around me.”

Look for Jon Klamut’s Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Pro car at ‘The Bullring’ this year. Give him a thumbs up and a friendly wave as he sails in front of the grandstands in the white #7 Saturn.

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