Memorial Day Weekend | Opening night at the Bullring

Great weather and car counts, makes for great racing on Memorial Day Weekend, at the Bullring

Press release, Wyoming County Intl. Speedway Story and results for 05/26/2018 
By Dan Turner- Track announcer
.Memorial Day WeekendMother nature was nice to the fans and race teams at the Perry NY speedway. High temperatures and high car counts as we saw over 65 teams in the pit area. SST Modifieds topped the list with 24 cars looking to do battle on opening night. It was a stout field in all divisions with invaders making the long hauls from Pa. and all over New York state. 


The always fun and exciting 4 cylinders took to the blacktop. Jacob Gustafson and Dave Heims picked up heat wins and would show the heats were a preview of the feature as they finished 1-2 tonight. A few minor altercations brought out the yellow a few times to bunch up the tight field. Former regular Jimmy Pierce Jr was knocking the winter rust off as he rounded out the top 3 positions. (15) cars

Super Stocks were boasting some good numbers. 13 cars were on hand to claim their first victory of 2018. It would not take long for the former dirt runner Mark Loveland to move from his 3rd starting position to the lead. As the rest of the field jockeyed for position Loveland was starting to open a hefty advantage. And as all drivers tell you, your worst situation is a yellow flag, and that’s exactly what happened. On the restart it was the last season last winner, Zac Myers lined up on the outside door of Loveland’s 02 machine. Green flew and it was Myers finding the good traction and taking over the lead. Loveland’s 02 developed a huge push that he could not correct and had to finish 2nd on opening night. Joe Horvatits would cross the line third and he was followed by Wyoming County regulars Mike Chenaille and Eric Hastrieter. (13) cars

Super 6 class was next to shoot out and see who would be vicarious on the almost perfect night for racing. Brian Hallett has been the dominate car no matter where he takes the car off the trailer, Spencer or WCIS or other tracks. Tonight was no exception. Thou he did have a new competitor to battle and that would be former 4 cyl. regular Robert Cassidy. After a few years learning the track, Cassidy driving the only Chevrolet in the field led many laps and a slight mistake opened the door for Hallett. Hallett and Cassidy were followed by Faro, Parthemer and the Hallett team car of Allison Knoefpfler. (9) cars

The vintage cars were on hand to show off their beautiful racing machines. Joe Bockman was first across the line in his #15 modified coupe. It was not a run away win as he ran side by side with Marcia Sanford in her mint 1961 Ford late-model. (6) cars

SST modifieds, would be the exciting finale for this fantastic evening. 24 mods signed in and 23 took the green. A great mix of young rookies and cagey veterans where ready for 35 green flag laps. Rookie Steve Sherwood and young gun Timmy Lewis would bring the field to green. It was long for the veterans to find their way to the front. Names like Hanbury, Potrzebowski, Knapp, Bookmiller, Barber and Bradshaw, would rise above the rest and put of the show at the front of the field.

The cautions thru out the race was the setting of the chess game of restarts. Mostly the outside lane seemed best, but a few had the inside (the short way) around the speedway mastered. The front 6 or so would keep the fan intently watching to see who had the better car and where on the track they would make their move. Hanbury would find himself backwards off turn 4 after a bump, but still would come back to a great 4th place finish.

In the end it was steady and smooth TJ Potrzebowski out front holding on for the win over a WCIS regular, Rick Knapp. Followed tightly by Bookmiller, Hanbury and BarberTJ wins opening night at the BullRung

Extra extra: June 2nd First responders’ night. 
Free admission for first responders with ID.
Mods, Super Stock, 4 cyl, Vintage late models gate open @5pm Racing 7pm




1)J.Bockman, 2)M.Sanford, 3)D.Hamilton, 4)B.Bartly,5)T.Nowrocki

4 Cyl.
1) J.Gustafson, 2)D.Hiems,3)J.Pierce, 4)B.Johnson, 5)A.Bradshaw, 6)D.Brunka, 7)K.Ricketson, 8)M.Hurlburt, 9)D. Shaw, 10)M.Bradshaw, 11)C.Hanel, 12)J.Sass, 13)S.Sickles, 14)O.Bradshaw, 15)B.Bourdett 
Heats, Hiems, Gustafson

Super Stock
1) Z.Myers, 2)M.Loveland, 3)J.Horvatits, 4)M.Chenaille, 5)E.Hastreiter, 6)T.Williams, 7)S.Gleed, 8)C.Lanni, 9)C.Hicks, 10)R.Richter, 11)D.Majchrzak, 12)K.Skoney, 13)P.Flye 
Heats, Myers, Loveland

Super 6 Cyl.
1)B.Hallett, 2)R.Cassidy, 3)T.Faro, 4)J.Parthemer,5) A.Knoepfler, 6)F.Parsons, 7)K.Chenaille, 8)A.Cosilova, 9)T.Bennett
Heat, Cassidy

SST Modifieds
1) T.Potrzebowski, R.Knapp, A.Bookmiller, T.Hanbury, J.Barber, T.Bradshaw, T.Lewis, S.Fuchs, C.Logsdon, J.Dennie, S.Sherwood, G.Noe, Z.Kosachook, N.Michielsen, B.Bradshaw, G.Sharkey, B.Kosachook, T.Alloco, D.Kluth, T.Weist, J.Landcastle, D.Majchrzak, B.Kosachook. C.Bolton (DNS)
Heats, Potrzebowski, Bookmiller, Lewis

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