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Press release: Wyoming County Intl. Speedway: Military Appreciation Night  5/27/2017 By Dan Turner  WCIS Announcer


Flye, Hallett, Krawczyk and Totten all find Victory lane at The BullRing

     It was a beautiful night at the Wyoming County Intl. Speedway on Memorial Day weekend and Military Appreciation Night.  “ I just wanted to show our gratitude for the many men and woman that have served or are currently serving now to keep our country safe” Said Jim Majchrzak.  


      The full fendered SST Super Stocks to the racing surface to start the evening, * cars would vie for the win on this special night.  The normal cast of competitors plus invader Justin Meyers. The super stocks never disappoint when it comes to excitement during their 25 lap event.  Mike Chenaille would take the point in the early go. The super competitive field would all want a shot at the win.

Dave Krawczyk would have to come from deep in the field to work his way to the front. Multiple caution would see Horvatits, Majchrzak, Landcastle and yes the #20 of Mike “Scrappy” Chenaille.  “I really hated to see the cautions, cause that brought the wolves up on my rear bumper and this guys are all very hungry to win” Said Krawczyk.  After 25 paint swapping laps, Krawczyk would cross the line first with Recent new coming Jason Lancastle and Chenaille in tow.


     The 4 bangers would light up the track with 18 cars taking the green for their feature event.   Last week’s winner Paul Flye would have his work cut out for him as he would start about mid-pack.  Leading to class to the green was Jason Pierce. The same Pierce that had a very hard crash into the turn four wall just a week ago.

Thou listed as an economy class, this group is not short on excitement.   This class has at least 6 to 8 cars that can win on a given night.  The first half of the race show most of the field side by side battling. It wasn’t till the half way mark that saw Flye put his #94 out front with Maddy Virts in tow.  Virts, the 2016 4 cylinder division track champion, chased the 94 hoping for a mistake and or looking for an opportunity to take the #1 spot. Just like the week before, Flye would be spot on and pick up his second feature with Virts second and Jennifer Dennie coming home third.


     The super six class has grown by a few cars this week as a few of the Spencer Speedway regulars made their way to WCIS.  Former Super Six champion Brian Hallett would show how and why he is a champion. Hallett would start mid pack and race his way past the regulars and collect the win. “ This new car, really likes to get around here, seems it runs better here than Spencer, So I’m sure we will be back “ said Hallett after his win.


     SST Modifieds.  Hot and heavy action, would not come close to the racing tonight.   Here on Military Appreciation night the Mods would run 50 laps to see who would take home the bragging right to Memorial day weekend. Invaders from numerous tracks came to WCIS to see if they had what it took to claim the covenant Trophy.  Hot shoes like Totten , Nye, Majchrzak Bookmiller and the Traveling Rocket man, Andy Jankowiak.  

The invaders soon showed why they are just that, invaders as they invaded and occupied the first handful of spots.  Each and every one had a plan.  Some say ride for the first 25 to 30 laps then go for it, and some, get to the front now while tires are best and make the rest pass you if they can.

Dan Majchrzak would lead the early part of the race with Totten, Nye and Jankowiak in his shadow.   A few restarts would make things interesting and shuffle up the front 6 or 8.  By half way Totten was ready to lead. With a awesome power move on a restart, Totten would get around Majchrzak and take Jankowiak with him. This would put Majchrzak third and the 51 of Nye 4th. Twice in the second half of the race, Majchrzak would spin with a little help from Nye. Both would go pit side adjust their cars and return and work their ways back thru the field and they would finish a respectable 3 third and forth. It was all Totten once he was out front. Jankowiak in the Kluth Motor sport #41 was good for a strong second place finish.



      4 Cylinder        #

1     Paul Flye   94

2     Madalyn Virts     27

3     Jennifer Dennie   22

4     Jody London 89

5     Travis Montgomery 04

6     David Brunka      28

7     Robert Palmer     36

8     David Heimes      8

9     Austin Montgomery 40

10    Brian Johnson     85

11    Dalton Alexander  37

12    Jason Pierce      5

13    Lee Krieb   77

14    John Parthemer    95

15    Kyle Landcastle   33

16    Matt Hurlburt     88

17    Robert Cassidy    16

18    Kathie Ricketson  44


      6 Cylinder        #

1     Ryan Hallett      36

2     Frank Klien 33

3     Frank Parsons     14

4     John Parthemer    95

5     Alison Knoepfler  35

6     Tammie Bennett    78

7     Andy Rocilova     93



      Super Stock #

1     Dave Krawczyk     11

2     Jason Landcastle  9

3     Mike Chenaille    20

4     Daniel Majchrzak  14

5     Justin Meyers     02

6     Joe Horvatits     4

7     Eric Hastreiter   47

8     Kevin Bastedo     23



      SST   #

1     Kirk Totten 11

2     Andy Jankowiak    41

3     Daniel Majchrzak  14

4     Shawn Nye   51

5     Dick Kluth  27

6     Tom Weist   35

7     Steve Fuchs 4

8     Dale Wolfer 76

9     Zach Kosachook    5

10    Allen Bookmiller  40

11    Ryan Nugent 42

12    Cassie Logsdon    09

13    Nathan Michielsen 68



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