Motor Sport shows begin soon

Motor Sport shows begin soon 

Jim Majchrzak
Owner / Promoter

Perry NY:  This mid-February warm up has certainly got the race fuel running back through my veins in preparation for the 2017 season. As always… it comes fast when you have to rebuild your race car for the spring…. and there is never enough time. Motor Sport shows begin soon!

But for those who started early, building new…or reconditioning your machine, … its time to show it off. The upcoming Motor Sport Expo and Mall Shows are a great way to get your sponsors well deserved exposure, talk to other teams and promote your sport.

Representatives of The BullRing, Wyoming County International Speedway, will be out and about from Syracuse to Olean again this year ‘shaking hands and kissing babies’. We get the opportunity to generate new fans and provide info on how you can get started in the SST Short Track race competition.

For those dreaming of getting involved, our new 6-Cylinder Stock division is for you. Great racing fun, with a small budget. The 4-Cylinder class also provides a means to go fast, without spending a fortune,  …with a bit more race competition… The next level up gets more serious…. The SST SuperStocks are a very competitive stock car division that reflects the days of Winston Cup. Full bodied, V-8, rear wheel drive and lots of side by side competition! But don’t pass over the Vintage Latemodel Class. A true flashback to days gone by, no real rules, but a desire to maintain the look of stock cars from 1930’s through the early 70’s

Next up, we have our weekly Flagship division of SST Modifieds. This division has been one of the biggest and best groups on the asphalt circuit… and always awesome from green to checkered. Full of competitive teams that try to tame the BullRing at speeds of 100 MPH ! Open Wheels… 500 hp and thunderous competition…

A preview of some of these teams will be available at the Motorsport shows. March 11-12 Syracuse NYS Fairgrounds. March 18-19 at the Olean City Mall and April 15 at BW’s in Pavilion NY, noon to 5pm.

For more info, Friend us on Fb or and we will help you get geared up for SST Racing 2017!


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