No Tires Left Behind

No Tires Left Behind

Emerling and  Ziner

Perry NY; Over the past 19 seasons as owner / promoter at the BullRing, Wyo. Co. Int. Speedway, our goal has always been to help maintain the cost of Short Track racing. We already know going into any sport, or hobby….it’s not going to be cheep. But, we as race promoters have a certain responsible when it comes to cost effective rules. As well as, an adequate payout that helps to support the race teams efforts for good continuous competition.


Recently, after our 2-day LaborDay Weekend special, the most amazing observation was realized. This was the seasons first qualifying asphalt modified event for the big American 100 coming up here in October at the ShootOut.  The American 100, is a $10,000 to win asphalt modified show welcoming modifieds from across the spectrum of open wheel machines. SST, SK, ROC, VLMR, NASCAR Modifieds and everything in between. But the observation came when this awesome preliminary race was all over and teams were paid out and heading home. I stood on pit road gazing out across the pit area and to my surprise…there wasn’t a used tire left behind.


What does this mean? Well in the past, after a big show, the modified teams dump there junk tires out of the trailer for the track to dispose of…we ask them not to, but a bunch of them still do… I guess this is just part of the overhead.


But in this case, the modified teams ran there heats and a 75 lap feature event and realized the tire held up so well that they could use them for practice and set up when preparing for the $10,000 to win 100 lap ShootOut!… and they took every one of them home!… every one…


The American Race Tire is changing the way tire companies do business. They have developed a series of short track tires that compliment our vision of cost effective rules. We were one of the first in the northeast to test and make the transition to a weekly asphalt AR division tire, and first to put the new AR Modified tire into competition for our special big events. They repeat… they hold up to the abuse of an old rough surface at the BullRing… and this is what makes them cost effective for our race teams.


American Racer got behind our American 100 events and together we are slowly showing the industry we can promote quality asphalt events for $10,000 to win and $800 to take the green! Teams and fans are invited to visit Wyo. Co. Int. Speedway Oct 8-9, 2016 1pm, for this great year-end event. We need all of your support to make the shoot out weekend a success. This will help ensure the continuation and future developmental support within the Super Short Track racing Industry. Quality teams using a quality tire…. Check it out!


For more info friend us on fb or You can call me direct on my cell as well.  585.245.2123 Owner / Promoter Jim Majchrzak



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