Repeat 60th Anniversary

March 3, 2021 (Perry, NY):  Gearing up for the spring opener has many people excited about racing again. All divisions look great as teams continue to call for more information. This release will be based on a lot of the common questions, but by all means, continue to call if you need clarifications.

The schedule will be out soon, with accommodations for some of the big regional shows in mind. We can’t take off for all of them, but we will do our best to get everyone back in the swing of motorsport competition and allow others time to enjoy the family during the summer months.

The 60 year celebration for the speedway in Perry, NY got left behind without much attention. In fact, it was “ARCA Andy” Jankowiak that reminded me back in 2019, then COVID-19 hit, and now, a little late, but I’m always up for a good celebration (speaking of celebration, congrats to Andy and his Daytona debut)! So with the calendar a bit messed up, let’s celebrate 60 years of great racing and great history in 2021. Many of our heroes have passed since we last raced, so this is a great way to remember the legacy of whom and what they accomplished for our sport. Namely, my Uncle Don Packman who could be considered the true reason why I am personally involved in the sport today. He passed back around the holidays to a better place and we will all celebrate his contributions to regional racing at the Racer Reunion the third week of July. All racers of the past are welcome as my personal guest that day, so make plans and bring out your memorabilia and display it to all of us.

Rules will remain as printed. Check the website for Division specific rules and the General Rules which cover additional track protocols. Each team member is responsible for knowing all the General Rules. Tires for SST Modified, SST Super Stocks, and the G-Dog Pro-4 will be available at or before the first scheduled practices. Practices will begin around the last weekend in April – beginning of May.

Those who registered for the 2020 season will receive credit for 2021. New paperwork will still need to be filled out, and signed, but that is to be expected. New registration events are still TBD. If we can’t gather right away, we will open practice early to welcome everybody back and register at “The Bullring” registration building (more to come on that).

We will be looking to add to our track officials, safety crew, and marketing/promotions, so contact Dakota or myself if you’re interested in participating. Those interested in advertising with the track can contact Tommy Smith or myself for Marketing Packages.

The facility is in pretty good condition for sitting relatively dormant last year, but we still continue to move forward with improvements. Lighting is the big one, so as soon as the weather and ground allows, we will get back at it. New sport lights are set to brighten our event as the summer sun goes down. We are also moving forward with the front gate improvements and the camping area expansion.

CDC requirements will be ever changing as we move forward to spring. The WCIS management will stay on top of regulations to try and keep everyone safe. Thank you for your interest, and ‘Lets Go Racing!’        
Jim Majchrzak WCIS Owner / Promoter 585.245.2123

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