Rhyme For No Reason, We Are Now Past Midseason

Rhyme For No Reason, We Are Now Past Midseason

By: Tommy Smith, Contributing Editor

Mother Nature subsided after all the rains she dealt,
With a handful of asphalt races now underneath our belt…

We reached Mid July and we’re halfway through the season,
The points this week are doubled giving drivers every reason…

To relax during Heat Races and save the fight for Features,
Where a battle will ensue, for the fans up in the bleachers.

The 4 Cylinder Pro Stocks, saw the number 55,
And Russ Bulger, Jr., take the trophy in good stride.

Robert Cassidy saw checkers, as he also grabbed first place,
With his car number 16 in the 6 Cylinder race.

Car 02 Junior with Bryson Smith strapped within,
Took the 4 Cylinder Stock race, the trophy and win.

The Super Stock race cars waged a battle trying to steal,
Every Midseason point they could, with every turn of the wheel…

Number 1 and 11, were both on attack,
Swapping the lead, as they circled round the track…

The white flag appeared, with only more lap to run,
When smoke and steam rose high in turn one…

The car 33 was spinning and dropped out of 5th place,
Blew a hose and all his belts and the finish of his race…

But the leaders were still mashing their foot down on the floor,
Sent them flying down the backstretch, in turn 3 and then to 4…

The checkered and yellow waved mighty and wide,
As they raced right past the grandstands, 50 feet would decide…

As they slipped by the finish line, both let off the gas,
To avoid 33, who was half down in the grass…

In the end Rob Miszcak in the white number 1,
Drove across the line first, and got the job done…

The car number 11 with Dan Majchrzak inside,
A second-place finish, and spectacular ride.

The SST Modified drivers filled the “Bullring” air with thrills,
As the last race of the evening roared like thunder on the hills…

The winning modified driver started somewhere near the back,
But found his way around the field where he could lead the pack…

When at last the race was over and the checkered flag was flown,
Alan Bookmiller in number 40 took the trophy as his own…

We honored our NewYork farmers with hayrides for the crowd,
Kids got toys, icecream and candy, more than might have been allowed…

Be here Saturday, July 17th and you will get to see,
PIRATE TRAILER RACES, dress in costume, get in free!

Official Results 7/10/21:

SST Modifieds (35 laps) –
1. Alan Bookmiller #40 (Started 6th), 2. Daniel Majchrzak #14 (5th), 3. Neal Dietz, Jr. #84 (3rd), 4. Ryan Nugent #42 (8th), 5. Bill Mislin #99 (2nd), 6. Cam Barber #10 (7th), 7. Zack Kosachook #5 (9th), 8. John Bookmiller #40x (10th), 9. Toad Bradshaw #00 (4th), 10. Jeff Pringle #96p (1st)

Did Not Start – Bill Kosachook #9, Nathan Michielsen #68
Heat Race Winners – Bill Mislin, Alan Bookmiller

Hard Charger Award – Alan Bookmiller #40 ($50 Bonus +5 positions courtesy of the Packman Family)
Hard Luck Award – Jeff Pringle #96p ($50 Bonus -9 positions courtesy of the Packman Family)

Super Stocks (30 laps) –
1. Rob Misczak #1 (Started 5th), 2. Daniel Majchrzak #11 (8th), 3. Jim Loffredo #6 (7th), 4. Joe Horvatits #4 (12th), 5. Russ Bulger, Jr. #32jr (4th), 6. Dave Wilson #02 (13th), 7. Chris Handley #94x (11th), 8. Chris Jurek #7 (9th), 9. Travis Delude #15 (2nd), 10. Russ Bulger, Sr. #32 (3rd), 11. Bob Palmer #88 (10th), 12. Frank Kline #33 (6th), 13. Clayton Evans #34 (1st), 14. Ron Richter #31x (14th)
Heat Race Winners – Russ Bulger, Sr., Jim Loffredo

Granpda Dog 4 Cylinder Pro (25 laps) –
1. Russ Bulger, Jr. #55 (Started 2nd), 2. Nick Galusha #20 (6th), 3. David Heimes #8 (1st), 4. Jody Krieb #1 (4th), 5. Tommy Hughes #24 (12th), 6. Kathie Ricketson #44 (8th), 7. Russ Bulger, Sr. #00 (7th), 8. Evan Reardon #87 (9th), 9. Kevin Kocher #3k (10th), 10. Matthew Hurlburt #14m (3rd), 11. Bob Palmer #99 (13th), 12. Jonathan Klamut #7 (14th), 13. Mike Bradshaw #02 (11th), 14. Nathan Bryant #49 (5th)
Heat Race Winners – David Heimes, Nick Galusha

6 Cylinders (20 laps) –
1. Robert Cassidy #16 (Started 4th), 2. Frank Parsons, Jr. #14jr (1st), 3. John Parthemer #95 (2nd), 4. Eddie Parsons #3 (6th), 5. Dana Fogle #21 (3rd), 6. Thomas Torpey #95x (5th), 7. Matt Moreau #38 (7th)
Did Not Start – Phil Rodriguez #81
Heat Race Winner – John Parthemer

Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Stock/Junior (20 laps) –
1. Bryson Smith #02jr (Started 5th – Junior Feature Winner), 2. Megan Schoelles #19 (2nd – Stock Feature Winner), 3. Colton Ingerick #2jr (6th), 4. Andrew Cook #52jr (3rd), 5. John Byrd #11ny (7th), 6. Eric Black #76 (1st), 7. Jeana Dietz #84jr (4th), 8. Otis Bradshaw #32j (8th)
Heat Race Winners – Eric Black

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