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Rules – 4 Cylinders

Welcome to Wyoming County International Speedway’s entry level / fun division. Designed with the intent of allowing rookie drivers the opportunity to enjoy the SST racing action, and veterans to have fun on the 1/3rd mile asphalt oval.


Completely stock vehicles, prepared with safety guide lines, to help teach driver control. Over competitive drivers and vehicles will be subject to rule amendments to help equalize the competition. This will be a fun class with the thrill of competition.


Body & Chassis

  1. A Maximum wheel base of 103 “ excluding midsize vehicles such as camaros, firebirds, thunderbirds, van, SUV, or trucks, etc…
  2. 2. Unaltered stock body and frame dimensions must remain.
  3. Body, paint and number. Pre-register a number 0-999 and body paint in contrasting color on both doors and roof at least 3”thick and 18” tall. Additional #’s should be painted on right front and rear of the vehicle for easy recognition by officials. Body and paint must be kept in presentable condition.
  4. Remove all glass (except windshield, if desired may be replaced with polycarbonate (lexan). No plexi-glass. No rear windows.
  5. Remove all burnable and sharp objects within interior.
  6. Do not remove any webbing or support steel from chassis or body components unless for roll cage clearance.
  7. Dash and steering column must remain in stock location for make and model being used. Factory ignition switch lock pin is highly recommended to be removed from column.
  8. Factory OEM brake pedal and components only in factory location.
  9. All doors must be welded or chained shut.
  10. Stock OEM springs only. No racing springs
  11. No coil over adjusters, no weight jacking devices. Spring spacers may be used, but must be safety wired in place.



  1. Single roll bar behind driver and as close to roof as possible required. Full roll cage strongly recommended.
  2. Each roll bar must have two braces running rearward from top of roll cage at approx. 45 degree angle welded to frame or foot plate
  1. All cars without full roll cage, must have steel plate min. 5/16” thickness by 12” wide starting 12” before and continuing 18” behind driver’s door and firmly secured to body.
  2. Adequate brace must run from door jam to door jam at approximately 15 inches from ground. Tight to the body, Inside or outside of the door skin
  3. All roll bars must be min. 1 ¾ O.D. ERW or DOM, .090 min. wall thickness. All roll bars must be welded to the frame unless unibody construction. If unibody, must have 6” sq. foot plate welded and/or bolted to the floor.
  4. *Roll Cage Suggestion* – Stitch weld heavy wall tubing along the top of the rocker panel extending from the foot box back behind the drivers seat. This will provide a strong brace for roll cage support bars.
  5. All weld joints must have gusset min. 1/8” thick steel. Drivers side door plates are highly recommended.
  6. Aluminum high back racing seats recommended and shall be mounted to support bars extending from the full roll cage
  7. Adequate padding in the driver’s compartment required.
  8. Equivalent or greater bracing may be used subject to the approval of Wyoming County International Speedway.


Engine and Transmission

  1. STOCK, STOCK , STOCK – NO performance or race accessories.
    If a component of the engine fails it should be replaced by other “used” (junkyard) components. Reconditioning of any core engine components…heads, block, internals, etc…is highly discouraged
  2. Bolt on accessories such as water pumps, alternators, and power steering pumps, etc…, may be OEM replacement parts.
  3. Factory OEM carburetor/fuel injection system, unaltered for make and model being used.
  4. No performance enhancing or after market computer chips allowed.
  5. OEM factory ignition and 13.5 volt battery only located under the hood.
  6. Factory OEM exhaust manifold and intake manifold unaltered.
  7. Converter and mufflers may be removed and replaced with straight pipe (max. 2”) extended out past the drivers compartment
  8. Stock unaltered transmission/transaxle. Stock clutch assembly only.



  1. A minimum weight (after race with driver and no added fluids) will be in relationship to cubic displacement, # of cams, and # of valves. 
    1. *100 lbs per cubic inch displacement
    2. *add    100lbs for valves in excess of 2 per cylinder
    3. *add    100lbs for (DOHC) dual overhead cam 
  2. Maximum 50 lbs between left and right side weight.
  3. After two wins, 50 lbs will be added to the vehicle. Each win after that requires additional 25 lbs. At the beginning of the following season, all but 50 lbs may be removed from existing or new vehicle


Tires & Wheels

  1. No offset wheels side to side, no staggered tire size side to side.
  2. No widening factory wheels. Maximum 5” measured inside bead.
  3. DOT radial tires only – No performance or recap tires (tech inspection discretion)
  4. Minimum tire hardness of 300 is required (see tire sidewall)


Fuel Tank

  1.  Factory fuel tanks secured in front of the rear axel may remain stock location or be replaced with small fuel cell.
  2. Factory fuel tanks located behind rear axel must be replaced with approved fuel cell and safety secured within the trunk area. Trunk floor may be removed for clearance


Driver & Safety

  1. Approved helmet, firesuit, gloves, safety harness and window net required.


Seats and Shoulder Harnesses

  1. All seats must have head rests & high back support. Seat must be securely attached to the floor and/or roll cage and frame. Back of seat must be mounted to the roll cage.
  2. You must use a minimum three inch, quick release 5 point restraint system. A min. two inch wide crotch strap is mandatory. All safety belts must be in good condition and subject to safety inspection
  3. Shoulder harness must be connected to the roll cage. All lap belts must be mounted behind the seat and attached to the roll cage according to manufacturer specifications.


General Rules (See additional ‘General Rules Section’)

  1. Radiator must have an overflow can, one (1) gallon minimum. no anti-freeze permitted.  (Violators will be subject to a $50 fine)
  2. No oil / water coolers are allowed in driver’s compartment.
  3. Driver side window net with a quick release mechanism is mandatory. Quick release with plastic parts not permitted.
  4. Rear wheel drive cars. Drive shafts and universals must be similar to standard production type. Steel 360 degree retainer loops ¼ inch thick by 2 inches wide minimum, must be positioned at the front and rear of shaft, within 12 inches of each U joint.
  5.  Overall car minimum weigh must be maintained at all times( see engine / weight for specifications). The car will be weighed with driver located in seat. No allowance for gas/water after race. Reduction of left side weight and/or overall weight disadvantages may be instituted individually to better equalize the competition. SST/ WCIS Official decisions & Scales are final
  6. Hoods must be flush to windshield, no openings.
  7. Boldly labeled fuel and electrical safety shut off switches are to be in reach of driver and safety crew.
  8. Mirrors allowed. 28 sq inches max. and will be removed on an individual basis by track officials if used for the wrong reason.
  9. Throttle: Two return springs mandatory.
  10. Small fire extinguisher must be securely mounted within reach of the driver and safety crew
  11. All team members must read and sign release forms prior to entering WCIS for practice or competition

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