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Rules (II. Point System/Handicap System Rules)

II. Point System/Handicap System Rules

Revised – January 1, 2019

A. Points

1.) The feature events award 60 points for 1st place, and double points for indicated Championship races will apply. In all cases of season ending ties, ties will be broken by using the greatest number of 1st place finishes counting toward that position, and if a tie still exists, 2nd place finishes, then 3rd place finishes. During the season, ties will be broken by preference to driver who first held the position. The points breakdown are as follows:

  Standard Points Double Points
Place Feature Heats Feature Heats
1st 60 5 120 10
2nd 56 4 112 8
3rd 52 3 104 6
4th 50 2 100 4
5th 48 1 96 2
6th 46   92  
7th 44   88  
8th 42   84  
9th 40   80  
10th 38   76  
11th 37   74  
12th 36   72  
13th 35   70  
14th 34   68  
15th 33   66  
16th 32   64  
17th 31   62  
18th 30   60  
19th 29   58  
20th 28   56  
21st 27   54  
22nd 26   52  
23rd 25   50  
24th 24   48  
25th 23   46  
26th 22   44  
27th 21   42  
28th 20   40  
29th 19   38  
30th 18   36  
DNS Cars: 1 0 1 0

2.) Point Allocation – Points will be allocated to the registered car number. If the owner is different than the driver, then the owner is responsible for registering with WCIS. Registration information must include owner’s name, address, social security number, car number, as well as the same information for the primary and secondary drivers. Without this information prior to racing, the registered driver will assume the responsibility as owner and be names on the Miscellaneous Income 1099 tax form.

3.) Driver Substitution –

a.) In order to be eligible for the WCIS year-end point fund and awards, a single primary driver must compete in more than 50% of the completed scheduled points events for that season. Any WCIS licensed driver may fill the remaining events, in no significant order. When a secondary driver is substituted, or an absent primary driver returns, the car must start scratch in their qualifying heat. If the driver gets a qualifying position, he/she will file in at the tail of the qualifying spots but ahead of the non-qualifiers.

b.) If an owner’s registered car is able to start their scheduled heat race, but is unable to compete in the feature event due to a wreck or mechanical problem, the registered number may be transferred to another vehicle upon the WCIS Race Director’s approval, and start scratch in the feature event only with the primary driver participating in the event (to be eligible for points in that event).

c.) If a qualified driver is unable to compete in the feature event due to personal injury prior to the feature line up going out on the track, the WCIS Race Director will make a decision on the eligibility of that vehicle to be piloted by a different driver for the remainder of that event. If the vehicle, driver, or team is fully disqualified prior to the feature event, a substitute will not be accepted during the remainder of the event.

d.) Substitute drivers must register with the race director. Substitute drivers start at the tail of their heat. If he/she qualifies, the driver will start at the tail of the qualified cars. If he/she doesn’t qualify in heats, the driver will start at the tail of the feature if he/she qualifies in the consolation race (as applicable).

4.) Handicap – All WCIS weekly division races line up with the highest point (3 week average) allocations starting in the rear of their respective heat and feature races. New driver or substitute driver will start scratch in the first complete program in which the driver participates. Disqualified drivers in prior weeks will not receive points for the event in which the infraction occurred, but will be penalized in the following weeks with handicap points.

5.) Starting Position – Handicap of driver is the highest cumulative finish in the last three (3) weeks of heat and feature competition. Driver may compete in only one (1) heat race. Registered number must be used. Division of heats will be determined at the discretion of management.

6.) Three (3) Week Average Rule – All cars qualified will be lined up for the heat and feature events according to the three (3) week point average. Drivers who have missed weeks in the three weeks used to calculated the handicap for that week will be given max handicap points for the weeks missed (example: driver X attended weeks 1 and 2, but missed week 3; entering week 4, the points actually obtained in weeks 1 and 2 would be combined with the maximum handicap points (66) to determine the three (3) week average; this scenario would also apply in the event driver X was disqualified week 3).

7.)  Feature Qualification – A predetermined number of cars qualify though heat for the feature (this will be announced at the drivers meeting prior to the heat races. Drivers not qualified will start scratch or qualify through consolation races/B-Mains (as needed). The number of cars qualifying will be determined by the size of the field and number of heat races. The balance of the field will be lined up according to the handicap system with non-qualifiers starting in the rear of the line up.

8.) Point Fund – Drivers must compete in at least 50% of the scheduled and completed events to be eligible for the point fund and awards at the end of the season. All point money is payable to the driver, unless written assignment to owner is established. You must be present at the banquet to receive your awards unless arrangements are made in advance. The top ten (10) in points entering the championship event, and end of year specials, will be eligible for two (2) point provisional starting spots.

9.) Mid-Season and Season Championships –  Races are double points, distributed as described above. New drivers and teams are eligible to compete in all championship races if there is less than 24 point racing teams qualified and if the technical official finds them to be within the WCIS rule parameters.


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