SST Motorsport Participants Eagerly Await Opening

SST Motorsport Participants Eagerly Await Opening

By: Jim Majchrzak
Owner / Promoter WCIS

Perry, NY (April 24, 2020) – Prior to COVID-19, opening day, practice, and preparations would have been in full swing at many short track racing facilities across the nation. But, like many small businesses, most are at a standstill. Questions being posed to our facility, have no solid answers, and frankly, we can’t make an educated decision without knowing what decisions our political leaders will have for us tomorrow.

At Wyoming County International Speedway, we patiently await the green flag to get our season going. We believe that we will be allowed to have a “gathering of fans” during the ‘phase 3’ portion of the governor’s plan, possibly with restrictions and/or new regulations.

One of the hurdles we will be facing is the WCIS concession stand and what regulations will be set forth regarding standing in line for some of the best summertime foods available. The new “normal” of being spaced out for social distancing with faces covered, which may be somewhat inconvenient, but practical given the circumstances may be a possibility. It is imperative that the concession sales are up and running during events at The BullRing to help offset the weekly purse… “Maybe we could set up a drive thru for salt potatoes.”

Practice information will be coming out soon. We are looking into how we can maintain regulations, yet allow teams to begin to shake the bugs out and get their machines dialed in to what was looking to be another stellar season of competition and growth. The 10” American Racer EC-31 tires are available for purchase by appointment, but the new Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Pro American Racer tires are not available yet, but we will keep you informed as more info becomes available to us.

To our advertising partners and team sponsors, we realize for some, extra advertising money may not be part of a “post-COVID-19 budget.” Respectfully, we understand, so to do what we can to get our economy moving again, we are interested in working with anyone who wants to make their small business viable again, with or without money. Let’s all work together. WCIS race fans have always supported the community, and this won’t be anything different. So when this season begins to rev up, let’s all focus on those local sponsors that have a logo on a race car, or on billboard in the midway at the track, and let’s show them how much we have appreciated the support over the past years. Contact me directly (585) 245-2123 to get a budget friendly marketing package in place. Let’s rebuild our community of racers, fans, and sponsors to make it better than yesterday’s “NORMAL”.

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