The GRANDPA DOG 4 Cylinders Join The Bullring for 2019

Perry, NY (March 5, 2019); The GRANDPA DOG 4 Cylinder Divisions are Proud to Move to the Wyoming County Int’l Speedway Located in Perry, NY for the 2019 Race Season. Grandpa Dog division and the Grandpa Dog Dash 4 Cash race started at Spencer Speedway in 2017 to honor a long time racer, track worker, and fan of both asphalt and dirt racing. Michael Heimes AKA “Grandpa” to most racers passed away after a long battle with cancer and other health problems. He was a major part of a team drove at first by his Grandson Jacob “JDOG” in Microds and Karts moving to 4 cylinders and soon to follow his son David piloting Karts and also 4 Cylinders. In May of 2017 Grandpa Dog was told he would need daily blood transfusions to lengthen his stay here so he sat for 8 to 10 hours a day so he could have 1 more race season.


GRANDPA DOG 4 Cylinder Division

Grandpa Dog touched the hearts of many from young to old and when he passed we kept a piece of him in spirit in dozens of cars. In racing we say going lights out when going to the green flag so close to 30 cars that race all divisions up and down the east coast have a small flashlight with the batteries removed and some of his ashes were put in. Hence the phrase “Lights Out” He has raced at and won more races in passing then when on earth. Cool stuff.

Michael Heimes "Grandpa Dog"Grandpa Dog Dash 4 Cash was a support race at the Dave London Memorial for the past 2 years thanks to Jody London and I am proud to say it will be a standalone race on Labor Day Weekend at the Wyoming County Speedway with over 30 cars from surrounding tracks racing not only for the large payouts but to claim the title of the WINNER of the 3rd annual GDM race, which will run 28 laps in his memory.

The Grandpa Dog division will host 2 classes within themselves with a stock class (beginners) and a Pro Stock class with more experienced drivers and some modifications to the cars on a weekly basis.

Please stop by the Wyoming County International Speedway Booth at the Syracuse Motorsports Expo to see the cars on display and meet the track owners, drivers and talk about how to enter the series and the GDM race.

Saturday, March 9th – 10am to 8pm.

Sunday, March 10th – 11am to 4pm.

‘The Bullring’ Wyoming County International Speedway is a motorsport facility located in Perry, NY featuring a 1/3rd mile asphalt oval which hosts four weekly stock car racing divisions on Saturday evenings in the months of May through October. Check out our website at and our social media accounts for the latest and greatest happening at WCIS.

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