Timmerman Works the Field Over on Farm Days at the Bullring

Timmerman Works the Field Over on Farm Days at the Bullring
By: Shylo Fuchs
Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos

Perry, NY (August 10, 2019); Saturday night in Wyoming County was spent saluting agriculture in many different ways.  Families were able to take a hayride through the pit area and around the outside of turns one and two of the Bullring.  The Wyoming County Dairy Princess was in attendance and even shared a special treat of ice cream with the crowd.

The mighty SST Modifieds would not disappoint when it came to giving the fans a show.  The #51 of Bobby Lippa, Jr. and the #6J of Carrie Bolton would take the green on the front row.  Lippa, Jr. would jump out front for the lead with the #41 of Timmy Lewis, Jr. following him through under Bolton.  Lewis, Jr. would quickly find his way around Lippa, Jr. and attempt to run away.  A lap 7 caution would prevent him from being successful and would find the #14 of Daniel Majchrzak spun around in turn two.  On the restart Lewis, Jr. would choose the outside hoping to jump back into the lead over the #40 of Alan Bookmiller but, somehow Lewis, Jr. would end up facing the wrong direction on the front stretch coming out of four, miraculously not sustaining any damage to his machine.  The rest of the outside row however could not expect to survive such an occurrence unscathed and Majchrzak who would restart tail after his spin would sustain the most damage as he ended his night in the outside wall of turn four collecting with the #00 of Bro Bradshaw and the #9 of Bill Kosachook, Sr. 

Kevin Timmerman in his black and red #11teen would start the race in the 8th position and take advantage and make quick work of the field ahead.  He would restart in the number two spot and quickly jump out in front.  Bookmiller would race his heart out trying to retake the lead from Timmerman to no avail.  John Barber in the #01 would make his way to the third place position on lap ten and not be able to get around Bookmiller until very late, taking over the second place position.  These three would ride the rest of the race in this order under green flag conditions.  Timmerman would harvest the win over Barber when the checkered dropped.  Alan Bookmiller would follow in third with Timmy Lewis, Jr. and Bro Bradshaw rounding out the top 5.

Kevin Timmerman captures his 2nd victory of the season in the Knapp Motorsports #11teen in what was a crucial win heading into championship night on August 24th (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos).

The Super Stocks would have the #94X of Chris Handley and the #33 of Frank Kline lead them to the green for 25 laps.  Handley would take the early lead but Kline would overtake him on lap 5 to lead for two laps until the caution flag would fly.  Handley would go for a ride going into turn 2 and end up stopped in the grass.  This would put the #94 of Paul Flye on the front row for the restart and he would easily take the lead over Kline but it would be short lived as the #12 of Troy Williams would be making his way to the front and would drive right around Flye just before a caution would fly for the #32 of Russ Bulger, Sr. who spun in between turns 1 and 2. 

On the restart Williams would take the lead and Justin Myers in his #02 would follow him through under the #94.  Of course Dave Krawczyk in his #11K would be working his way passed the field and would fall into the third place position for a bit until lap 20 where he would be able to overtake Myers and settle into the second place position.  He would not have what it would take to catch Williams however as Williams had a half a track lead and there were 2 lapped cars in between the first and second place cars.  At the checkers Williams would take first followed by Krawczyk, Myers, Flye and the #18 of Max Northern.  Williams would say “I don’t know who set this car up but it’s amazing” and “this is my first win ever here at WCIS”.

Troy Williams #12 was victorious filling in for his son Chase in the Super Stock division this Saturday evening for Farm Days at the Races (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos).

The Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinders would start the evening with 21 cars taking the green led by #88 of Mike Piccirilli and the #87 of Evan Reardon.  Nick Robinson in the #5 would skillfully drive his way to the lead from the sixth place starting position before the completion of lap one.  Greg Moldt in he #51 would find his way to the second position from his 12th place starting position before the completion of lap two.  There were several fast cars in the field this evening including the identical P-1 of Jacob Gustafson and the A-1 of Corey Copeland who would both spend the majority of the race inside the top five.  Caution would fly on lap 16 for the #41 of Joey Bevacqua, Jr. who was running in fourth and would spin in turn 2.  This would make way for the #3 of Kenny Hejna to break into the top five.  At the finish, Robinson would take the checkers followed by Moldt, Gustafson, Hejna, and Copeland.  Jay Withey, Jr. would be take the Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Stock victory.

Nick Robinson bounces back to victory after mechanical woes in his first visit to ‘The Bullring’ with the Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder division (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos).

The 6 Cylinders would see the #14 of Frank Parsons, Jr. lead from green to checkers with only one hiccup occurring on lap 8 when the second place running car of Chris Deyoe, Jr. in the #14D would experience an issue and end up in the wall coming out of turn 2.  The field would remain the same for the majority of the race and the finish would be #14 Frank Parsons, Jr., #16 of Robert Cassidy, #21 of Dana Fogle, #77 of Angel Parthemer, and #14D of Chris Deyoe Jr.

Frank Parsons, Jr. takes his second victory on the season as the points battle between him and Cassidy heat up heading into championship night (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos).

Thank you to all the fans who came out to celebrate agriculture with us on Farm Days at WCIS.  Also thanks to the Wyoming County Dairy Princess Ashley Covert, Dairy Princess Alternate Emily McCormick, and Dairy Ambassador Claire Zehler for making an appearance and serving up some signature treats to the fans and crew at ‘The Bullring’.

We will take Saturday August 17th off to give fans a chance to attend their local county fairs, and will see everyone back on the August 24th for Championship Night presented by Creative Food Ingredients at Wyoming County International Speedway, as double points will be on the line for our action-packed weekly racing divisions.

Official Results
SST Modifieds (30 laps, 17 cars): 1. Kevin Timmerman #11T, 2. John Barber #01, 3. Alan Bookmiller #40, 4. Timmy Lewis, Jr. #41, 5. Bro Bradshaw #00, 6. Bobby Lippa, Jr. #51, 7. Carrie Bolton #6J, 8. Tim Garlock #88, 9. Zach Kosachook #5, 10. Cody Jenkins #92, 11. Nate Michielsen #68, 12. Mike Rogers #8, 13. Jeff Pringle #96P, 14. Bill Chandler, Jr. #17C, 15. Bill Kosachook, Sr. #9, 16. Daniel Majchrzak #14, 17. Kory Lanni #49
Heat Winners- Majchrzak, Timmerman

Super Stocks (25 laps, 15 cars): 1. Troy Williams #12, 2. Dave Krawczyk #11K, 3. Justin Myers #02, 4. Paul Flye #94, 5. Max Northem #18, 6. Jim Loffredo #6, 7. Joe Horvatits #4, 8. John Carlson #X24, 9. Chris Handley #94X, 10. Russ Bulger, Sr. #32, 11. Ron Richter #31X, 12. Jacob McKeown #01, 13. Travis Delude #15, 14. Frank Kline #33, 15. Eric Hastreiter #47
Heat Winners- Williams, Flye

6 Cylinders (20 laps, 6 cars): 1. Frank Parsons, Jr. #14, 2. Robert Cassidy #16, 3. Dana Fogle #21, 4. Angel Parthemer #77, 5. Chris Deyoe, Jr. #14
DNS- John Parthemer #95
Heat Winner- Deyoe, Jr.

Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinders (20 laps, 24 cars): 1. Nick Robinson #5, 2. Greg Moldt #51, 3. Jacob Gustafson #P-1, 4. Kenny Hejna #3, 5. Corey Copeland #A-1, 6. Matthew Hurlburt #14M, 7. Dave Heimes #8, 8. Joey Bevacqua, Jr. #41, 9. Rob Laskowski #716, 10. Mike Piccirilli #88, 11. Russ Bulger, Jr. #32J, 12. DJ Shaw #0, 13. Jay Withey, Jr. #32X (Stock Winner), 14. Justin Vallone #8V, 15. Evan Reardon #87, 16. Kevin Kocher #31, 17. Megan Schoelles #19, 18. Nick Galusha #94, 19. Jonathan Klamut #7, 20. Briar Dils #54, 21. Kathie Ricketson #44
DNS- Andrea Bradshaw #05, Tommy Hughes #24, Jody Krieb #1
Heat Winners- Robinson, Moldt, Dils

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