Race Teams Stand for the National Anthem

September 5, 2016

Race Teams Stand for the National Anthem

Race Teams Stand

Competitors and Crew Stand in Tribute to the American National Anthem


PERRY, NY– Preparation for the big Labor Day Weekend event at the BullRing takes a whole group of great officials, safety crew, maintenance, marketing and promotion, concessions crew, etc., to make the event a success. Part of the routine is a series of meetings to organize and discuss what’s to be expected of all involved. Prior to one of the most important meetings of the race weekend, the Drivers Meeting, a suggestion was made that really resonated with our group of competitors; “Let’s all gather track-side to show no matter whom or what you believe in, let’s respectfully stand for those who made this country free!”

The two day American Modified qualifying event was awesome as expected by all. Good action, some controversy, and a celebrated top group of great race teams. But in the end, on the front straight away, after the cheering settled, the winner shook my hand and said, “The best part of the event was asking us to participate in the National Anthem, thank you.”

This is what Short Track racing is, and we should all be proud to be a part of it.

– Jim Machrzak, Owner/Promoter Wyoming County International Speedway

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