Wyoming County Intl Speedway kicks off their season

Wyoming County Intl. Speedway kicks off their season ….

By Dan Turner Speedway announcer


     Wyoming County Intl Speedway, opened up their 2018 season with their annual banquet and awards night at the beautiful Club on Silver Lake.    Many of the drivers and crews were on hand to collect their awards, point money and see what is in store for the 2018 season.    I had the pleasure of talking with many drivers, crew members and the track owners and staff and got their plans for the upcoming season. So I’ll break it down class by class.

     Paul Flye in his 4 cyl  Honda took home the top honors and collected the big check and trophy. Paul will be doing some Super Stock racing this year in the Dakota Packman owned #2.

   Jennifer Dennie was second in points and will also be moving up in divisions and speed as Jen will be piloting the Former Beth Dennie #25, repainted and numbered the familiar #22.  Hot Pink and Black, the car looks great. Beth Dennie will be also back in a new SST modified doing battle with the boys. Watch out fellas these ladies can wheel a car.

   Dave Hiemes brought his beautifully prepared #8 machine home in the third points position.  Not bad for hustling that car at two different speedways.

   Kathie Ricketson, running the Only Dodge product in the field of mostly imports, manages 4th in points for the 2017 season.   Looking forward to see how she does with a full season under her belt at the Blacktop Bullring.

    Otis Bradshaw rounded out the top 5 in points.  Otis also driving a car that was not the norm.   The Bradshaw team came across a Toyota MR2.  This lite weight car with a small engine displacement was a challenge all season but The O show did a great job with it. Otis taking the Hard Charger Award

    Other notables in the 4cyl class.   Kory Lanni 6th in points and Rookie of the Year award and moving up to a Super Stock.   7th in points is Carrie Bolton, she will be stepping up to the SST Modified ranks in ’18.   Madalyn Virts 8th in points and getting the Tommy Wiest #35 SST mod for 2018.   9th in points is the one and only Jody London, Hope we see more of Jody in 2018.   10 th in points and the Most Improved Driver Award, was Matt Hurlburt. Matt will be stepping out of one of the last rear wheel drive cars and step into a Chevy Cavalier for 2018.   Ricketson, Dennie and Virts all received The Ladies of Racing Award as they were the first time in tracks 50+ years finished 1, 2 and 3, on July 15th.

     John Parthemer was the big winner in this introductory, Super 6 class at WCIS.   John not only won the point championship, but was also crowned Rookie of the Year.  Great season we will see if you can repeat in 2018.

   Frank “The Cook” Kline used his free time from the concession stand to wheel his #33 to a second in points.   Frank also receiving The Most Improved Driver Award for this class.

   Tammi Bennett used the 2017 season to get some time behind the wheel of her #78 machine and get some valuable seat time.  Tammi collected enough points to put her third in the Super 6 class.

   Brian Hallett was 4th in points and took the Hard Charger Award.   Alison Knoepfler was 5th in points in her #35.   Frank Parsons rounded out the Super 6 class for 2017 in 6th place in points.

     SST Super Stocks again found Dave Krawczyk and his always immaculate 11k leading in points as 2017 closed.  Dave is always the car to beat come race night.  “ Winning races with this field of young hungry drivers is getting tougher, not only by the season but by the night by night. Said Krwaczyk.

   Second in points in 2017 was Mike “Scrappy” Chenaille.   Mike had a darb good year and also picked up the Hard Charger Award for the Super Stocks in 17.

   3rd in points was a gentleman that committed himself to this class in 2017.  This commitment really started to pay off as he was getting quicker week by week. Eric Hastreiter made the jump from the 4 bangers to the SST Super Stocks and end the 2017 season 3rd.

   Daniel Majchrzak did double duty most nights jumping from his #14 SST Modified to the SST Super Stock.   So he had plenty of seat time.   Its this seat time that landed Daniel in the #4 position in points.

   Kyle Skoney finish 2017, 5th in points and after a pretty good season, also collected the Most Improved Driver Award.

    Others in the point chase where, Zach Myers, coming in 6th in points. 7th was Eric Stone in the #09 and he walked away with Rookie of the Year.  After a horrible year due to health issues, Joe Horvatits wound up 8th in points.

     SST Modifieds were our last class to receive awards.  Daniel Majchrzak took home to big check and trophy for 2017. As we said earlier, there is no substation for seat and track time.  Dan got plenty as he won his first Modified championship.

   Steve Fuchs had a banner year with his Wing for Cystic fibrosis #4 machine. Many top 5 finishes to finish 2nd in points.

   O no 00 Toad Bradshaw had a pretty good season finishing in 3rd place in points.  Toad and the Bradshaw crew always hard at work on their machines and the first pit crew to jump in and assist any team, no matter what class to get the car back on the track.

    The Legend, Tommy Wiest finished his racing career off in fine fashion. Tommy took 4th in the end of the year points.  2018 will see Tommy peel off the drivers suit and put on 2 hats.  First the car owners hat as Madalyn Virts will be taking the wheel of the famed #35. Second, Tommy will have his note book of tricks and teachings to teach the young Maddy how to be a successful modified chauffeur.

   5th in points and Rookie of the Year is none other than Cassie Logsdon.   Cassie going full time in the mod in ’17 will set her up for some more exciting and better finished in 2018.

Ryan Nugent was 6th in points.   Nathan Michielson in his #68 took 7th in points and the Most Improved Driver award.   Hard Charger Award and 8th in points went to Alan Bookmiller.   Timmy Lewis finished off the season strong enough to get 9th place points. Timmy broke his leg on a dirt bike before the season started. Missing half the season.   Bro Bradshaw finished up the season chasing broke parts that would not stay broke. For that Bro received 10th place season long points and the Hard Luck Award.  

     2018 season is starting early as a few cars of the WCIS took to Syracuse to the Gater Racing Motor Sports Expo.   Jim Majchrzak and many other track officals were on hand answering question and talking to potential drivers, crews and fans.  Many looking for info on the tracks scheduling rules. All can be found at www@thebullringwcis.com 


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