“You Can’t Get There from Here”

By: Tommy Smith, Contributing Editor

Perry, NY (June 12, 2021): When you bend and twist the frame of your Super Stock race car and destroy the components holding the rear axle in place you know it’s going to be a bad week. When you look at the bent steel you had to cut off and see your engine, transmission, and everything that attaches your front and rear tires completely removed, you can bet your going to be busy for a while.

With only two days left until the next race most drivers might wonder “how am I going to get this put back together before Saturday? And how will I be sure it will hold up in a race long enough to compete, let alone the idea of winning?”

Logical reasoning would suggest “you can’t get there from here.” However, not everyone is Clayton Evans, the driver of Super Stock #34. The dialogue from Clayton’s decisive and determined demons must have dictated a much different theory.

After the hard crash at the June 5th season opener, Clayton returned to ‘The Bullring’ on June 12th. He was back, the car rebuilt, and Clayton was ready for his race toward redemption. There is more to his story, but before the #34 could make its second appearance among its peers, there were other racers, crews and cars in line to show their colors.

Heat races for the Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Stock/Junior division showed strong promise for car #2jr Colton Ingerick as he came across as the heat race winner early in the evening. However, it was John Byrd in #11ny who grabbed the win in the feature after a battle with Justin Vallone in car #8v. Bryson Smith would round out the top three in #02jr while being awarded with the Junior win.

Matt Moreau in car #38 won his heat race in the 6 Cylinder field, but Robert Cassidy in the #16 captured the trophy during the feature with John Parthemer right behind him in car #95.

The SST Modified drivers put on a great show for race fans as well. Dan Majchrzak in #14 won during heat races, but it was Alan Bookmiller in his familiar orange #40 who crossed the finish line for the feature win payout. Bro Bradshaw, filling in for Toad Bradshaw in the #00, held strong with a second place finish. Majchrzak, who won the feature last week, took third place, allowing him to hold his position as current points leader for this season.

It’s not every night fans get to see a flag-to-flag, non-stop race, but the crowd was treated to such an event during the Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Pro race on Saturday. The man who led all 20 laps from green to checkers was Russ Bulger, Jr. driving car #55. Strong and dominant, ‘Russ Jr.’ also won his heat race. This could prove to be a great season for the #55 crew as Russ’ victory this week elevated him seven spots and into the top five in points now.

When the Super Stock cars finally made their journey from the pits and onto the apron of the Speedway, fans cheered to see Clayton Evans steering the black and red #34 once again. Clayton was ready to claim his redemption.

As the field of drivers stared through their windshields through turn four, the setting sun made it difficult to see Official Starter Doug Packman pointing the rolled green flag deep into the corner. But courage and intuition provided the keen sense the instant the flag was displayed; the command that sent six anxious pilots roaring into the front stretch in full view of their captive audience. 400 horses exploded as the green banner beckoned Clayton to launch the 34.

It took less than a single lap for Clayton to find his place up front and that’s exactly where he stayed. When the checkered flag appeared, Clayton Evans pounded the steering wheel with excitement and raised a fist in a triumphant display of victory. Redemption was his. It can be done when you are the team #34 Super Stock.

Come feature time, a dozen cars shared ‘The Bullring’ asphalt during the Super Stock feature race. At the end it was Justin Myers in car #02 who came through as the winner. Joe Horvatits who won last week with car #4 managed to finish 2nd, and Rob Misczak coming home 3rd. Frank Kline in #33 drove around the #11 car of Hunter DeGroff where they finished 4th and 5th, respectively.

The fun at WCIS never ends. We look forward to seeing everyone back here next Saturday, June 19. We will be recognizing and honoring our friends and heroes from local fire departments, the first responders and EMTs who work diligently to keep us safe. Gates open at 3:30pm for drivers and crews, and 4:30pm for spectators. The hot dogs will be on the grill so come early and come hungry. See you here!

Official Results 6/12/21:

SST Modifieds (30 laps) –

1. Alan Bookmiller #40 (Started 2nd), 2. Bro Bradshaw #00 (1st), 3. Daniel Majchrzak #14 (3rd), 4. Nathan Michielsen #68 (4th), 5. Sean Keyes #33 (5th)
Did Not Start – Jeff Pringle #96p
Heat Race Winner – Daniel Majchrzak

Hard Charger Award – Alan Bookmiller #40 ($50 Bonus courtesy of the Packman Family)
Hard Luck Award – Bro Bradshaw #00 ($50 Bonus courtesy of the Packman Family)

Super Stocks (25 laps) –
1. Justin Myers #02 (Started 5th), 2. Joe Horvatits #4 (6th), 3. Rib Misczak #1 (11th), 4. Frank Kline #33 (4th), 5. Hunter DeGroff #11 (9th), 6. Mike Piccirrilli #88 (10th), 7. Russ Bulger, Sr. #32 (2nd), 8. Russ Bulger, Jr. #32jr (3rd), 9. Chris Jurek #7 (7th), 10. Travis Delude #15 (8th), 11. Clayton Evans #34 (1st), 12. Paul Flye #94 (12th)
Heat Race Winners – Clayton Evans, Joe Horvatits

Granpda Dog 4 Cylinder Pro (20 laps) –
1. Russ Bulger, Jr. #55 (Started 1st), 2. Tommy Hughes #24 (3rd), 3. Nick Galusha #20 (7th), 4. Russ Bulger, Sr. #00 (10th), 5. Jody Krieb #1 (6th), 6. Mike Bradshaw #02 (5th), 7. Kathie Ricketson #44 (4th), 8. Nathan Bryant #49 (8th), 9. Matthew Hurlburt #14m (9th), 10. Kevin Kocher #3k (2nd)
Did Not Start – David Heimes #8, Evan Reardon #87
Heat Race Winners – Russ Bulger, Jr., Tommy Hughes

6 Cylinders (15 laps) –
1. Robert Cassidy #16 (Started 3rd), 2. John Parthemer #95 (5th), 3. Dana Fogle #21 (4th), 4. Phil Rodriguez #81 (1st), 5. Frank Parsons, Jr. #14jr (8th), 6. Matt Moreau #38 (2nd), 7. Eddie Parsons #3 (7th), 8. Thomas Torpey #95x (6th)
Heat Race Winner – Matt Moreau

Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Stock/Junior (15 laps) –
1. John Byrd #11ny (Started 3rd), 2. Justin Vallone #8v (4th), 3. Bryson Smith #02jr (2nd – Junior Feature Winner), 4. Colton Ingerick #2jr (1st), 5. Megan Schoelles #19 (6th), 6. Andrew Cook #52jr (7th), 7. Eric Black #76 (5th)
Did Not Start – Rich Fraser #32j
Heat Race Winner – Colton Ingerick

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