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Posted on 12 July, 2016

A big boost for local modified teams


Perry NY: the preparation for the upcoming AMERICAN Modified events at the BullRing are exciting for a wide range of teams. As noted by many, this very fast 1/3 Rd mile asphalt arena provides for some awesome competition from start to finish.


But the new Labor Day platform has many SST teams jumping to battle with the big boys. The home track advantage for these underdogs may prove to be the edge needed to break into the top ten. Over the past several seasons, the quality of localized SST teams has continued to grow. Past champions and top runners have dabbled in the modified realm at tracks around the region, bringing it home to the BullRing is an opportunity that has both crew and fans excited.


The 2 day holiday race weekend allows a team to set up for the big money race by competing in the SST 100 on Saturday… Bolting on a big carburetor and 15″ AR rubber Sunday morning for qualifying later that day. The quality of the newly designed American Racer tire is that one set will get you through heats… And the 75 lap feature event…


American Racer has developed a product that is team friendly and cost-effective. If by chance those teams fail to qualify, concessions can be made with WCIS to impound the tires and hold them for their use at the Shootout, $10,000 to win show October 8-9th


Fans may camp at WCIS for the duration of the party weekend for a donation of $25. Tailgating and visiting with teams helps to add to the thrill of the short track motor sport weekend experience.


Additional divisions include superstocks, 4 cylinders (dirt and asphalt) Vintage Latemodels and the newly acclaimed CAMS modified group. Discounts for 2-day admission are available for both front and back gates. Racing both days begins at 3pm. Additional info can be found on facebook or


Wyoming County Intl Speedway
35 Adrian Road    PO Box 203
Perry, NY  14530
585) 237-2580 Office  (585) 237-2510 Track



The American 100 Shoot out at the BullRing In Perry NY is only a few short weeks away. it is a two-day race event on October 8th and 9th 2016,

Sept 4th at 3pm Sunday is the 75 lap Qualifier for the American 100 2016. Bring your family, bring your friends you will not want to miss our Biggest event of the season!!

Oct 8th& 9th 1pm race time The Shoot Out at the Bullring American 100

American 100 Brochure

American 100 Brochure 2016




Patients, is the key for winning at WCIS for Dietz

8/6/2016 Race re-cap for Wyoming County Intl. Speedway, by track announcer Dan Turner

SST Modified

     From the sounds of things, Neal Dietz was on a mental and financial roller coaster Saturday night.   Earlier in the day, Neal went to Lancaster Motorsports Park for an afternoon show and left there with a racecar with a blown engine.   With a few phone calls, friend and sponsor on the Dietz #44, Paul Graff from Graff Truck brought Neal the Hot Pink Billy Burd car to the Blacktop bullring.   Four new American racer tires and a quick gear change.  Dietz was ready to do battle with the Wyoming County regulars of Barber, Majchrzak, Lorenzo and Ayers.


     Dietz started the evening pick up an impressive heat win along with wins going to Patti Pruitt and getting her first heat win this season, Beth Dennie.   Dietz showed the SST modified field of 19 and the grandstand, just what a Short track Ace he has become.   Starting deep in the field of 19 cars, Dietz would slice and dice his way to the front.  


By lap eight of thirty, Dietz found himself in second ready for a restart outside the young and hungry Dan Majchrzak.   Majchrzak may be fairly young, but far from naive as he let Dietz jump the restart and had to do it again.  This time Majchrzak was ready for what Dietz had.  Off turn two thou the young Majchrzak would get a little too hard on the gas pedal and would spin-off turn two.   Race officials would deem there was contact from Dietz causing the spin and Dietz would be sent to the tail and have to work his way back to the front.  


A handful of cautions and only four laps remaining Dietz was setting third with last week’s feature winner Timmy Lewis in second while former track champion Patti Pruitt was the leader.   Pruitt had spun out on lap six and worked her way back up front.   When you’re on, your ON, and Dietz was all of that.   No one had anything for the hot pink #44, as Neal Dietz drove around Lewis and shot by Pruitt for the lead and still had 2 laps remaining.   “With the piece Paul Graff brought us tonight , there was no doubt we were going to come back and be in the top three, thanks Paul”



     The four cylinders as always bring the thrills, excitement and drama, week in and week out.   Again this week was the clash of the Power Houses.   Madalyn Virts #27 and Jimmie Pierce Jr #26. Virts would strike first and pick up another heat win, along with Rookie this year, Jacob Gustafson.   Both Virts and Pierce carrying an extra 150 lbs on board.   Both would be starting in the third row for their main event, Pierce inside, Virts outside.   Drop the green for 20 laps of action and that’s just what the fans got.   Watching these two young drivers cut thru the field like lions that smell blood.   Neither of the two want second, as first is the only spot that matters. 


     John Parthemer took the early lead and was running well enough that Pierce broke pack first and was having issues getting around Parthemer’s Ka-chow #95 machine.   Moments after Virts broke pack and started her march to catch the front two the yellow would fall to virts’s happiness and Parthemer’s anguish.   JP now had the hottest two cars in his class perch out his passenger window and the other on his rear bumper.  The restart was Parthemer’s nightmare as Pierce used that outside lane to slingshot into the lead.   Virts would roll the low lane and slide under Parthemer in turns 3 and 4.   A few cautions later and the results would stay the same Pierce would out dual the Virts #27 for the win as Parthemer would slide back to finish 6th.  


SST Super Stock

     SST Super Stock at Wyoming County Intl. Speedway are a fan favorite as these full fendered cars trade paint in the heat of the battle.   Rookie and first time in a racecar was Kevin Bastedo and he was getting his first taste of racing as the normal crew of the SST Super Stocks would take to the track for bragging right for the next seven days.    Dave Krawczyk was to rise to the top once again.   Krawczyk starting seventh and was taking his time as he worked up in to the top three. 


Horvatits was leading with a car that was pushing like a truck and Dan Majchrzak on his heels.   Yellow fever was the color of the night in all classes and the Super Stocks were no exception.   Horvatits was ok in open track, but with others cars around, horvatits had to let Majchrzak take the lead or wreck both of them.   Again the 11k of Krawczyk was lurking in third till the time came when he could pass Horvatits cleanly.   I do believe that everyone at the track thought Krawczyk would not have enough laps to catch Majchrzak, except Krawczyk.  


Dave remembered that this was a 35lap race, not the normal 25 and cautions were heavy tonight.   With about 6 laps to go, the yellow would fly for the Kevin Bastedo #23 as it stopped on the back straight.   Krawczyk would now be perched beside the #14 of Majchrzak. That was all that was needed for Krawczyk to inch the 11k to the front.  “ its getting harder and harder to win in this class. A high 16 or low 17 second lap, last year you won the race. This year it’s a low or flat 16 second to run up front.”


Mark your calendars for the Labor day weekend Sept 3rd and 4th

Sept 3rd at 3pm Saturday Millworkers local1163 presents the SST 100 and the SST Super Stock, 4 cylinders and the Vintage cars


Sept 4th at 3pm Sunday Modified American 75, 50 laps for the SST Super Stocks and the (CAMS) Classic Asphalt Modifieds.  American 75 is a Qualifier for the American 100


Oct 8th& 9th, 1pm race time, The Shoot Out at the Bullring, The American 100


WCIS 08-06-2016 Finishes

WCIS 08-06-2016 Finishes



HUGE night for Logsdon and Lewis at WCIS The BullRing

Dan Turner WCIS Announcer 7/30/2016

SST SuperStocks

Many fans say it takes a few good cars that can race and battle for the win, to have a great and exciting show. This is the case for the SST Super Stocks at Wyoming County Intl. Speedway. Thou this class has a lite car count, does not mean its lite in excitement. This was the case last night as Cassie Logsdon recorded her first victory in the SST Super Stock in 2016. Logsdon used her outside front row starting position to her full advantage.


Logsdon and the #55 of Kyle Skoney would bring this field to green for 25 green flag laps. Logsdon used to outside line like an ol’ pro as the Sewer Specialties #09 sling shot her car off turn two for the lead. Dan Majchrzak would follow her thru and claim second. Majchrzak had nothing for the Logsdon machine.With Logsdon building a half straight away lead over Majchrzak, and Dave Krawczyk running third, the yellow would fly.


I am quite sure neither Majchrzak or Logsdon wanted to see that yellow with only 5 laps remaining. Now the battle was really shaping up. Logsdon out front. Majchrzak was hung to the outside of row one and multi time feature winner Dave Krawczyk recoiled for a restart in third. Krawczyuk used a few laps top clear Majchrzak and then it was on to catch Logsdon and try for the win with only 2 laps remain as Krawczyk closed in on Logsdon’s bumper. Logsdon was running the perfect line high entry and low exit off the next four corners.


Krawczyk just could not mount a clean charge without making contact. “ If you have to bang your way to the front, you make enemies and always have to look over your shoulder next week, Cassie had the dominant car tonight”. Logsdon wins, Krawczyk and Majchrzak come home 2nd and 3rd.


WCIS has a stout field of young and not so young racers in the 4 cylinder class. One unique rule of this class was meant for evening the playing field in this introductory level of racing. As we all know the differences between race teams budgets is from cubic dollars to rubbing two pennies together and hope to find a third one. That’s where this weight rule comes in. After your first two wins you MUST add 100 lbs. to your car. For every victory after its another 25 lbs.


Virts, started this year on fire with wins at every track she attended. Maddie was building a stout point lead over her competition and leaving the other teams in her dust. This meant Virts stacked up the point it was also stacking weight in her car. Soon Virts was battling for seconds and thirds with the extra weight on her car. This made Virts wait for the other drivers to win some races and get them top bolt on the extra weight. Now the playing field is level.


Virts main challenges were coming from Jimmie Pierce Jr and his black Saturn. Pierce won 3 features in a row and now he totes an extra 150 lbs. so with that said, the race was on. Pierce starting in position seven, Virts in six. Drop of the green saw Carrie Brown in her orange honda take the early lead and start stretching it out. The #66 of Jacob Gustafson seated neatly in the second position. About half way the Virts #27 was chasing down the leader, while Pierce was in forth struggling to move forward.


With 4 laps to go the yellow would fly for a metal object in turn one. Soon the green was back out and Virts with a terrible start fell to third and Brown was back out front and Gustafson back in second. Virts would need a lap to get back up to speed and over take the #66 and then run down and pass Brown if Virts had winning on her mind. To no ones surprise that is what happened. With a lap remaining, Virts pasted Brown and brought home the win again. “ I real am not good at shifting, and the re-starts really put us in the hole, but we had enough laps to get back out front, thank goodness”.


SST Modifieds

SST Modifieds closed out the night with excitement threw out the field. Travis Ayers and Nate Michielson brought the mighty modifieds to green. In only his 3rd or 4th night driving his son’s back up car, Ayers jumped out to an early lead and was very impressive on his style and smoothness.


A few laps in and the caution was out and this bunched up the field for a wild restart. Travis Ayers was still out front but the wolves were on his heels now. Bookmiller, Majchrzak, Lewis and Baker surrounding the older rookie driver. Green flew and Ayers like a seasoned veteran held his line and let the faster drivers pass while staying up to his previous speed.


Now it was Bookmiller out front Majchrzak second Lewis and Baker. The powers to be on this night decided to have a yellow fly as Travis Ayers would loose power on the track causing the yellow. Now we had a shoot-out at the WCIS Corral. Bookmiller on the pole, Timmy Lewis outside, Majchrzak and Baker in row two and Cam Barber lining up 5th .


Timmy Lewis had a great restart and off turn two put the #41 out front and Bookmiller fell to second. Baker shuffled his Bliss Garage #51 in third and that’s how they crossed the line. “ I knew we had a good car, but we just could not get up on Bookmiller. That restart was just what we needed to get the job done”.


WCIS 07-30-2016 Finishes

WCIS 07-30-2016 Finishes



BIG wins for Pierce Jr., Krawczyk and Baker at WCIS The BullRing.

Written by Dan Turner WCIS Announcer 7/23/2016

It was another great night of racing as we celebrated the 56 anniversary of the Perry NY speedway. Thou it has had a few different owners, the BullRing has stayed the test of time in this difficult economy. We were very happy to have former racers, owners and champions on hand to celebrated this event, such as Bill Tinque, Doug Pringle, Jim Love, Bob and Dave Johnson, Dan Hoag, Jerry Krieb and Scott Cobin just to name a few. These Legends were treated to some fantastic racing throughout the evening.


SuperStock Feature

As usual; the SST Super Stocks were first on the speedway. Dave Krawczyk started the evening off by grabbing the heat race win. Dave only lead the last maybe …. 10 ft as he nipped Joe Horvatits by six inches at the line. Krawczyk would see the feature was not going to be an easy win as he would start back in position five. Krawczyk would just ride the first 5 or 6 laps and let everyone start to get into a rhythm before making his charge for the front. Lap by lap Krawczyk was making his way toward the front.


At the half way point he was 3rd and still coming. At eighteen laps into this 25 lap main event he was pressuring the current leader Majchrzak in the TW Waters #14. Krawczyk slipped under the #14 for the lead. Thou Majchrzak tried he could not keep up with the 11k of Krawczyk. With only 3 laps remaining the 11k started to smoke off the corners. 2 laps to go the car was puffing blue smoke all the way around the track.


As the 11k came off turn 4 looking for the checkers the car was at half speed billowing smoke out the exhaust pipes. Dave being the veteran driver pulled his car to the grassy infield for his cool down lap. Krawczyk would need the help of the wrecker crew to get the 11k back to victory lane. “Tonight we had the perfect race car, she got me to the win then gave up the ghost” .


4 cylinder Feature

4 cylinders were next to flex their muscle on Legends night at the Blacktop Bullring. The Power Houses of this division would split the heats and Jimmie Pierce Jr. and Maddy Verts. This would lead to these young pilots to start Pierce 3rd and directly behind him was #27 of Verts starting 5th. Pierce would get an early jump and take the lead. He would stretch it out to a full straight away. Virts carrying an extra 125 lbs would find it hard to keep pace. Pierce’s Saturn was flying.


Even after a restart Virts could not run with the Pierce# #26 as he would take the checkers for the third week in a row. Pierce has already mounted 100 lbs in the car, now another 25. Let’s see if that slows him down any….


SST Modified Feature

SST Modifieds will be capping off the night with their 56 lap main event. The young guns would lead this hungry crew to green. Tim Lewis and Allen Bookmiller would take the green and start the chess game that would follow. Bookmiller would take the early lead and Dan Majchrzak would waste no time charging from his 7th starting position to the number two spot.


Then on lap 6 the yellow would fly as Patti Pruitt would turn the #8 Raytech security ride around in turn 4. Quick yellow and soon the green was out again. This time it would be the yellow flying for the two lead cars as Majchrzak would get into the left rear of Bookmiller. Bookmiller locked it up and Majchrzak would slide up into turn 4 with Bookmiller stuck on his front bumper. This would realign the field for a restart with Lewis on the pole and the quietly patient, Wayne Baker in the number two spot.


Green fly and these two put on a dog fight for the crowd. Lap after lap the 51 and 41 battled till Lewis got a little loose off corner number 3 and that was the opportunity Baker needed. Baker would stretch out about a 8 car length lead then put the car on cruise control and that’s how the race would finish with Baker winning Lewis second and a great ride for the Cam1 machine of Cam Ayers.


July 30th, Napa Night at the races, will feature Junk Yard War. This is an exciting game of Junkyard Soccer played with 3 on 3 cars/drivers a team using the cars to smash a 500 lbs steel soccer ball into the goal. Always fun and entertaining. So….. Be there for Junkyard Wars Sponsored by Napa In Perry NY.



This week at WCIS July 23rd, 2016 – Racer Reunion Night!

Racers Reunion Celebration at The BullRing.

Racers/Officials of the past are welcomed free as guests of Jim Majchrzak (call him at 585-245-2123 to RSVP), come party/talk/enjoy the night with racecar drivers and cars of days gone by. Guests are encouraged to bring a +1 who will also get in for free Saturday night at The Bullring. We have heard great things in terms of vintage memorabilia that some guests will be bringing, and we encourage you to bring whatever you’ve got as well!

Moonshiners 56 lap event for the SST Modifieds, plus the Super Stocks, 4 Cylinders, and the Vintage Cars

General Admission:
Adults $12
Kids 10-16 $5
Kids 9 and under FREE
Also FREE camping

Gates open at 5:00 pm
Racing starts at 7:00 pm



Reisdorf Brother’s Farmday at Wyoming County Intl. Speedway Produces BIG wins and big crashes 7/16/2016   

Written by Dan Turner, Speedway Announcer at The BullRing


     One could not ask for a better evening to go to the races in Wyoming County at the blacktop BullRing.   After a beautiful 70+ degree day the sun set, the temperature dropped down without humidity.   This was the recipe for lots of horse power and plenty of excitement.  Following the successful ways and means of the Wyoming County Intl. Speedway.  Promptly at 7 pm the large audience stood in respect as the Nation Anthem played.   Moments later the first of six heats would roll onto the BullRing racing surface.


SST SuperStock Feature

     SST Super Stocks would make their way onto the track for !0 laps of battle to qualify and get their position in the main event on Reisdorf Bros night.   As the green flew in would be Dan Majchrzak jumping into the early lead and he would hold that lead though out the heat event and score himself a pole position starting spot come feature time.


      Majchrxak would take full advantage of his front row starting spot and jump out to a full straight away lead.   Lurking deep in the pack was the always fast, Dave Krawczyk in his 11k machine.  Krawczyk spent the first 15 laps working past the fast cars of Fink and Logsdon.   Shortly after clearing himself into the forth position.   Krawczyk then had to run down Skoney’#55.   Kyle Skoney having the best run of his 2016 season running third.   Skoney held of the charging Krawczyk for a few laps till Skoney got loos off turn two and Krawczyk took advantage and took the #3 position.  


 It may have been a mechanical issue , cause the next corner Skoney spun the Addie Achor  tribute car and brought out the caution.   Krawczyk would not have to make up the half straight away Horvatits had in the second position or the full straight away lead Majchrzak had.   Krawczyk was on their bumpers with a hand full of laps left. Drop the green and Krawczyk wasted lil time in getting around the 4 of Joe Horvatits and moving into second. 


 With  five laps remaining, Krawczyk was on a mission to run down the TW waters #14 of Majchrzak. With three laps left he has caught majchrzak and now started plotting the plan to clear the #14.  Krawczyk would dive low going into turn one and Majchrzakl left him room and that was all Krawczyk needed.  Off of turn three and four Majchrzak would get loose and that was all the 11k needed to take the lead come to the white flag.   Thou Majchrzak hoped for a mistake on Krawczyk’s part.  


 It was Dave Krawczyk taking the Checkers.   Krawczyk stated after the win.  “ After about 6,7,8 laps into this feature I was starting to get nervous I was going to run out of laps to race for the win, Thank goodness for that caution.”


4-Cylinder Feature

     Even the 4 cylinders loved to cool air as they used their small Horse power displacements and created some  excellent racing action.  Heat race wins would go to Jimmie Pierce Jr and Tom Alloco. 


     The #95 of John Parthemer and #77 Lee Krieb would lead this field of fourteen cars to green.   Parthemer in the Ka-Chow car would take the early lead, but that would be short lived as last week’s winner Jimmie Pierce Jr would charge his #26 to lead and try to run off and hide on the rest of the field.  


 After a few cautions and Pierce holding off a stout field of competitors. Charging from her #8 starting spot was Maddy Virts.   Virts is accredited with a couple featuire wins at WCIS and also Spencer Speedway and Holland Speedway.  “ After every  two wins, you have to add weight to the car.   I carrying 150 lbs extra and with handi capping the starts according to points, Jimmie will have to add weight and start deeper in the field like I do.” Stated by Maddy Virts.  


 Also having a great night was the Rookie #66 Jacob Gustafson.   Coming out of the microds and jumping into the 4 cylinder class with decent success.  Still carrying the rookie yellow strip on his bumper( shows other drivers he is a rookie)   Jacob with a great third place showing.


SST Modified Feature

     SST Modifieds would cap off a great evenings events.   No real surprises when we see Jim Pierce Sr, Allen Bookmiller and Tony Hanbury picking up wins in their respective heat races.

     That’s when the night sky changed.   The breeze picked up.   The moon was covered by cloud and this weird eary feeling was in the air.   You just had to know this was not going to be a boring lack luster feature. The #68 Nathan Michielsen and the #26 Jim Pierce Sr. would start this last event.   The green came out and it was a bad start as Michelsen and Pierce were not even close to side by side at the starting line.   As the officals waved off the start for a complete restart.  


 Coming dowb the back straight away the yellow flew and the cars Accor dinging up and getting the worst of the bumper tags was the #8 Patti Pruitt as she was turned from behind into the end of the concrete wall where the cars exit the speedway.   She was then collected by Tony Hanbury as he was shoved into the back of the Pruitt car.   Both cars would have major damage and would not be returning for anymore racing tonight.   Being a true testament to the strength of this race built cars, both drivers walked away.  


 Original start number two, would now find Dan Majchrzak, yes Daniel Majchrzak doing doudle duty behind the wheels of the SST Modified and his SST Super Stock, both carrying the #14.    This start was perfect side by side as they crossed the line.  Pierce would take the early lead till a right rear tire started going flat.  Pierce would retire the #26 to the infield.   This now put Majchrzak obn the point.   Majchrzak still riding the high of his first ever SST Modified win last week.  


 At about lap 17 the ugly yellow would wave again for the four car wreck in turn one.   Todd Lorenzo’s 1L while runner third made contact with the #51 of Wayne Baker and Lorenzo lost traction and spun. Canadian drive Jeff Ruddy, Timmy Lewis and Allen Bookmiller were all collected in the incident.   Lorenzo would go pit side and return for a eleventh place finish.   This racing incident changed to whole complexion of the race.  Positions of third thru seven would all go off on the hook and be replaced by Baker, Bradshaw, Dennie and Drennon.  


 With only ten or so laps remaining after the restart, it was go time for the players looking to take home the big check.  Majchrzak lead the field back to green with Ayers second, Baker third and Bradshaw forth.  Baker took full advantage of the inside lane and helped Majchrzak back to the lead as he would follow and take over second and the dreaded yellow would wave again.   Now Baker was second, restarting on the outside.   This was Baker’s opportunity after coming from the seventeenth starting position.  


 Green is out and baker launches the car perfectly and takes the number one spot from Majchrzak.  When the checkers fell, it was Baker by 2 cars over Majchrzak, Ayers and a great showing for the #00 Toad Bradshaw.  Majchrzak said after” We changed the gear in the car before the feature and it just spun the tires on that restart, all I cauld do was watch him drive away.”   Baker, “  We had some rough luck the last few weeks but tonight it all came together.”


     Racing Saturday,July 23 is Racers Reunion Celebration at The BullRing.  Come party talk and enjoy  race drivers and cars of days gone by. Moonshiners 56 lap event for the SST Modifieds, plus Super Stocks, 4 cylinder and the vintage cars.   Racing starts at 7 pm SHARP. 


WCIS 07-16-2016 Finishes

WCIS 07-16-2016 Finishes



07-16-2016 The Perry BullRing Presents, “Farm Days” / Hay ride, brought to you by Reisdorf Bros. 

SST Modifieds, SuperStocks and 4-Cylinder’s

General Admission:
Adults $12
Kids 10-16 $5
Kids 9 and under FREE
Also FREE camping
Gates will open at 4:30 PM
Racing Action beginning promptly following the National Anthem at 7:00 PM


David conquers Goliath 3x at WCIS, The BullRing

7/9/2016   by Dan Turner Speedway Announcer


     The racing evening started with a double rainbow over the back straight as the Nation Anthem was playing.   That set the stage for what will be monumental evening for a few drivers.


  4 cylinders;  

The start of the racing program would be the 4 cylinders class.  With heat wins going to 26 Jimmie Pierce Jr and 27 Maddy Virts.   Green would fall as the sun was setting and it made for a great back drop to an exciting feature event.   Jimmie Pierce Jr would take command early from his outside front row starting position. About half way thru the race the yellows would fly for a spin off turn four.   This would close the nearly full straight away lead Pierce Jr had on Tom Alloco who was comfortably in second.   This brought up, Virts, Jason Pierce and Jacob Gustafson into the mix for a double file restart.  Pierce Jr wasted no time in re-assuming the lead and with little effort took his Saturn racer to a full straight lead again as the others battled for position. Pierce Jr would take the long coming win.   “We never touch the car after the heat, because it was almost perfect”.  “We have been battling the track all season and we finally beat IT”.


  SST Super Stocks; 

SST Super Stocks took to the 1/3 mile Blacktop Bullring.   They were not to be shown up by the 4 cylinder class that just put on a great race.   When the green flew over this tightly competitive field it was second year pilot, Joe Horvatits in the TW Water #4 to assume the lead.   Over the next ten laps, Horvatits would systematically start stretching to distance between him and the rest of the field.  Horvatits was sitting comfortably out front til the dreaded caution wopuld fly and eliminate the lead Horvatits had built.   Now would come the moment of truth.  Packman, Majchrzak, Logdson and the current point leader and multi time feature winner Dave Krawczyk, on Horvatits rear bumper.   They thru the green and Horvatits was shot from a cannon back into the lead. Then battle was on for second thru fifth place.   The real questions were?  Could Horvatits hold on for his first win in 2016, or, would Dave Krawczyk come from deep in the field to pick up another win?   In seven laps we knew our answers.   Krawzcyk was to loose, to catch the Flying #4 of Horvatits.   “ it means a lot when you can come out here and run with and beat the likes of 14, 09, 2 and yes the 11k” said Horvatits after the Polish victory lap. 


  SST Modifieds;

SST Modifieds rolled on to the speedway for their 30 lap finally of the evening.   Tommy Weist , Kevin Lewis and Tony Hanbury all picked up heat race wins.   Tommy Weist and Beth Dennie would bring the field to green.   It would be Weist in the Lent Builders #35 would lead the first,  five or six circuits.   Here comes Majchrzak in the #14 machine to work the outside and take the lead.   Majchrzak had no real choice as Tony Hanbury coming from his 12th starting spot was on Majchrzak tail.   It was sort of the veteran testing the first year Modified rookie.   From what we were seeing, Majchrzak was doing everything right as Hanbury could not get a good enough run on the low side to pass Majchrzak.   It was then that the biggest fear would come true for Majchrzak, the caution would come out. This put Majchrzak on the bottom and Hanbury outside right where he wanted to be.   Drop the green and to no one shock Hanbury took the lead.   Majchrzak followed waiting for the veteran to make a mistake.  The former track champion was not going to make a mistake and Majchr zak would have to win his first on another night.   That’s when Majchrzak would get a chance to re-pay Hanbury, then yellow flew again and   now it would be Majchrzak outside and Hanbury stuck on the bottom.   It did not pan out Hanbury retained the lead. Then another yellow and again Hanbury took the lead.   Yellow would fly one more time with only 4 laps remaining.   Majchrzak knew this was make or broke on this restart.  Swing off turn 4, Majchrzak launch his #14 perfectly and had Hanbury at the line by a bumper.  Hanbury being pinned to the bottom could not get the engine RPM in the power band and with the white flag in the air.   Majchrzak would clear Hanbury and lead the last lap to pick up his SST Modified feature event ever.  After he was out of the car Majchrzak said “  I just had to try and for some reason the tires stuck and we were rolling.  It was great racing Tony clean and lots of fun. 


WCIS 07-09-2016 Finishes

WCIS 07-09-2016 Finishes


Next on the schedule,
07-16-2016 The Perry BullRing Presents, “Farm Days” / Hay ride, brought to you by Reisdorf Bros.

Wyoming County Intl Speedway – Saturday Racing 7:00pm
35 Adrian Road PO Box 203
Perry, NY 14530
(585) 237-2580 Office (585) 237-2510 Track



BullRing WCIS Presents, Pirate Night


Smash-n-Crash -PIRATE TRAILER RACE on July 9th 2016, with Water Balloon War and the Monster Energy Drink Team. Right before we drop the green flag for the Pirate trailer race, there will be a water balloon war between the fans and drivers.


The Monster Energy Drink team will be on hand July 9th, handing out Monster Energy drinks in the Midway.

Monster Energy drink

July 2nd The BullRing has chosen to take the weekend off, We are a family track and we respect all of your families. The BullRing wishes everyone a great Independence day celebration with your family and friends, have a safe 4th of July weekend!!


Also the SST Modifeds, SuperStocks and 4 Cylinder divisions will be on hand for another great night of racing. After the races we have our Smash N Crash Pirate Trailer race! See your Faces at the Races! 

Contact Jim at (585) 245-2123 if you’re interested in becoming part of the show!


General Admission:
Adults $12
Kids 10-16 $5
Kids 9 and under FREE
Also FREE camping
Gates will open at 4:30 PM
Racing Action beginning promptly following the National Anthem at 7:00 PM


 Press Release June 25th, 2016

Wyoming County Intl. Speedway | The BullRing

By Dan Turner, Speedway Announcer

June 25, 2016

Hanbury, Krawczyk and Virts all win from deep in the pack starts


SST Super Stocks;    

SST Super Stocks took to the racing surface first in our evenings feature racing action. Dave Krawczyk does as he has done many, many times before, That’s find his way to the front.  With a small but stout field of Super Stocks, his challenge gets larger and larger.   Starting from 7th in the feature Krawczyk knew he Had to be patient to score another victory for the 11k team.  As the green flew, Krawczyk seems to go into cruise control, riding in the back of the field.  After 3 or 4 laps and the tires came up to temp along with the rest of the car.   The march was on as he passed two cars on the same lap.  Then he would use all of that Tom’s prepared engine to run down the next three.   About ten laps in and the 11k was comfortable in the second position.   Now he had to run down the Friday night birthday girl, Cassie Logsdon.   Cassie had broke pack early and had a straight away lead over second.   Krawczyk then put on the clinic and showed to Wyoming County Intl. Speedway fans just why he is a defending track Champion.   With only a few laps left, Krawczyk went to the high side to pass Logsdon.  They toucked a few times as Logsdon battled back to no avale.   Kraweczyk would cruise to another win



 4 cylinders;  

4Cylinders would race next at the fast 1/3 mile Blacktop Bullring.   Fifteen cars in all would come to green and see who brought the best piece to the battle.  Tom Alloco would jump to the early lead and hold it for over half the feature.   Lurking in amounst the top 5 was Maddie Virts in her #27 Honda.   After a few cautions it was time for Virts to test the leaders. First it was #66 Gustafson, then #6 Carrie Brown, Jason Pierce and then the leader.   Virts would try high then low.  Alloco was everywhere Virts was looking for racing room till Alloco got loose off turn 2 and that was all Virts needed to get to and clear Alloco.   Virts would drive off to about 3 second advantage as the checkers flew.



SST Modifieds ;  

SST Modifieds where the headliner of the evening.    As the previous classes, the Modifieds would have their share of drama and excitement.  Drop of the green found Bill Kosachook climbing over Dick Kluth’s left rear and this sent everyone scrambling for racing room.  Other than minor ding, bump and rubs all cars, accept#1 of Cam Ayers, continued to Original restart #2.    This start was even worse than the first. This one saw the #4 of Steve Fuchs crash hard into the outer wall and a few others making contact.  Finally the race would get started and as usual the cream was rising.  At have way the track had an oil down and the front-runners were side-ways and backwards off turn 4 and yellow #3 was out. After all cars were checked out it was found that the #68 Nate Michielsen had laid down about three laps of oil and the red was out while the safety crew dusted the entire track with speed-dri to make sure the surface was in Racing condition.   30-40 minutes later the track was ready and racing would begin again with Hanbury on the point. Dan  Majchrzak with a great ride was in second.  Hanbury showed why he was a former track champion.   Starting tenth and coming thru the field of cars with pin point accuracy.  Hanbury picking up him first WCIS win of 2016.


finishes for 06-25-2016

      4 Cylinder  #                         Super Stock #                               SST  #

1     Madalyn Virts   27            1   Dave Krawczyk  11              1   Tony Hanbury    42 H

2     Tom Alloco  9                   2  Cassie Logsdon  09             2   Daniel Majchrza  14

3     Jason Pierce   5               3  Daniel Majchrzak 14            3     Kirk Rutherford  11 X

4     Carrie Bolton   6               4  Joe Horvatits  4                   4   Tim Lewis  41

5     Jennifer Dennie  22          5  Kyle Skoney  55                  5   Kevin Lewis 41 X

6     Jacob Gustafson  66        6  Mike Chenaille  20               6   Zach Truesdail  12

7     Jimmie Pierce   26            7  Dakota Packman  2             7   Beth Dennie 25

8     Robert Cassidy  16                                                          8  Dick Kluth  27

9     Lee Krieb   77                                                                  9   Dean Kroll  1

10    Matt Hurlburt   88                                                            10  Jay Withey Jr   29

11    Jason Cline 29                                                                11  Tom Weist   35

12    Sarah Newsome   88 X                                                   12  Allen Bookmiller 40

13    John Parthemer  95                                                       13  Steve Fuchs 4

14    Jody London 89                                                             14  Bill Kosachook   7

15    Steve Mailin  94                                                             15  Tyler Rypkema  32

                                                                                              16  Nate Michielsen  68

                                                                                              17  Rick Knapp  11

                                                                                             18  Cam Ayres   Cam 1


      Heat Winners               Heat Winners                         Heat Winners     

      Tom Alloco  9                 Daniel Majchrzak  14                Allen Bookmiller  40

      Madalyn Virts  27                                                           Steve Fuchs 4

                                                                                            Kirk Rutherford  11 X




The Perry BullRing presents, this Saturday 06-25-2016 is our annual Kids Bike Race and bike give-a-way, we are looking for 2 sponsors, one for a boys bike and one for a girls bike. Contact Jim at (585) 245-2123 if you’re interested in becoming part of the show!

General Admission:
Adults $12
Kids 10-16 $5
Kids 9 and under FREE
Also FREE camping
Gates will open at 4:30 PM
Racing Action beginning promptly following the National Anthem at 7:00 PM



The Perry BullRing presents,  Aloha To Summer! June 18th 2016 with Mike Smiarowski live acoustical performance. Also the SST Modifeds, SuperStocks and 4 Cylinder divisions will be on hand for yet another great night of racing. After the races we have our Smash N Crash Junk Yard Hockey Race.

General Admission:
Adults $12
Kids 10-16 $5
Kids 9 and under FREE
Also FREE camping
Gates will open at 4:30 PM
Racing Action beginning promptly following the National Anthem at 7:00 PM

Mike Smiarowski

Aloha To summer!

Tires and Fuel are now available!!

The BullRing, WCIS
Price of admission is  $12.00. General Admission 5pm and racing begins at 7pm.  Ladies and Gentleman….Start your engines!


The BullRing regular practice is on Wednesday’s all summer 5 till dusk.


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The American 100 Shoot out at the BullRing In Perry NY is a two-day race event on September 3rd and 4th 2016, with the qualifying races the weekend before on August 27th 2016. Bring your family, bring your friends you will not want to miss our Biggest event of the season!! 

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