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Wyoming County International Speedway Inc., The BullRing in Perry, NY. Invites you to become a marketing partner with us.


  • We have many ways for you to market your company or products to a large-scale audience, the grandstands hold 4000 people at The BullRing racing facility!


  • We have a robust website with Close to 2 million active users every year and with this year exceeding those amounts now is the time to get involved.



Advertising Proposal Packages..

  • $250.00 1/4 page Souvenir Program ad.
  • $250.00 for 5000 Print & distributed schedule Card advertisement. You must purchase a promotional package to receive this discounted price.
  • $150 Web Link (website receives 2 million hit per year).
  • $300.00 Event Vendor Display – Multiple event discount available.
  • $450.00 4×8 Digital printed Banner.
  • $700.00Special promotional package – Three year commitment 8 x 16 Track side Banner. includes digital printed banner manufacturing cost & seasonal rental space at WCIS The Bullring.
  • We have Specialty customized programs to fit your company needs.
The BullRing WCIS

The BullRing WCIS 2016




Day at the Races

Day at the Races



Marketing & Motorsports

Marketing & Motorsports





Farm Days

Farm Days Associate Package




The WCIS ‘Dealer Marketing Program’ | Wyoming County International Speedway

35 Adrian Rd. PO Box 203

Perry, NY 14530   (585) 237-2580


Web Site:


 Specialized Marketing

The WCIS ‘Dealer Marketing Program’ is designed to network fans and customers of regional Automotive Dealerships surrounding Wyoming County Int. Speedway.

The program begins by customizing a package designed to meet your marketing needs.

This package can be designed to include the following fundamentals of Advertisement & Marketing…Networking & Fun


  • Choose a day for an on-site promotion to begin our marketing activities. WCIS will provide a racecar display to your dealership for an afternoon of fan appreciation.
  • Advertise to your potential customers that they can receive a complimentary family pass, as they visit Your location through out the whole month during the program.
  • The Free Race Tickets will bring your customers back together for a designated evening of fun at the BullRing…


 In a non-pressure atmosphere, your salesman will then have a second opportunity to revisit potential customers as they browse through your quality display of automobiles placed within the speedway mid-way.


  • New customers will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with your product and sales staff.
  • Additional race day Activities: Pit tours, Jr. Starter and kid games and the ability to have WCIS host your company picnic starting at $8.95/person
  • A complementary 4×8 digital print banner designed to attract attention will be displayed within the WCIS midway all season long


Total Investment Per Season starting as low as $800.00

   ( additional marketing programs also  available )  



WCIS Demographic Marketing Area

DMA Totals

Total Counties: 12   (See 2nd pg)

Total Ratios: 126 across, 63 miles out from Perry

Total Square miles: 9,122.26

Total Communities: 470

Total Est. population: 2,527,243

Total Estimated Business: 119,366

WCIS Totals

WCIS Estimated Events 25 +

WCIS Estimated Seating 4000 +

WCIS Estimated Yearly Attendance 40,000

WCIS Estimated Yearly Website Hits 1,695,060.00 +

WCIS Estimated Total Impressions 1.7 Million

It’s suggested that 4–6 % of a company’s gross revenue should be budgeted for an affective Marketing Campaign to expand Growth. The ROI (Return on investment) Assumption is 2 to 1 returns.



WCIS Demographic 12 Counties Coverage


Allegany County, NY

Square miles 1,030.22 

Communities (47)

Est. population 50,575.

Household income $32,106

Ave household members 2.24


Chemung County, NY

Square miles 408.17

Communities (17)

Est. population 89,984.

Household income $36,415

Av household members 2.17


Erie County, NY

Square miles 1,044.21

Communities (63)

Estimated population 936,318.

Household income $38,567

Av household members 2.01


Genesee County, NY

Square miles 494.11

Communities (26)

Estimated population 59,689.

Household income $40,542

Av household members 2.78


Livingston County, NY

Square miles 632.13

Communities (40)

Est. population 64,819.

Household income $42,066

Av household members 2.25


Monroe County, NY

Square miles 659.29

Communities (62)

Estimated population 735,177.

Household income $44,891

Av household members 2.05


Niagara County, NY

Square miles 522.95

Communities (30)

Estimated population 218,060.

Household income $38,136

Av household members 2.01


Orleans County, NY

Square miles 391.40

Communities (21)

Estimated population 44,138.

Household income $37,972

Av household members 2.44


Ontario County, NY

Square miles 644.38

Communities (33)

Estimated population 103,504.

Household income $44,579

Av household members 2.68


Steuben County, NY

Square miles 1,392.64

Communities (48)

Estimated population 98,814.

Household income $35,479

Av household members 2.11


Wyoming County, NY

Square miles 592.91

Communities (30)

Estimated population 42,986.

Household income $39,895

Av household members 2.25


Cattaraugus County, NY

Square miles 1,309.85

Communities (53)

Estimated population 83,179.

Household income $33,404

Av household members 2.23




Contact the speed way.
Wyoming County Intl Speedway

35 Adrian Road    PO Box 203
Perry, NY  14530
585) 237-2580 Office  (585) 237-2510 Track


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