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Memorial Day Weekend at The BullRing

Memorial Day Weekend at The BullRing

PERRY, NY May 31st 2023 The 2023 season kicked off with opening day here at the The Bullring May 27th, 2023. It was a beautiful sunny day... perfect for a night on the track. A special ceremony for Memorial Day weekend was held by Tommy Smith before the race to honor the...more


The Race of Champions Sportsman Modified Series competitors will be ready to go in Perry, N.Y., at “The Bullring” Wyoming County International Speedway on Sunday, June 11 when the track hosts a race on a Sunday afternoon. The race time is in honor of a trip back to the...more

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Shoot Out Press Release 10/12-10/13/2018


The BullRing

Shoot Out Press Release 10/12-10/13/2018

WCIS’s season ending Shoot Out, bring heated racing and emotions on this chilly October weekend…

Wyoming County Intl. Speedway Press release and results for 10/12-10/13/2018 By Dan Turner WCIS Speedway announcer

     It’s that time a year again for the temperature to dip, the leaves to change color and the Wyoming County Intl. Speedway to hold their Annual “Shoot Out at the Bullring�.   As always it’s one of the Crowning Jewels that most drivers, car owners and team would like to win and close out their season.   That’s very evident by the car counts the picturesque 1/3 mi. banked asphalt facility draws in on this mid-October race.   Over 60 cars on hand for the Friday night potion of the Shoot out and 80 plus cars in the pits for Saturday night.   Those hardy fans that were in attendance for both shows, got to see some awesome racing to cap off their 2018 racing season.

     Friday night was the kick off for Shoot Out weekend at the Blacktop Bullring.   As mentioned over 60 cars packed the pits for this chilly October evening.   31 4 Cylinders were on hand to flex their muscle and try to take home the winners portion of the Shootout’s expanded payout.   Top 3 from each of the four heats (won by Jankowiak, Gustafson, Moldt and Pierce) redrew for the feature starting position.  The front was full of talent as a pair of perennial and former multi time feature winners, Jimmie Pierce Jr and Jacob Gustafson would lead this class to green.  

With 26 cars taking the green, It took no time and the leaders were moving in on lap traffic.   The battle for number one was on between the 66 of Gustafson and the 26 of Pierce.  Thru a handful of caution, the most, scary was the 14s of Sean Sickles that lost control and hiyt the large heavy equipment tires at the end of the pit wall were cars exit the track.   Sean was ok thou the car may not see the track again.  After a few more minor cautions we would see the Moldt #51 make his way to the front and challenge Gustafson.  Andy J in the London #89 would soon be racing for a possible win.   It was all Gustafson in the JG Autowerks #66 machine collecting another win.   “We had a pretty good car, thanks to Dad and I want to thank all the Polish people out there� per Jacob  : )

     A healthy car count for our entry-level class the Super 6 class.   Many invaders from Spencer and other tracks came to close out their season.   About a dozen came to flex their muscle at the Perry NY speed complex.   It was not big surprise to find the Multi time Spencer Speedway champion in Victory lap. Hallett was followed by the 89 of Brandon Allen and the Heat race winner Andy Cocilova in his 93.

     Capping of the Friday night festivities would be the SST Super Stocks running their last race of 2018 with 50 laps the distance.    This was the who’s who of Super stock racing in NY.  Holland, Spencer, Lancaster, Chemung, all represented by their best.   Horvatits and Tim Welshans would pace the field to the green.   It was Joe Horvatits taking the early lead and showing his muscle.  

The caution would fly early and as Horvatits slowed something broke on the #4 and he would take a hard hit into the first turn wall and end his night.   Then it was a race as Mike Chenaille, Eric Stone, Dan Majchrzak, Ted Welshans and eventually the 17x machine of Zach Meyers would all get near the front to lead some laps.   In the end it was 2018 track champion Zach Meyers taking the top spot a little after half way, with his smooth calculated driving style worked well with the cool track temperature and lack of grip on the track.

     And that was all just in Friday night’s action.   Saturday would prove to be a whole new story with the Addition of the SST Modifieds and the NYSuper Stocks invading the 1/3 mile Power plant.  It would be Sandra Vogler Memorial. 51 laps for the NY Super Stocks.  The fantastic 4 cylinders were back and as exciting as ever. Then we closed our season with a great SST Modifieds show, The Jim Pierce Memorial 100 lap event.

     The 4 cylinder class would start our night as a fitting build up to the NYSS and the SST Modifieds.  Some of the drivers and teams could not make the Saturday night show and some new faces were in attendance to make for one excellent racing program.   Early muscle was shown by the heat winners, Gustafson, Schosek and Pierce.

   In all division tonight the top twelve qualifiers all redrew for their starting spots.   As the green flew it became obvious that this cold track was not just an issue for the Super Stocks and Modifieds, the 4 Bangs were feeling the effects also.  Two laps in it was the #27 stopped on the back straight. Lap 4 it was Monica Greene‘s # 5 having some issues.  

Then he drivers settled in and ran off 9 laps before the 1x and 9 would draw a yellow.   Local fan favorite Jimmie Pierce Jr. bid for the win on a night of racing named after his late father Jim Pierce, would fall short with engine problems.   A few more cars would come together on the restart causing another yellow.   Then the 4 cylinders would take the green and roll thru the 25 lap mark and close the season at Perry.   Jacob Gustafson would go back to back and dominate the feature tonight.   Gustafson was followed by Greg Moldt in his #51, and with a great run was the #05 of Otis Bradshaw, taking the show position.

     For New York Super Stocks Press release and results see their Web site


     What better way the close out a great season than to put 28 of the best Modified drivers and machine on the track for 100 green flag laps in memory of one of our great friend and former SST Modified Champion, Jim Pierce.   This race was renamed after Jim, last year after his untimely passing.  It’s a race many mark on their calendars in March to race in memory of their good friend and competitor.   The guys with the fastest toys started showing their strength as Smith, Dietz, Potrzebowski and Hanbury all picked up the heat race wins.  

I can promise you one thing about the Wyoming County Intl. Speedway.   @8 cars running 100 laps for a pretty substantial check to the winner will NEVER get you a boring race.   It's not a ride around til 10, 20 or 30 laps remaining.   It's a lot of pride and bragging right to carry all winter how well you fared at the Shoot out.   Patrick Emerling drew the pole to start this race.   He would be surrounded by other great drivers, Hanbury, Nye, Smith, Andy J, Timmerman and WCIS regulars Bookmiller, Knapp, Majchrzak, Fuchs and Bradshaw.   It only took a few green flag laps to produce our first caution as 22z Billy Ray Pruitt and the 96 of Gary Coons tangled.   Restart everyone was playing nice til lap unlucky 13.   Pruitt and  Tim Nyes came together and that put Billy Ray on the hook and done for the night.  

Lap 16  saw Joe Evans come to a stop in turn 4 and a double spin with Tim Nyes and the 74 of Sherry Hogan. Racing continued thru a few more cautions as the lead was being swapped amongst, the 07, 51, 15 and a few others wanting the lead.  After a restart on lap 39 it was chaos on the front straight as Hanbury in the Gary Noe 1H car was outside the Emerling 07 for the restart and as they cross the start/finish line smoke and sparks and Hanbury was hard into the outside retaining wall, done for the night.   Under red flag conditions Emerling stated “he felt a bump but did not  Know if he made comtact with the 1H machine�  as the wreck was being cleared we talked with the top 5 drivers to get their game plan.   As we finished talking a loud banging was going on.   That was Tony Hanbury using his helmet to beat on the roof and wind screen of Emerling’s 07 ride.   

Track safety crews stopped the malay and Hanbury was escorted away.   It was a few more cautions and a couple of bent up racecars and the last caution came at lap 84 when a few cars came together and Sherry Hogan doing a great job of driving got spun and gathered it up and drove away before the balance of the field was baring down on her and it could have been a big wreck.   In the end it was Emerling picking up his second Jim Pierce Mem win in as many years.  “ We had the opportunity to run the Whelen Modified Tour this weekend, but Jim wa a good friend of ours and we thought it Important to honor him and run here at the Bullring.� Said Patrick.   He was followed across the line by Andy J. and Rusty Smith.



Mike Shaughnessy Memorial WCIS Super Stocks (50 Laps): ZACH MYERS (17x), Ted Welshans (39), Daniel Majchrzak (14), Mike Chenaille(14s), Nik Welshans (41), Eric Stone (09), Frank Kline (33), Kyle Skoney (55), Kory Lanni (29), Eric Haistreiter (47), Paul Flye (94), Nick Robinson (3), Joe Horvatits (4), Scott Gleed (03), Jay Canonico (13), Tim Welshans (32) Did Not Start: Cole Hicks (46) Qualifying Winners: Tim Welshans, Zach Myers


4 Cylinders Dash 4 Cash (20 Laps): JACOB GUSTAFSON (66), Greg Moldt (51), Andy Jankowiak (89), David Brunka (28), David Heimes ( , Joe Brunka (27), Dan Dressel (09), Monica Green (5), Kyle Casper (10), Tom Lalomia Jr (8L), Jeff Landwehr (15), Braedon Suffoletta (9), Triston Kline (7x), Kathie Ricketson (44), Jody Krieb (1x), Adam Killingbeck (73), Kenny Ham (19), Russ Bulger (32b), John Klamut (7), Kevin Kocher (31), Ryan Palmer (10x), Jimmy Pierce (26), Josh Schosek (37ny), Kory Lanni (18), Sean Sickles (14s), Dominic Rafferty (29jr) Greg Krause (24) Did Not Start: Dave Harbst (2h), Justin Saas (2), Jesse Hurley (22), Bob Palmer (32) Qualifying Heat Winners: Andy Jankowiak, Jacob Gustafson, Jimmy Pierce, Greg Moldt


6 Cylinders (25 Laps): BRIAN HALLETT (36), Brandon Allen(89), Andy Cocilova (93), John Parthemer (95), Frank Parsons (14), Tim Faro (98), Alison Knoepfler (35), Chris Deyoe Jr (14d), Tammi Bennett (78), Robert Cassidy (16), Mike Chenaille (14s) Qualifying Winner: Andy Cocilova




Jim Pierce Memorial SST Modified (100 Laps): PATRICK EMERLING (07), Andy Jankowiak (41j), Shawn Nye (51), Kevin Timmerman (17), Alan Bookmiller (40), Ricky Knapp (11), Zack Curren (94), Sherri Hogan (74), Steve Fuchs (4), Gary Coon (96), Chad Nugent (42), Carrie Bolton (6j), Scott Wylie (44), Toad Bradshaw (00), Jake Vernon (27), John Barber (01), Daniel Majchrzak (14), Neal Dietz Jr (84), Joe Evans (91), Tony Hanbury (1H), Tim Nies (86), Gary Noe (1), Billy Ray Pruitt (22z), Cassie Logsdon (09) Failed to Qualify: Tom Alloco (6), Timmy Lewis (41), Beth Dennie (16), Jennifer Dennie (22), Jay Withey Jr (29), Wayne Baker (B51), Nathan Michelsen (68), Don Pringle (96r) DQd Smith(15),  Potrzebowski(72) Qualifying Winners: Rusty Smith, TJ Potrzebowski, Tony Hanbury, Neal Dietz Jr



Sandra Vogler Memorial New York Super Stock Series (51 Laps): SCOTT WYLIE (98), Shaun Frarey (38), Josh Hunter (7), Dylan Bancroft (91), Scott Adams (68), Zach Willis (75), Nick Robinson (15), Eric Brown (48), Jason Dinzler (40), Amber Vanorden (17), Nate Peckham (90), Jim House (76), Brian Wozniak (85), Matt Larrivee (12), Eric Haistreiter (47), Andy Cryan (09), Joel Gleason (25), Charlie Sharpsteen (34), Cole Hicks (46), Sam Rotunda Jr (5), Chris Vogler (51), Mike Hyman (87), Jimmy Steffenhagen (61), Cody Frantz (0), Josh Schoonmaker (84), Zac Petrie (37) Failed to Qualify: Joe Fetzer (2), JP Harbst (04), Steve Perez (88), Eric Hadley (71), Griffin Miller (6) Qualifying Winners: Dylan Bancroft, Nick Robinson, Scott Wylie, Joel Gleason


4 Cylinders (30 Laps): JACOB GUSTAFSON (66), Greg Moldt (51), Otis Bradshaw (05), Tom Lalomia Jr (8L), Corey Copeland (89), David Brunka (28), David Heimes ( , Charles Palmer (10), Joe Brunka (27), Dan Dressel (09), Bob Palmer (32), Jesse Hurley (22), Triston Kline (7), John Klamut (7k), Ryan Palmer (10x), Braedon Suffoletta (9), Kenny Ham (19), Jody Krieb (1x), Kevin Kocher (31), Russ Bulger (32B), Jeff Landwehr (15), Jimmy Pierce Jr (26), Justin Sass (2), Alex Brown (04), Josh Schosek (37ny), Monica Green (5) Qualifying Heat Winners: Jacob Gustafson, Jimmy Pierce Jr, Josh Schosek Results funished by Steven Petty

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