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Memorial Day Weekend at The BullRing

Memorial Day Weekend at The BullRing

PERRY, NY May 31st 2023 The 2023 season kicked off with opening day here at the The Bullring May 27th, 2023. It was a beautiful sunny day... perfect for a night on the track. A special ceremony for Memorial Day weekend was held by Tommy Smith before the race to honor the...more


The Race of Champions Sportsman Modified Series competitors will be ready to go in Perry, N.Y., at “The Bullring” Wyoming County International Speedway on Sunday, June 11 when the track hosts a race on a Sunday afternoon. The race time is in honor of a trip back to the...more

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Championship Night at ‘The Bullring’ Crowns Bookmiller After Suspense Filled Feature


The BullRing

Championship Night at ‘The Bullring’ Crowns Bookmiller After Suspense Filled Feature

Championship Night at ‘The Bullring’ Crowns Bookmiller After Suspense Filled Feature
By: Shylo Fuchs

Perry, NY (August 25, 2019); Championship night at ‘The Bullring’ meant double points for all classes and an additional 5 laps per race to give competitors a little extra time to make the magic happen.  Fans were not disappointed by the action packed racing that would ensue throughout the evening.

The Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinders would start the night out with 17 cars taking the green.  On lap one the #31 of Kevin Kocher would spin in between turns one in two with a little help.  The #32 of Russ Bulger, Jr. would tag him after the fact and cause him to lose his  bumper.  He would return to the track several laps later.  The restart would see the #716 of Rob Laskowski overtake the #7 of Jonathan Klamut for the lead.  The top five running cars of the #14M of Matt Hurlburt, #3 of Jason Anasiewicz, #8 of Dave Heimes, and the #716 of Rob Laskowski along with current point leader Greg Moldt in his #51 were in a breakaway pack running away from the rest of the field. 

This would give way to several lead changes before the #3 of Anasiewicz would take over on lap 11 and set sail for the checkers.  He would maintain the lead through several cautions, including one where the second place running car of Hurlburt would be forced to pull to the high side with a flat tire.  The top five cars would run in exactly the same order with the exception of Mike Bradshaw in his #02 who would make his way from 6th to 4th in the final laps.  They would finish Anasiewicz, Heimes, Moldt, Mike Bradshaw, and Laskowski.  Anasiewicz would clinch the championship for the 2019 season.  Rob Laskowski in the #716 would take home the stock division win and #7 Jonathan Klamut would win the stock  division championship.

Jason Anasiewicz finds victory lane for the first time in 2019, clinching him the Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Championship in the process (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos)

Jonathan Klamut scores the Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinder Stock Championship (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos)

Super Stock racing would get under way with the #94X of Chris Handley and the #33 of Frank Kline on the front row to bring us to the green flag.  The first and second place point runners Krawczyk and Flye would start in the seventh and eighth positions with intentions of racing their way to the front before this one would be over. 

Handley would grab the early lead over Kline and the #32 of Russ Bulger, Sr., but Joe Horvatits in his red #4 would soon jump to second and end up making contact with the #94X of Handley in turn four.  The #33 of Kline would end up backwards on the track somehow not collecting any of his competitors.  On the following lap the #6 of Jim Loffredo would break and end up in the left rear of the #4 in turn three. 

After all this commotion and excitement this would put Russ Bulger, Sr. on the pole for the restart with Dave Krawczyk to his outside and Troy Williams in the #12 right behind him.  By the end of lap 6, Williams would take the lead over Krawczyk and the #18 of Max Northern.  Paul Flye would be making his way into the top three as well eventually finishing in third behind the #12 of Troy Williams and the #11K of Dave Krawczyk.  Joe Horvatits would work his way back to the fourth place finishing position and be the last car to finish on the lead lap.

Troy Williams would say his car “was spot on� and would also give kudos to Dave Krawczyk saying “hats off to Dave, he is one heck of a driver.�  Dave would return the sentiments saying “the class is really coming together, its was a nice clean race up front, congrats to Troy.  We’ll take second to him.�  Krawczyk would also clinch his 4th WCIS championship in the last five years.

Troy Williams continued the winning streak for the #12 Super Stock (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos)

Dave Krawczyk and crew celebrate the clinching of their 4th championship since their return to ‘The Bullring’ in 2015 (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos)

The 6 Cylinders would be next on the card and would be the class to go green to checkered with clean position swapping and 2 by 2 racing all throughout the field.  The #14D of Chris Deyoe, Jr. would take the early lead over the #36 of Brian Hallett with #16 of Robert Cassidy and the #14 of Frank Parsons, Jr. following behind in the second pack.  Hallett would overtake Deyoe, Jr. on lap 9 after they would drag race down the back stretch into turn 3.  The only other position swap would take place on lap 17 when the #14 and the #16 would be side by side in turn 4 and literal sparks would  fly when contact was made and the #14 would come out on top.  This would not effect Robert Cassidy’s pursuit of the championship as he would still come home with it at evenings end.  The finish would be #36 Brian Hallett, #14D Chris Deyoe, Jr., #14 Frank Parsons, Jr., #16 Robert Cassidy, #35 Alison Knoepfler, #77 Angel Parthemer, and #95 John Parthemer.

Brian Hallett wins his 5th race of the season (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos)

Robert Cassidy clinched his first ever championship at ‘The Bullring’ (Photo Credits: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos)

SST Modified action would get underway with the #68 of Nate Michielsen and the #96P of Jeff Pringle bringing  the field to the green flag for 35 laps.  Pringle would take the early lead but the #14 of Daniel Majchrzak and the #11T of Kevin Timmerman, who would start in the outside row directly behind Pringle would follow him through and they would be running one, two and three before the first lap would be completed.  A caution would fly on lap 2 for the #6J of Carrie Bolton and the #49 of Kory Lanni who would bump together and both end up spinning with the #49 ending up in the wall going into turn 4.  Lanni would pull away under his power and visit the pits but the #6J would retire to the pits for the night.  On the restart Majchrzak would overtake Pringle for the lead and would attempt to run away from the quick moving #11T who was hot on his trail.  Red flag would come out on lap 5 as the #49 of Lanni would again find himself in the wall as a part failed.

The restart would put the #11T in position to take the lead from the #14 and that’s exactly what Timmerman would do.  But, Majchrzak was not ready to turn the lead over to Timmerman without a fight and some clean side by side racing would commence for the next 6 laps with Timmerman being scored first at the stripe for 5 out of those 6 laps.  We all could tell something major was brewing among these two top competitors and on lap 12 the fireworks would fly.  With Majchrzak running on the bottom of Timmerman all of a sudden the #11T would go hard up into the outside barrier just under the flag stand with help from the #14.  Heavy damage to the #11T would land him in the infield and he would quickly exit his ride to show his displeasure to the #14.  Majchrzak would be called to the pits and be parked for the evening for his involvement. 

This would open the door for Alan Bookmiller in his #40 who had come into tonight’s event second in points a mere 12 points behind Timmerman who was in the lead.  Bookmiller would restart on the pole and would remain in that position for the rest of the race.  Behind him the #96P of Jeff Pringle and the #41 of Timmy Lewis, Jr. would be challenging the #00 of Bro Bradshaw for the runner up position.  Bradshaw would slowly lose positions until eventually getting spun with help from the #41 which would send them both to the rear on lap 29. 

Bookmiller would sail his way to the checkers with Pringle finishing behind him and Bradshaw and Lewis, Jr. racing their way back through the pack to finish 3rd and 4th, respectively.  Bookmiller would not only win this final points race of the season but would also jump from 2nd in points to secure the championship.  He would say that “he hates to win it like this but, he will take it.�

Alan Bookmiller secured his first win of the 2019 season, and the 2019 Championship in the SST Modifieds, his first in the division (Photo Credit: Rob Micoli, MM Sports Photos)

From all of us at ‘The Bullring’ WCIS, congratulations to all our season champions.  We continue our race season as we transition into our end of year specials starting with our Labor Day Qualifier Night presented by TTI Light Industrial, LLC on Saturday, August 31st.  Featured on the racing card will be the SST Modifieds doing battle for 100 laps, Super Stocks in a 50 lap event, 6 Cylinders, and the 3rd Annual Granpda Dog 4 Cylinder Dash 4 Cash which will be a $528 to win race event for the 4 Cylinders including well over $5,000 in money on the line through payouts, bonuses, and contingency awards.  For more information, check us out on social media or on our website at

Official Results

SST Modifieds (35 laps, 13 cars): 1.) Alan Bookmiller #40, 2.) Jeff Pringle #96P, 3.) Bro Bradshaw #00, 4.) Timmy Lewis, Jr. #41, 5.) Bill Kosachook, Sr. #9, 6.) Zach Kosachook #5, 7.) Nate Michielsen #68, 8.) Tom Wiest #35, 9.) Beth Dennie #25, 10.) Kevin Timmerman #11T, 11.) Daniel Majchrzak #14, 12.) Kory Lanni #49, 13.) Carrie Bolton #6J
Heat Winners- Timmerman, Pringle
2019 Champion- Alan Bookmiller

Super Stocks (30 laps, 12 cars): 1.) Troy Williams #12, 2.) Dave Krawczyk #11K, 3.) Paul Flye #94, 4.) Joe Horvatits #4, 5.) Chris Handley #94X, 6.) Frank Kline #33, 7.) Russ Bulger, Sr. #32, 8.) Tyler Day #01, 9.) Jim Loffredo #6, 10.) Ron Richter #31X, 11.) Travis Delude #15, 12.) Max Northern #18, 13.) Eric Hastreiter #47
Heat Winners- Bulger, Sr., Krawczyk
2019 Champion- Dave Krawczyk

6 Cylinders (25 laps, 7 cars): 1.) Brian Hallett #36, 2.) Chris Deyoe, Jr. #14D, 3.) Frank Parsons, Jr. #14, 4.) Robert Cassidy #16, 5.) Alison Knoepfler #35, 6.) Angel Parthemer #77, 7.) John Parthemer #95
Heat Winner- Deyoe, Jr.
2019 Champion- Robert Cassidy

Grandpa Dog 4 Cylinders (25 laps, 17 cars): 1.) Jason Anasiewicz #3, 2.) Dave Heimes #8, 3.) Greg Moldt #51, 4.) Mike Bradshaw #02, 5.) Rob Laskowski #716 (Stock Winner), 6.) Kathie Ricketson #44, 7.) Matt Hurlburt #14M, 8.) Mike Piccirilli #88, 9.) Andrea Bradshaw #05, 10.) Jonathan Klamut #7, 11.) Evan Reardon #87, 12.) Jay Withey, Jr. #32X, 13.) Megan Schoelles #19, 14.) Kevin Kocher #31, 15.) Russ Bulger, Jr. #32J, 16.) Jody Krieb #1
DNS- Briar Dils #54
Heat Winners- M. Bradshaw, Anasiewicz
2019 Champion- Jason Anasiewicz (Pro) and Jonathan Klamut (Stock)

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